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Amino Acids 101 Blog Post at Supplement Superstore Canada

Amino Acids 101

June 13, 2019 2 min read

Every serious athlete knows the importance of proteins. We consume them, track them, and use them to build muscle. But just as proteins build muscle,amino acids build proteins.Amino acids are the key to building more muscle, and knowing which ones are essential can change the way you view your pre- and post-workout routine.
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Why Whey Blog Post at Supplement Superstore Canada

Why Whey?

June 03, 2019 3 min read

It’s common knowledge among those with active lifestyles, that protein is key to recovering from workouts and building muscle. Protein comes in many forms: food, concentrates, and supplements. Whey protein is one of the most popular protein supplements on the market, but you might be wondering, why take whey?
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5 Tips For Living The Keto Lifestyle Blog Post at Supplement Superstore Canada

5 Tips For Living The Keto Lifestyle

May 10, 2019 2 min read

Look for chances to cut out sugar and increase your intake of healthy fats. One opportunity is to replace your ‘double-double’ coffee or tea withKetoMate, a delicious sugar-free coconut oil-based coffee or tea flavour booster. Each scoop delivers 6 grams of medium chain triglycerides (MCTs are healthy fats for instant energy) along with mental performance enhancing nootropics.
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3 Reasons To Try Keto Blog Post at Supplement Superstore Canada

3 Reasons To Try Keto

May 03, 2019 3 min read

The ketogenic diet is now the most searched nutrition lifestyle or diet on the internet. It has surpassed other low carb diet variants like the ‘Paleo’ and ‘Atkin’s’ diets and shows no signs of slowing down.

A ketogenic diet is a high fat diet that changes your body’s primary source of fuel from carbohydrates to fats. This happens by restricting carbs to the point that your body has no choice but to break down fatty acids instead for energy. Fats get metabolized into ‘ketone bodies’ which your tissues can use for energy in place of glucose.

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Super Review Beyond Yourself Amino IQ Blog Post by Supplement Superstore Canada

Beyond Yourself Amino IQ Review

April 26, 2019 3 min read

With 6g of total BCAA’s it’s certainly dosed well in this area so the recovery element of this product is excellent. The BCAA’s are in a 3:1:1 ratio so it is slightly more leucine heavy than a traditional BCAA product but this will offer optimal recovery.

The nootropic brain function ingredients that are included here are my favourite aspect of this product. With 1200mg of Alpha GPC, 1200mg of Choline Bitartrate, 100mg of Deanol (DMAE Bitartrate), 50mg of Lion’s Mane Extract, Beyond Yourself certainly didn’t skimp on anything in this area and it shows with improved cognitive ability and brain function.

With the inclusion of 100mg of Caffeine and 2.5mg of Huperzine-A Amino IQ give you a nice energy kick and a feel good factor that will last.

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3 Supplements The Older Generation Need To Be Taking Blog Post by Supplement Superstore Canada

3 Supplements The Older Generation Need To Be Taking

April 18, 2019 8 min read

Even thinking about our health doesn't happen a great deal in youth and certainly old age is a concept that is so far away as to be effectively non existent. We are fortunate that health and fitness relative to our lifestyle, usually including physical activity of various kinds is virtually automatic when we are young. As we travel through middle age to old age life gets in the way on an increasing basis and it requires an effort to maintain good health and exercise, although still very desirable and definitely to be encouraged, often becomes more difficult or impractical. Appropriate exercise in later years will be dealt with in a separate article but here are three supplements that are very beneficial as the aging process inevitably slows us down. In fact, the following supplements are to be recommended for all ages and are complementary to a balanced diet and exercise but can be considered basic supplementation for seniors.
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New Zealand Whey – The Superior Whey Blog Post by Supplement Superstore Canada

New Zealand Whey – The Superior Whey

April 08, 2019 2 min read

Chances are you’ve come across protein powders claiming to contain New Zealand whey protein and wondered, ‘What makes this whey better than others?’ Well, if you have two minutes, what follows explains why New Zealand whey stands head and shoulders above other sources of whey.
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7 Things You Need To Know About Keto Blog Post at Supplement Superstore Canada

7 Things You Need To Know About Keto

February 11, 2019 3 min read

The ketogenic or ‘keto’ diet is more than just a low-carb diet, it’s actually a high fat diet. The goal of the ketogenic diet is to flip your body’s metabolism from using carbohydrates as the primary energy source, to instead use fats for fuel. Once carbohydrate levels are lowered in our bodies, we enter a natural metabolic state known as ketosis, where we begin to produce ketones by breaking down fats in the liver.

In a typical ketogenic diet about 70-75% of all calories come from fat. It differs from low-carb Atkinson paleo diets because the protein levels are moderate, with only 20-25% of calories consumed attributed to protein. Carbohydrate intake is kept very low – typically less than 30-50g per day (or less than 10% of all calories).

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5 Things You Should Look For In A Meal Replacement Blog Post by Supplement Superstore Canada

5 Things You Should Look For In A Meal Replacement

January 28, 2019 3 min read

“What should I look for in a meal replacement shake?”

It’s a question I get asked a lot. Everyone from fitness competitors and athletes to Moms who are just too busy to get all their meals in but still trying to maintain a healthy diet. This is usually due to their lifestyle or work commitments – it’s a hectic world we live in and often our nutrition protocol just can’t keep up. Here are five things you need to be looking for when picking out your next meal replacement powder;

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Workout Nutrition Explained Blog Post by Supplement Superstore Canada

Workout Nutrition Explained

September 10, 2018 2 min read

This area of discussion over the last 20 years has been shrouded with information and assumption. When I first started training around 2001, the “Anabolic Window” was something that was thrown around a lot. It was though that if you didn’t consume the necessary food or nutrition within 20 minutes after the end of your workout or else your entire workout would go to waste!
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Principals Of Gaining Mass Blog Post by Supplement Superstore Canada

Principals Of Gaining Mass

September 03, 2018 7 min read

Gaining mass isn’t simply just about calories in vs calories out. There needs to be a basic understanding of body types, trainer experience level, nutrition and correct supplementation.

If you work with what you have, know you’re bodies strengths and weaknesses; how to tackle them in the gym and with correct nutrition and supplementation you will see a return on investment. But it’s not going to be easy, and it won’t happen over night. It will require you to commit 7-days a week, 12 months of the year. With real commitment, comes real results.

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What You Need To Know About Post Workouts Blog at Supplement Superstore Canada

What You Need To Know About Post Workouts

February 20, 2018 5 min read

Possibly the most critical and important meals of the day for making gains would be the post workout meal. Post workout nutrition can be the most influential meals when it comes to gain muscle or fat loss! During your workout your body relies on the nutrients available in the blood stream (from previous meal) and from stored sugars (in the form of glycogen) as the energy source to get you through the workout. After the workout is done our body is drained of its stored energy and needs to replace that energy before it can start to repair itself. Using what we know about nutrition science it is important to get nutrients back into the body as fast as possible.
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