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10 Benefits to Supplements

Bodybuilders and athletes turn to supplements when they want to step up their game, but most people are not aware of the full range of supplement benefits. Taking supplements doesn’t begin and end with your workout and your fitness goals. The benefits of supplements, such as protein and amino acids, can affect your whole life and your whole body. From mental health to sleep to your muscle recovery processes, there is an endless list to supplement benefits. We won’t spend forever discussing supplements, although, at Supplement Superstore, we definitely could! Instead, we’ll tell you our top ten supplement benefits.

  1. More Energy

You are a goal setter. In work, in life, in the gym, you have a to-do list, and you want to smash it. But if you don’t have sufficient energy, you won’t be able to complete anything on your list. In order to keep raising the bar in your life and your workouts, you have to make sure you have enough energy. That means eating right, getting quality sleep, and taking a pre-workout supplement. Pre-workout gives your body the tools it needs to feel more awake, including caffeine, which inhibits receptors that cause you to feel fatigued. Many pre-workout supplements contain citrulline malate as well, which literally widens your blood vessels, causing more blood to flow, delivering energy to your muscles! The best pre-workouts, however, transform fat into energy, so your muscles won’t break down when you are tired and still pushing yourself. They burn fat to deliver that extra boost to your mind and body.

Supplements for Energy

ANS Prophecy Pre-Workout

One of the pre-workout products with the best supplement benefits is ANS Performance Prophecy. With a clinically dosed formula, you harness the power of caffeine, paired with the electrolytes of coconut water. That way you get all the energy, without the crash. Allmax Impact Igniter also has supplement benefits you can only find in an explosive pre-workout supplement.  The combination of citrulline malate with n-acetyl-l-cysteine, l-carnitine l-tartrate, and Beta-alanine will increase your energy, specifically for performance.

  1. Better Focus

Ever have so much coffee that you can’t seem to reign it in and focus on the task in front of you? With the right pre-workout, energy is paired with supplement benefits unlike any other, they enhance your focus. These ingredients include taurine, an amino acid. Taurine improves focus by altering neurotransmitters, which promotes performance in the brain. Not only will you be focused in, but your anxiety will decrease, so you’ll have no hesitation in attacking reps in the weight room. Lion’s mane, a mushroom, is another ingredient to help you focus. It even stimulates the growth of brain cells, which can prevent brain diseases like Dementia and Alzheimer’s.

Supplements for Focus


Allmax Impact Pump Supplement
Allmax Impact Pump is a pre-workout that will pump up your muscles and hone your focus onto the workout in front of you. No more dawdling between sets or too-tired excuses to neglect your form. You will get more done with the focus you gain using Impact Pump. Allmax Taurine was created with athletes in mind. It’s a nootropic specifically for your athletic performance so you can crush every workout.


  1. Save Your Time

We’ve all been there: we leave work late and enter the gym right when it’s at max capacity. You fight your way to the treadmill for your warmup, knowing it will be another twenty or thirty minutes before you can lay your hands on a barbell. While you jog through your warmup, you keep thinking about how much of a time-waster this is, but that warming and pumping up your muscles prevents injury. If only you could just start your reps already! Pre-workout gives you one of the greatest supplement benefits: your time. If you take a pre-workout that focuses on your muscle pumps, you can skip or significantly decrease your warmup. You will walk into the gym ready to start your main workout.

Supplements to Shorten Warmup

Pre-workout shouldn’t just give you energy, it should warm up your muscles for you, so you can get your time back. Mammoth Pump has safe and effective doses in order to pump up your muscles and increase your strength and endurance for your workout. No crash, no jitters, but feel like you just stepped off the treadmill.

  1. Burn Fat

Woman lifting weights in the gym.

Whether you’re a consistent gym rat, or you are just starting your weight loss journey, you need to know one of the most important supplement benefits. Supplements can actually harness your fat burning processes and speed them up or make them more efficient — burning more fat than ever before. One of the ingredients that contributes to this supplement benefit is L-carnitine. L-carnitine is one of the best amino acids for weight loss, as it transports fats into cells to be burned for energy. The power of amino acids doesn’t stop there as taurine, mentioned early, can actually reduce body weight.           

Supplements to Burn Fat

ANS Performance Diablo targets, releases, and burns stored fat on the cellular level. That fat is burned for energy! With a combination of L-carnitine, N-acetyl-l-tyrosine, lotus seed extract, and so much more, ANS Performance Diablo is one of the safest, but also potent fat burners for your workout routine. Perfect Sports Burn Cycle targets and burns fat, but the formula also includes achyranthes aspera, which helps reduce appetite. You’ll be eliminating fat both during and after your workout!

  1. Sleep Better

You put your body through a lot of stress in order to achieve results. The only way for your body to build muscle and recover properly without injury is through quality sleep. In sleep, your muscles begin protein synthesis and release growth hormones to stimulate muscle growth. Sleep also improves mental health, so nothing will hold you back from being a well-rounded athlete. If you do not get enough quality sleep, your adrenal glands will release cortisol into your body. Cortisol breaks down the protein back into amino acids, essentially reversing the muscle-building process. Maximizing on supplement benefits to have consistent, great sleep can help you get leaps and bounds ahead of your goals. The supplement benefits for sleep contain the following ingredients:

  • Allmax Lights Out Sleep Supplement
    Vitamin B6 to regulate sleep cycles
  • Valerian root, with sedative properties
  • L-theanine, the ingredient in tea that makes it calming
  • Melatonin, which helps you enter the sleep cycle
  • Passionflower, which provides deeper sleep

Supplements for Better Sleep

Allmax Lights Out Sleep contains all the ingredients we listed above and more. Take one to two capsules about 30 minutes before going to bed, and you will get 7-9 hours of serious sleep consistently. If you’re hoping sleep will aid in your weight loss journey, ANS Performance Diablo PM lowers your stress levels so you can have a relaxing and refreshing sleep, and sheds pounds in the process. It burns fat while you sleep!

  1. Enhance Recovery

One of the most important parts of your workout is recovery. That’s right, no matter how hard you work in the gym, if your recovery plan is not on point, you may have just worked out for nothing. A huge part of that recovery is amino acids. Amino acids bind together to produce protein, which builds muscle. Taking amino acids during your workout actually enhances the recovery process. By giving your body amino acids during your workout, you are preventing your muscles from being overworked. You still gain all the benefits from your workout, but your body is less depleted with the help of amino acids, so you have less recovery to accomplish. That means shorter recovery time and faster muscle growth post-workout. If you are someone struggling with maintaining two workouts a day, or are trying to extend your workouts, amino acids are the key to doubling down on your efforts.

Supplements for Recovery

Powerful amino acids are the key to recovery, and no one can top the formula of Beyond Yourself Amino-IQ. Since you take amino acids during your workout (or anytime, really), you want great flavor, and Beyond Yourself delivers. If you already use a lot of Allmax supplements, then we suggest reaching for Allmax Aminocore to pair with your pre-workout supplement and post-workout protein.

  1. Mental Health

    Allmax AminoCore BCAA Supplement

If your mental health takes a back seat to your physical results, you will continue to hit roadblocks in achieving your goals. Sports psychology has proven to benefit athletes from the NFL to the Olympics. Mood-boosting supplement benefits paired with sports psychology can transform your workout. A pre-workout with a concentration on mood-boosting nootropics can provide “happy energy,” as it increases oxygen to the brain. Multi-vitamins also provide an improvement in mood, but if you really want mental health support, turn to amino acids. Essential amino acids provide energy and boost your mood, but L-tyrosine balances your mood. It helps increase dopamine, balances epinephrine (adrenaline), and keeps your adrenal glands healthy. L-tyrosine is your best tool in dealing with stress and emotional drain.

Supplements for Mental Health

Magnum Nutraceuticals Primer Performance Packs are the daily supplement you need for mental and physical health, starting at the cellular level. Health benefits from supplements should be well-rounded, and mental health shouldn’t be excluded from your supplement regimen. Magnum Nutraceuticals Rocket Science pairs pre-workout with mood boosters for the ultimate, happy workout. For general mood balancing, take Naturally Canadian N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine

  1. Hormone Support

Woman lifting a 3KG weight.

Hormone levels play a major role in building muscle and staying consistent in your workout routine. Your testosterone levels aren’t even the main focus, it’s the level of free testosterone you have in your body that matters. Most testosterone is not “free,” meaning it is bound to protein and cannot be utilized properly to build dense muscle. Hormone supplement benefits can free up testosterone that already exists in your system, ditching the protein it’s attached to, so it can freely travel to create muscle. For all our female athletes, how many times have bloating, period cramps, and headaches stopped you from getting into the gym? Too many times than you would like, we’re sure. By taking an estrogen supplement, your hormones can be balanced, meaning fewer mood swings, less water retention, fatigue, and brain fog. 

Supplements for Hormone Support

ANS Performance Fortitude frees up protein-bound testosterone so you can put it to good use. Femme Forme Rhythm Estrogen Balancer makes sure women’s period pain won’t keep her from throwing down a new personal best at the gym. Magnum Nutraceuticals E-Brake is the perfect way to tackle hormone imbalance from both sides, decreasing estrogen in men.

  1. Strengthen Immune System

Your mental health is in check, you’re getting deep, quality sleep, and you’re hitting the gym twice a day. What could possibly stop you? How about a cold. Nothing infuriates us more than having to lay in bed, suffering from a stuffed nose, causing us to miss our precious gym time. It feels like a major setback, especially if you’re on a workout routine that depends on cycles of difficulty. Introducing a powerful multi-vitamin, designed to work hand in hand with your other supplements, can strengthen your immune system to keep you on track. Long-chain omega-3 fatty acids also support your immune system by focusing on the cellular level. Taking anti-oxidant supplements with your multi-vitamin and omega-3 supplement purges your body of oxidative stress, reversing the damage, so you can stay healthy.

Blue Star Vitality Supplement

Supplements for Immune System

Blue Star Nutraceuticals Vitality for Men is the ultimate multi-vitamin for men that are training hard. It will give your body the nutrients it needs to maximize the benefits of other supplements and stay healthy. Allmax Omega-3 is the fatty acid designed to work in partnership with your other supplements, specifically for workouts. Allmax R+ALA rids the body of oxidative stress, strengthening your immune system. 

  1. Build More Muscle

The number one reason athletes turn to supplements is to build muscle. Protein, protein, and more protein. As bodybuilders and athletes, we can’t get enough of it. High-protein diets aid in the muscle-building process, but what will take your gains to the next level is a protein supplement. Not any protein will do, whey isolate protein is the most effective protein supplement on the market. Without any fillers, whey isolate protein delivers a pure form of protein your body can absorb quickly and distribute to build your muscles. You want to take whey isolate protein immediately after your workout, before that anabolic window closes, so you can have the most muscle possible.

Protein Supplements


Allmax Isoflex Supplement
Allmax Isoflex provides pure whey protein isolate made for the greatest gains. With 27 grams of protein per serving and zero grams sugar, your muscles will increase before you know it. Beyond Yourself Isolate activates your metabolism for lean muscle mass building, and comes in mouth-watering flavors like chocolate mousse and cookie dough ice cream.


The benefits to supplements are endless, we only scratched the surface with these ten! At Supplement Superstore, you can choose from an array of supplements for the biggest muscle, strongest immune system, and sharpest mentality to achieve your goals.

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