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5 Steps to Get Shredded with ANS Performance

ANS Performance, born in 2012, is a relatively new supplement line that is making waves throughout the industry and the fitness world. We love ANS Performance because it is highly adaptive and creates innovative, GMP-Certified, third-party-tested products.

Whether you’re exploring the ketogenic diet or are dabbling in a vegan lifestyle, ANS Performance has created quality products to fit your lifestyle and diet.

Today, let’s talk about how to achieve one of the most sought-after fitness goals—getting shredded. In five steps, with the help of ANS Performance, you can achieve your goal to look and feel amazing.

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What Does Getting Shredded Mean?

ANS Shaker Cup

Getting shredded essentially refers to a person’s physique characterized by being relatively lean while maintaining a muscular appearance. Men and women alike can achieve a shredded physique, and while challenging to achieve, with education and a little hard work, anyone can achieve this goal.

Losing weight is not necessarily the goal; rather, altering the body composition is a more appropriate secondary goal when the primary physique goal is conceptualized. In this case, changing body composition often means reducing body fat while maintaining or increasing muscle mass.

To do this, we suggest a five-step approach, and we’re featuring awesome ANS Performance products to support your journey. It’s important to note that you can achieve most fitness goals without using supplements, but they make it more convenient and, in many cases, can help get your desired results a little bit faster.

How Can ANS Performance Help Me get Shredded?

So, why ANS Performance? We mentioned above some of the reasons we love this company, including that the products are all:

  • GMP-certified
  • third-party tested
  • made in Canada
  • owned by athletes and technical professionals

Specifically, ANS Performance can help get you shredded when you strategically stack its innovative, proven products around your exercise regimen.

Mostly, your results come down to the work you put in at the gym and the efforts you make with your nutrition. However, including a few key supplements can make reaching that goal a little bit easier. So, without further ado, let’s tackle how to get shredded!

5 Steps to Shredded, Featuring ANS Performance

1. Adjust Calorie Input and Output

ANS Performance Keto Wow Bar, Triple Chocolate Cake

When adjusting your physique, the most important factor is understanding and adjusting your caloric input versus your needs. Of course, there are other factors working in the background, like hormones and certain genetic conditions, but for the most part, the biggest influencing factor on your body composition is how many calories you’re consuming versus how many your body requires to function and support your activity level.

In most cases, achieving a shredded appearance involves supporting your existing muscle mass and reducing body fat. This will involve reducing overall calorie consumption while maintaining a protein content that supports your muscles. Unfortunately, it is impossible to eliminate all wasting of muscle mass when losing weight, but the goal is to make this loss as minuscule as possible.

There are 3 ways in which you can reduce your net calorie consumption. They are:

  1. Reduce the calories you’re eating, i.e., cut out snacks or a meal.
  2. Increase the calories you’re burning, i.e., exercise a lot more.
  3. A combination of modestly reducing calories consumed and modestly increasing calories burned.

Research shows that the most sustainable way to reduce your net calories is by opting for option number three. By slightly reducing how much food you’re eating combined with a modest increase in activity to support a little more burn, you’re neither severely restricting your diet nor potentially over-exercising.

In addition, it’s important to avoid excessive restrictions when limiting calorie consumption. This is because research and everything we know about the human condition shows that restriction simply does not work long-term.

So, What Does This Look Like?

To give you a rough idea, reducing consumption and increasing burn could look as simple as 30 extra minutes of cardio on top of your existing exercise program combined with dropping one to two snacks per day. Additionally, you’ll want to be sure to maintain your protein intake to keep that muscle mass we were talking about earlier.

2. Use an ANS Performance Fat Burner Daily 

ANS Performance Diablo Fat Burner

After adjusting your nutrition and your exercise, the next step is to consider an excellent supplement option to support a shredded physique—a fat burner. Fat burners are supplemental products designed to support fat-loss efforts by helping to increase body temperature, increase metabolism, and sometimes suppress the appetite.

Fat burners are not magic pills that help melt fat off your body with no other efforts on your part. Instead, they are simply meant to help your body burn more calories and fat than usual.

ANS Performance has several fat burner products to choose from. They are:

Diablo Fat Burner

ANS Performance’s Diablo fat burner is one of their flagship products. It’s wildly popular, and there’s a reason for that. This fat burner combines proven, high-quality ingredients to deliver real results. The powerful ingredients include:

  • vitamins B6 and B12
  • L-carnitine and L-tartrate
  • green coffee bean extract
  • caffeine
  • olive leaf extract

This combination is a proven fat burner that helps in two ways. First, Diablo Fat Burner delivers boosted energy levels, which help you perform better in the gym, milking your workout for all its worth. Secondly, Diablo supports increased body fat reduction by signaling your body to use fat as a primary energy source rather than carbohydrates.

ANS Performance Diablo L-Carnitine 3000

Diablo L-Carnitine 3000 Fat Burner

Diablo L-Carnitine 3000 is the new fat burner on the block. This innovative product features a high dose of L-carnitine, which plays a major role in the metabolism.

L-carnitine is proven to shuttle stored fatty acids into the cell’s mitochondria, where they’re utilized for energy. This fat burner is different than other leading L-carnitine supplements because it contains double the typical amount to provide an efficacious dose. 

Diablo PM Fat Burner

Diablo PM Fat Burner is designed to support your efforts overnight. Diablo PM works in two ways like its counterpart, the original Diablo Fat Burner. First, it supports continued fat burning through the night with a KSM-66. This is an ashwagandha compound that fights off cortisol and prevents the body from storing extra fat. Cortisol is a well-known stress hormone that, if left unchecked, causes chaos in the body, including but not limited to storing extra body fat around the midsection.

ANS Performance Diablo PM Sleep Aid Supplement

Next, Diablo PM promotes better relaxation and more restorative sleep. Rest and recovery are often-overlooked pieces of any fitness goal. Whether you’re trying to build muscle or lose weight, not allowing your body to heal and recover severely hinders your ability to meet goals.

You’ll notice that the original Diablo product suggests taking a serving two times per day. Unfortunately, for many people taking a second dose of a caffeine-containing product is a no-go. In these cases, opt for using Diablo PM in the evenings. This way, you can get the desired support without potentially destroying your sleep cycles.

Ript Fat Burner

Ript Fat Burner Supplement by ANS Performance

ANS Performance’s Ript is another fat burner option from which to choose. Like Diablo, Ript is designed to support increased energy levels and fat loss. Additionally, Ript supports improved mental stimulation and focus.

It uses proven, natural ingredients like:

  • vitamin B12
  • matcha green tea
  • green tea leaf
  • white tea leaf
  • caffeine
  • L-theanine


Lastly, ANS Performance offers CLA 3K. Conjugated linoleic acid is a naturally occurring fatty acid plentiful in red meat. Using CLA in an efficacious dose has been shown to support fat reduction.

ANS Performance CLA 3K

CLA is a stimulant-free option designed to be taken three times a day with meals.

3. Add ANS Performance Creatine to your Protein Shake 

After selecting a fat burner that will support your goals, the next ANS Performance product we recommend adding is creatine. While fat burners are additional, optional support, we would go so far as to say that creatine may be as important as a protein supplement when the goal is getting shredded.

Why is Creatine Important for Getting Shredded?

Creatine is one of the oldest, most well-researched, and most effective sports supplements you can purchase. Creatine can essentially benefit any healthy adult in various ways.

For getting shredded specifically, you should add creatine to your supplement stack to help support muscle recovery and growth and reduce the potential for muscle breakdown as fat loss is achieved by reducing calories and increasing exercise.

Fortunately, ANS Performance has two quality creatine options to choose from.

Creatine Monohydrate

ANS Performance Creatine Monohydrate

Creatine Monohydrate is the gold standard when it comes to creatine supplements. It is the form that the most research has been conducted with, and therefore, it’s the form that we typically recommend.

ANS Performance’s Creatine Monohydrate is 5,000 mg per serving, which is the recommended daily serving based on the research. It is pharmaceutical grade and unflavoured so that it can be easily added to your protein shake. Some research indicates that taking creatine following your workout with a small serving of carbohydrates is the most effective way, but this is a supplement that is effective regardless of when you take it.

Creatine HCL

Creatine HCL is another leading form of the highly effective supplement. While not as thoroughly vetted as creatine monohydrate, creatine HCL is the next form we’d recommend. The HCL refers to hydrochloride, which is believed to increase the absorption of the creatine molecule.

ANS Performance’s Creatine HCL contains the recommended 750 mg dose of creatine HCL in an easy-to-take capsule.

Why do I need a Protein Supplement?

Creatine HCL by ANS Performance

If you want to get shredded, we’ve assumed that you’re already using a protein supplement and realize the importance of maintaining that use through your efforts to meet this goal.

It’s critical that as you reduce your caloric consumption, you maintain your protein content so you can maintain your muscles mass. If you can do that without a protein supplement, that’s great. However, most people require the help of a quality supplement.

For this goal, it might benefit you to choose a protein powder that contains a modest serving of carbohydrates as well. This is because post-workout carbohydrates are critical to your recovery and, as we mentioned, combining post-workout carbs with your creatine may make it more effective.

If you’re in the market for a new protein shake with some carbohydrates, ANS Performance has the following option:

Lean Mass Muscle Builder

Lean Mass Muscle Builder by ANS Performance

Lean Mass Muscle Builder contains a unique 1:1 carb-to-protein ratio. The nutrition facts are as follows:

  • 280 calories
  • 4.5 grams of total fat
  • 30 grams of carbohydrates
  • 30 grams of protein

In addition, Lean Mass Builder also contains a 3-gram serving of creatine monohydrate. In this way, it’s a two-in-one product for getting shredded.

4. Use ANS Performance BCAAs to Maintain Lean Body Mass 

The next step in getting shredded is focused on supporting your muscle mass. In the same way protein is vital to this goal, BCAAs can add some additional insurance and protection for your muscle mass.

BCAAs, short for branched-chain amino acids, are the group of the three most involved amino acids in the muscle-building process.

Quench BCAA

Quench BCAA Supplement by ANS Performance

Quench BCAA contains 7.2 grams of these essential amino acids along with electrolytes to replenish hydration. The combination of ingredients is great for using in the middle of a tough workout or immediately following.

5. Recover like a Champion with ANS Performance Unwind 

The last step for getting shredded with ANS Performance is to support your recovery process. We mentioned above how vital rest and recovery are to achieving any fitness goal, not to mention general wellness. Unfortunately, though, many of us have difficulty taking the needed time off from the gym to rest. Additionally, sleeping well is a significant problem for adults all over. Let us introduce a potential solution:


Unwind is an adrenal-support supplement by ANS Performance. It’s designed to support the body’s adrenal system, which is responsible for managing the body’s hormones that regulate:

  • the metabolism
  • the immune system
  • blood pressure levels
  • stress responses
  • and more
Unwind Adrenal Support Supplement by ANS Performance

This list shows how important the adrenal system is to wellness and your fitness goal. Unfortunately, chronic stress can run down the entire adrenal system and thus negatively impact all of these functions. Unwind is designed to support the system and reduce stress and anxiety.

Getting shredded is a fitness goal that many aspire to, but few put in the work to achieve. By following these five steps, including modifying your daily routines and nutrition, adding a fat burner and creatine supplements, and including BCAAs and Unwind to support your recovery, ANS Performance can help you reach your goals faster. Now it’s up to you to put in the hard work.

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