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Man Wasting Time at the Gym

10 Ways You’re Wasting Time at the Gym

At this point, your gym routine is basically second nature. You get in there in the early hours of the morning, or maybe late at night after work, and you get after it. You work harder than most people at the gym because you have serious fitness goals you’re trying to achieve. But after a while, your routine can slow down, and you could actually be wasting more time then you realize. You could be spending that time making gains and smashing personal records, so we thought we’d be your accountability partner through your fitness journey and tell you: here are the ten ways you’re wasting time at the gym.

  1. You’re Not in the Moment

Prolific Pre-Workout Supplement

This might seem silly, but it’s true. A minute ago, having your gym routine be “second nature” seemed like a great thing, but it can actually be a problem. If you are going through the motions of your gym routine, chances are, your mind is drifting. Whether you’re reading on the bike or thinking more about the songs on your playlist than your technique at the squat rack, your loss of focus could be loss of muscle mass. While your mind wanders, that time could be spent trying to fit in two or three more reps per workout. If you introduce the right pre-workout, like PEScience Prolific, you could be harnessing nootropics to focus, be in the moment, and crush more reps!

  1. You Don’t Have a Plan

Are you making up your workout as you go along? That is one of the biggest mistakes you could make in the gym! If you don’t have a schedule and a plan, you will be wasting precious time between sets figuring out what to do next. All that time between sets brings your momentum, heart rate, and fat-burning body processes down to a lull. You need a workout plan, and here are some tips for developing one:

  • Decide which days to focus on specific muscle groups (i.e., Monday is legs, Tuesday chest & shoulders, etc.)
  • Choose your workouts, and then choose supersets
  • Decide on rest times between workouts and stick to them!
  1. You’re Taking Too Many Breaks

Once you have a plan, you need to have extra discipline stay on track, including timing your breaks, so you don’t sit between workouts for too long! High performing athletes, like those on Division 1 college teams, focus on hustling between sets. Recent research has proven that shorter rest time is effective for muscle growth. But your body still needs to recover, so speed up the recovery time by taking a pre-workout supplement like Mammoth Pump. Mammoth Pump provides your muscles with the nutrients it needs, like creatine and beta-alanine, to effectively recover quickly, so no time is wasted between sets!

Woman lifting weights at the gym.

  1. You’re Choosing Machines Over Free Weights

If you’re new to weight training, we get it, the free weights and squat racks can be intimidating. Instead, you choose to stick to the weighted machines like the leg press, abductors, and lat pulldowns. Not only are these some of the worst machines to use in your workouts, but they often come with a line of people waiting to use them...and some forgetting to wipe them down after! It’s time to maximize the benefits of your gym workout and walk over to the free weights. You can do it! You will waste less time waiting for your machine, which is time you can spend getting in more reps and packing on the muscle.

  1. You’re Bored with Your Workout

You might be a gym workout expert. You have a plan, you have a monthly cycle, you know your way around every weight in the gym. But what if your gym workout is a little too repetitive? If your workout feels boring, it’s going to be hard for you to be motivated to push yourself and hold yourself to a higher standard. It’s time to mix it up. Incorporate some alternative workouts into your routine, or introduce some cross-training. Are you truly a believer in your plan and process? Then take a pre-workout supplement to deliver some extra motivation. Beyond Yourself PreSet pre-workout supplement will make your routine gym workouts more intense and dialed in. Before you know it, you’ll be combining your Monday and Tuesday workout into one gym session, giving you more room for new exercises – and better results.

  1. You Didn’t Bring a Water Bottle

Mammoth Mug Metallic Series

If you have to put down the dumbbells, walk over to the water fountain, wait in line, drink from a slow stream of water, and then head back to the weights only to see someone else has stolen your dumbbells...we don’t want to hear you complain about how long it takes for you to finish your gym workout! We’ll be your accountability partner: BRING YOUR OWN WATER BOTTLE! Stop wasting your gym time and have your hydration on hand at all times. Lucky for you, we carry some awesome bottles to choose from.

  1. You're Texting While Lifting

Behind the wheel of your car, at your work desk, and at the gym: all places you should not be texting! Texting while working out pulls you out of your gym workout, reduces mental focus, and just wastes time. If you want your gains to be a priority, download a distraction-free app like the Forest App. You can still play your workout jams while limiting your texting privileges!

  1. You Don't Avoid the Locker Room

Gym locker room.The locker room is where efficient workouts go to die. We’ve all been there: taking gym selfies in the mirror, scrolling through social media to see what other bodybuilders are doing, or simply chatting it up with buddies. Make the gym a place where you get in and get to work. Make it a goal to arrive at the gym already dressed and ready to go, and leave your gym bag in the car. Attach your gym fob and car keys to your water bottle, so they’re always with you. Take a pre-workout supplement, leave the distractions outside the gym doors, and watch your workout fly by!

  1. You’re Spending Too Long Warming Up

Are you still spending 30 minutes on the treadmill to warm-up? Imagine if that time could be spent lifting weights and smashing your maxes. With a pre-workout supplement like Allmax Impact Igniter, you can. Your muscles will swell, your energy levels will rise up, and your body will be ready to perform, without the long warm-up. If you still want to get in a little cardio before you touch the weights, we suggest taking a pre-workout supplement, then running to your gym. By the time you arrive, your heart will be pumping, and you will feel unstoppable by your first set!

  1. You Don’t Bring Your Post-Workout Protein with You

scivation fill-n-go funnel

We have shocking news for you: even when you complete your last rep, you could still be wasting time. There is one more important clock your body recognizes, and that’s the anabolic window. This is the period of time where your body needs to be absorbing a protein supplement, like whey. If you leave your protein at home, you need to put down the weights and get home as fast as possible, since most anabolic windows are only 30 minutes post-workout. We can solve your problem: bring your protein powder with you. Choose a whey protein supplement, and load it into the Scivation Xtend Fill ‘N’ Go Funnel. You can quickly dispense your serving of protein supplement into your favorite shaker, and take your protein before you step out the gym doors. Time saved, muscle gained!

Are you ready to buckle down and maximize your time at the gym? We’re here to solve all your gym workout problems and hold you accountable. Let’s take your workout to the next level!

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