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13 Amazing PVL Supplements

Pura Vita Labs, also known as PVL, is a world-class supplement company that produces a wide array of sports-focused supplements. What sets PVL Supplements apart is that it handles each step of the process from formulation to the customer’s doorstep.

A rare find, PVL Supplements researches, develops, manufactures, and distributes its supplements from its very own Canadian supplement facility. Today, we want to talk about 13 of the most stand-out products it offers.


Who Is PVL Supplements?

In addition to handling products from start to finish, there’s another piece that sets PVL Supplements apart from the rest. All the supplements are Informed Choice Certified. What does that mean?

Informed Choice is an elective certification process for supplements. Ultimately, it ensures the products are regularly and rigorously tested from start to finish and free from all banned substances.

Banned substances could be banned for various reasons, but mainly because they’re dangerous or illegal. So, when you chose a supplement company like PVL Supplements, you’ve addressed one of the main arguments against sports supplements: that we don’t know what’s in them. With Informed Sport, we certainly do know what’s in PVL Supplements, and perhaps more importantly, we know what’s not in them.


PVL Supplement Products to Try

Now that you have an idea of the quality and trustworthy nature of PVL Supplements, we can introduce you to its stand-out products in various categories. We’ll talk about:

  • whey proteins
  • intra-workout supplements
  • creatine
  • fat burners
  • supplements specific to goals or diet plans


PVL Supplements Whey Proteins

Whey protein is arguably one of the most widely used sports supplements. This is because many people can’t meet their protein requirements with food alone and have been recommended to add a whey protein supplement to help bridge the gap.

Nutrition experts are quick to recommend whey protein above other protein supplements because it’s considered the most popular and effective protein supplement.

Whey protein is:

  • easy to digest
  • quick to absorb
  • a complete protein
  • delicious
  • beneficial in many ways


PVL Supplements has three whey protein supplements from which to choose.


ISO Gold Whey Protein

While all PVL Protein Supplements are of the best quality, the ISO Gold Whey Protein is part of the premium Gold Series line. This product is 100% whey protein isolate, which is purified protein derived from milk that’s virtually free from lactose and very low in carbohydrates and fat.

Whey protein isolate is naturally low in calories and high in protein content. It’s also naturally very easy to absorb and digest thanks to its purity. In addition to these benefits, ISO Gold Whey Protein also includes one billion CFU probiotics.

Another feature of this whey protein isolate is that it is sweetened with sucralose for a delicious flavour without added sugar.

The specifics of each serving are as follows:

  • 120 calories
  • 1 gram of fat
  • 2 grams of carbs
  • 27 grams of protein


PVL ISO Gold Whey Protein is a product for those individuals who want the best of the best in their supplements.


Sport Whey Protein

Sport Whey Protein is a protein blend that contains slightly more carbohydrate content than the ISO Gold Whey. This product might be better suited for an athletic person with slightly higher carbohydrate needs.

Whey blend products aren’t free from lactose, but they do come at a cheaper price point. There are certainly benefits to blends; it just depends on what you’re looking for.

PVL Sport Whey is free from all artificial colours, flavours, and sweeteners.

Each serving has:

  • 140 calories
  • 3 grams of fat
  • 5 grams of carbs
  • 24 grams of protein


Sport Whey Protein is a good option for those who don’t need the best of the best but still want assurance their supplements are safe and effective.


Sport Gainer

While Sport Whey has slightly more nutritional content (besides protein) than ISO Gold, it still doesn’t provide much in terms of carbs and fat to fuel you through the day. Sport Gainer, on the other hand, is PVL Supplement’s option for those looking for a gainer or meal replacement.

Whether you’re replacing your lunch or trying to pack on some extra calories to gain more muscle, Sport Gainer is a clean, versatile way to do that.

Like Sport Whey, Sport gainer is also free from artificial colours, flavours, and sweeteners.

Each serving has:

  • 860 calories
  • 7 grams of fat
  • 160 grams of carbs
  • 40 grams of protein


Gainers aren’t for everyone, but those who need this supplement understand how convenient it is to have a quality option from PVL Supplements.


PVL Supplements Intra-Workout Support

PVL Supplements also offers several options for intra-workout support. While the various whey proteins are used to facilitate recovery and growth after a workout, intra-workout supplements are used to provide energy and support through a workout.

Intra-workout supplements often contain hydration support in addition to amino acids, especially those amino acids that are directly involved in muscular energy, building, and recovery.


EAA + BCAA Complete

This intra-workout supplement is a complete amino acid supplement. It has all nine essential amino acids, which include the three BCAAs. The amino acid profile serves multiple purposes, including:

  • providing muscular energy
  • minimizing catabolism
  • promoting healing
  • building new muscle


The formula also includes B vitamins to provide more mental and physical energy and electrolytes to support hydration. This is a vital piece of performance, as even a minimal decrease in hydration can negatively impact performance.

Aside from the inclusive intra-workout formula, EAA + BCAA Complete is a premium, gold product formulated without added sugars, and while it does promote energy, it does not contain caffeine, so it is stackable with a stimulant pre-workout product or suitable for people who do not use caffeine.


Pure Glutamine

Another option for intra-workout support from PVL Supplements is Pure Glutamine. Unlike the EAAs and BCAAs, glutamine is a conditionally essential amino acid, which means the body typically makes all it requires, but in times of stress or sickness, it needs additional glutamine from food.

While exercise is extremely beneficial in many ways, it’s important to note that it is a stressor that causes oxidative stress and an increase in cortisol in the body.

Cortisol is the enemy of fitness results as it:

  • prevents muscle repair
  • halts protein synthesis
  • stores excess body fat


In periods of stress, the body requires more glutamine, but there is another reason to use it for intra-workout support. Glutamine directly stifles the effects of cortisol. In this way, glutamine as an intra-workout supplement helps improve muscle synthesis.



If recovery is less of a concern and you’re more interested in energy and fuel in an intra-workout supplement, you might choose BCAAs instead of EAA + BCAA Complete.

BCAAs, or branched-chain amino acids, named for their chemical structure, are the three essential amino acids directly involved in providing energy and growth to the muscle fibres.

The BCAAs are also the only amino acids that bypass the liver and go directly to the muscles via the bloodstream, which is another reason they make an excellent intra-workout product. The muscles get the nutrition faster than other products.

PVL’s Pure BCAA has an ideal 2:1:1 ratio and is flavoured with natural stevia.



Unlike the intra-workout supplements we’ve discussed thus far, carnitine is not an amino acid. Instead, it is a naturally occurring ammonium compound involved in the metabolic process.

Carnitine makes a good intra-workout supplement because it’s known to naturally increase energy without stimulants.

Additionally, carnitine has these intra-workout properties:

  • added recovery
  • improved oxygen supply
  • increased stamina
  • reduced delayed onset muscle soreness


The unfortunate part about other carnitine intra-workout products is the improper dosing. PVL Supplements use the scientifically backed dose of 2250 mg per serving. Additionally, this product includes bioperine, a patented ingredient designed to increase carnitine absorption.


Citrulline Malate Gold

Citrulline Malate is another single-ingredient intra-workout supplement. This one is an amino acid that increases nitric oxide production in the body. Nitric oxide is excellent for intra-workout support because it relaxes blood vessel walls, leading to better vasodilation, which means more oxygen-rich blood can reach the hardworking muscle fibres.

This is a simple formula from PVL with big results on performance, and similar to carnitine, it can provide a natural feeling of more energy and increased focus thanks to improved blood flow.

PVL’s Citrulline Malate Gold is part of the Gold Series, and it has a proven 2:1 ratio to ensure the most noticeable effect.


PVL Supplements Creatine

Next up is our favourite sports supplement (after whey protein, of course), creatine. Creatine is the oldest, safest, most effective sports-performance supplement available.

Beyond insane strength, performance, and muscle growth, creatine has various other health benefits, including:

  1. enhanced cognitive function
  2. heart health
  3. lower blood sugar
  4. improved neural health


While creatine has many benefits relating to fitness performance and results, it’s not really a pre-workout supplement, nor is it an intra-workout supplement. Instead, creatine is in a class of its own as it doesn’t matter when you take it, just that you do. There are two options for PVL creatine.


Pure Creatine

The first PVL creatine option is Pure Creatine. It is a pure, nano-micronized creatine monohydrate. Creatine monohydrate is the most common form of creatine, and it’s also the form we recommend the most. This is because most of the studies done on creatine’s effectiveness were conducted with creatine monohydrate.

Nano-micronized refers to the size of each creatine particle. Creatine molecules are naturally relatively large. Micronizing, or in this case, nano-micronizing, means each molecule is cut up into tiny pieces. This process increases the absorption rate and efficacy, and it also reduces common unpleasant side effects.

Another benefit of PVL’s Pure Creatine is that it’s Informed Choice certified, as with all the other products.


CreaPure Creatine

The other PVL creatine option is CreaPure Creatine. The only difference between this product and Pure Creatine is the use of CreaPure. CreaPure is a German brand-name product created by AlzChem Trostberg GmbH.

CreaPure is a specialized form of creatine monohydrate created from dicyandiamide, dihydrotriazine, thiourea, and creatinine. The product is 100 percent pure, making it, on average, .09 percent purer than your standard creatine monohydrate product. A difference that is surprisingly impactful on results.


PVL Supplements Fat Burners

If you’re interested in weight loss with CLA, PVL Supplements has one option for you. It’s Isolated CLA 1250, and it’s a safe and effective fat burner.


Isolated CLA 1250

Conjugated linoleic acid is a natural substance found in meat and dairy products. Additionally, CLA is used as a dietary supplement to support fat loss, as studies suggest that supplementing with CLA can reduce stored body fat mass.

The problem with most CLA supplements is they rarely have an effective dose, which means taking the supplement is as good as useless. Thankfully, PVL’s CLA contains the studied 1250 mg dose, so you can support your body’s natural fat loss process during exercise.


PVL Supplements Diet and Goal Specific Supplements

Lastly, PVL Supplements hasn’t forgotten about those with strict dietary habits or lifestyles, and while they don’t have large lines dedicated to each, they do offer some products for plant-based people and those who enjoy the keto diet.



Plant-Pro is PVL’s plant-based protein supplement option. It is a part of the performance series, which means it’s Informed Choice certified and free from artificial ingredients.

Plant-Pro is formulated with pea protein, pumpkin seed protein, brown rice protein, and quinoa. This multi-source formula ensures that it is a complete protein source just as good as whey protein.

A common problem with many plant-based protein powders is that the taste can’t compare to that of a whey protein. PVL’s Plant-Pro is great tasting and mixes easily with water or a milk alternative. It also contains an impressive 25 grams of protein per serving, on par with some of the best traditional protein supplements.


Pure MCT Oil

PVL’s MCT Oil is our last product to feature. Medium-chain triglyceride oils are a popular supplement within the keto diet. It is derived from coconut oil and is extremely nutrient-dense.

PVL’s MCT oil is 100% pure and free from carbohydrates, making it the perfect companion to the keto diet as it provides clean energy at twice the rate of carbohydrates.

Whether you’re in need of a quality intra-workout supplement or a keto-diet-specific supplement, Pure Vita Labs has what you need in a transparent, Informed Choice certified formula.

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