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A man and women at the gym using the Allmax line of supplements

An Allmax Line for Everyone

At Supplement Superstore, we are dedicated to carrying the best sports and nutritional supplements on the market. As a result, our loyal customers have come to trust our judgment and expertise when it comes to our selection and know that whatever they choose, they can’t go wrong when they shop with us.

We carry products from companies that we believe in, and one of those companies is Allmax. Allmax is a leading sports nutrition company that has grown to include a considerable product catalog with everything from greens to BCAA supplements. They’ve developed several different lines to support anyone and everyone, regardless of diet restrictions or fitness goals.

We believe in Allmax so much that we carry nearly all their products. We’ll break these favourites down by the lines and dietary categories, but first, here’s a little bit about the brand. 

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All About Allmax

As most of us are aware, the supplement industry is largely unregulated in Canada and other places worldwide. Unfortunately, this means that it’s a consumer’s responsibility to research products, ingredients, and companies to ensure the products they’re consuming are not only safe but also won’t harm them.

Allmax logo

Some consumers work smarter, not harder, by finding one or two supplement brands they trust and stick with them. This way, they can get the variety they’re looking for while feeling assured they can trust the labels.

It’s not required, but some supplement companies go above and beyond the call of duty to earn the trust and respect of consumers. Allmax is one of those brands. They pride themselves on what they call a healthy obsession with testing.

Each batch of Allmax products is third-party tested to ensure the accuracy of their labels and purity of their products.  Not only are the batches of final products tested, but they also test each and every ingredient.

Beyond testing, Allmax is also certified with the highest grade of manufacturing, the pharmaceutical grade cGMP.  In addition, their facilities feature state-of-the-art technology and air-pressurized chambers to ensure freshness.

Allmax High-Performance Line

The High-Performance line by Allmax was created with athletes in mind—for everyone from the amateur athlete to the professional bodybuilder. With this superior line, users can push themselves harder with pre-workout, grow muscles and shed body fat with protein, and recover their bodies better than ever.


Collagen Supplements Supplement Superstore

Generally, we’re the first to recommend whole-food sources of nutrients before we recommend supplementing your nutrition. Collagen is one of the rare nutrients in which whole-food sources are not as supported by science as the supplement.

Supplementing with collagen is proven to:

  • visibly improve the appearance of the skin, hair, and nails
  • reduce joint pain and discomfort
  • boost muscle mass

Allmax Collagen is different than most because it includes biotin and vitamin C to support tissues further. In addition, this formula is sugar-free and suitable for even those athletes following a keto diet. 

Aminocore BCAA Supplement

BCAA supplements are excellent for building muscle and supporting recovery.

Some of the benefits of taking BCAA supplements include:

  • enhanced exercise performance
  • improved mood
  • reduced muscle catabolism
BCAA Allmax Supplement Superstore

We know that lifting weights breaks down the muscle fibres, and the repair process is where growth happens. So, preventing excessive breakdown and speeding up the rate at which the body can switch into an anabolic phase can be key to quick results.

What’s unique about Allmax’s Aminocore BCAA supplement is that the focus is on this anabolic phase, and the amino acid dosing reflects that. The formula also tackles the common issue with many BCAA supplements—bitterness. Aminocore uses instaclear technology for superior solubility and a better taste.


The days of being scared of carbs are long gone as the science behind the way our bodies fuel workouts come to light. The body stores carbs as glycogen within the muscles. Glycogen is the body’s primary energy source for everything from powering your workout to supporting your brain.

Carb supplements are proven to:

CarbION Allmax Carb Supplement Supplement Superstore
  • preserve muscle fibres
  • improve endurance and energy
  • enhance recovery
  • help you feel better during even the most challenging workouts

Carbion by Allmax is unique because it provides a full dose of carbohydrates without any sugar content. The formula also includes a unique blend of ingredients to support hydration and recovery after the work is done.

Impact Pump

Impact Pump Pre-Workout Supplement Superstore

Weightlifters everywhere chase the pump, but it’s for more than just appearance. A pump occurs when you’re lifting correctly because the blood rushes to the muscles you’re working on. This rushes nutrients to support the work and encourage new growth.

Supplements that encourage a better pump, known as vascularity supplements, are proven to:

  • improve blood flow
  • improve energy and focus
  • reduce lactic acid buildup

Impact Pump by Allmax has a unique formula that includes lion’s main, taurine, glycerpump, and citrulline malate. These ingredients are cutting-edge and clinically dosed for effectiveness.


Isoflex Whey Protein Powder Supplement Superstore

Hitting individual protein goals is critical to most fitness goals, so including a protein supplement is a must. By far, the most popular protein supplement source is whey.

Supplementing with whey protein is proven to:

  • promote muscle growth
  • lower blood pressure
  • prevent and reduce inflammation
  • keep you fuller longer

Isoflex is the star supplement by Allmax. It’s lower in carbohydrates, lactose, fat, and sugar than most other brands. Plus, Isoflex also offers a 27-gram dose of protein, instead of the more common 20-gram servings.

Casein FX

Casein Slow release Protein Allmax Supplement Superstore

Casein is a great protein supplement to partner with your whey protein. Compared to whey, casein is a slower-digesting protein, which can help to sustain your body over long periods between meals.

Many people use casein protein to replace meals, crush cravings, or sustain their bodies overnight.

The benefits of including it in your nutrition include:

  • improved muscle growth
  • strengthened immune system
  • reduced body fat levels

Allmax’s Casein FX is unique because it supports the digestive system with an added digestive enzyme called lactase. In addition, Casein FX has a superior slow-release formula designed to keep you full and sustained for up to ten hours.

Allmax Keto Supplements

Allmax is nothing if not an inclusive brand when we consider all the different ways people eat and diet. The keto diet can help many people successfully lose weight and improve their health. However, one downfall is that keto supplements can be challenging to find.

Allmax carries a few keto supplements explicitly designed for the keto diet. In addition to these keto supplements, many of Allmax’s other supplements are suitable for the keto diet.


Keto Cuts Keto Supplement Superstore

People on the keto diet consume extremely low carbohydrates to force their bodies into a metabolic phase known as ketosis. For those starting the keto diet, achieving ketosis can be the biggest challenge and source of frustration.

Keto supplements like Ketocuts are designed to help put the body in ketosis faster.

Benefits of Ketosis:

  • it can help you feel hungry less often
  • it can force your body to use stored body fat for energy

Ketocuts uses BHBs, MCT oil, and L-Carnitine to boost the body’s natural ketone levels and help you reach ketosis faster than with diet alone.


MCT Oil Allmax Fatty Acid Supplement Superstore

One of the most popular keto supplements is MCT oil or medium-chain triglyceride oil. The keto diet cuts out most carbohydrates and focuses instead on consuming lots of healthy fats and protein.

MCT oils are a source of healthy fats with the following benefits:

  • increased energy
  • reduced lactate buildup during athletic performance
  • improved heart health

In addition, this popular keto supplement can help support weight loss. The MCT Oil by Allmax is a simple, no-frills product with C8 and C10 MCTs from coconut oil.

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Allmax Gluten-Free Supplements

In addition to keto supplements for those who follow the diet, Allmax considers those with gluten sensitivities and conditions. While most of the products aren’t labeled as gluten-free supplements, many of them fit the criteria and are therefore suitable gluten-free supplements for people who need them.

Many products on this list are also gluten-free supplements. The ones on this list that are not gluten-free supplements are Aminocore Natural, Vitaform, and Creatine. 

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Allmax Essentials Vitamin Line

The essentials line is made up of everything from a quality multivitamin and individual ingredients to sleep support, and more. Designed with everyone in mind, these are the products to reach for when you’re trying to supplement your nutrition with the essential vitamins, minerals, and other micronutrients you need to stay healthy.

Vitaform for Men and Vitaform for Women

Men and women have slightly different nutritional needs, and taking a daily multivitamin can help in the following ways:

VITAForm Multivitamin Supplement Superstore
  • reduce risk of heart disease and cancer
  • boost brain function
  • improve eye health 

The Vitaform multivitamins from Allmax are different because they’re specifically formulated with athletic, active people in mind. These vitamins support energy levels and fitness results while strengthening the immune system and improving mood. 

Lights Out Sleep

Many adults struggle to get enough sleep at night, leading to various adverse mental and physical health conditions. Not to mention, failure to properly rest and recover seriously hinders athletic performance and fitness results.

Natural sleep supplements can help promote the mental and physical conditions that make it easier to wind down for the night and stay asleep.

Ensuring you meet minimum sleep requirements can benefit you in these ways:

Lights Out Sleep Supplement Superstore
  • better mood, attention, and focus
  • enhance problem-solving and critical thinking
  • improve immune function
  • maintain a healthy weight
  • reduce cravings for sugary foods
  • decrease stress

Lights Out Sleep has a natural formula with melatonin, valerian root, and other proven ingredients to help you fall asleep easier. The unique formula also promotes glycogen storage within the muscles for better energy levels during the day and supports muscle recovery from workouts. 


Along with multivitamins, omega three supplements are another essential that most people can benefit from. Unfortunately, many people’s nutrition is lacking the foods that provide these necessary healthy fats.

Supplementing with omega threes can:

Allmax Omega 3 Supplement Superstore
  • fight mental health symptoms and conditions
  • improve eye and joint health
  • support a healthy heart and brain
  • clear up skin
  • fight inflammation

Omega-3 by Allmax is another no-frills essential product. You get all the benefits of 100 mg of fish oil without the fishy burps that are so common with fish oil pills and supplements.


While not as high up on our list of supplements that everyone should be taking as omegas and multivitamins, creatine is still one of those products that we believe can positively affect just about everyone.

Creatine helps athletes in the following ways:

Creatine Monohydrate Allmax Supplement Superstore
  • increases muscle mass
  • lengthens endurance
  • improves strength

What many people don’t realize is that creatine can benefit people who aren’t athletic as well. Creatine supplements are also proven to support more mental sharpness and energy. It has various other health benefits and is especially beneficial for people who don’t eat meat or animal products.

Allmax’s Creatine is five grams of creatine monohydrate, the most researched and most effective version of creatine supplements. This supplement is pure and simple. 

Allmax Natural Line

Allmax has got you covered with natural versions of some of their most popular products for individuals who prefer to keep their consumption clean. These products include Aminocore and Isoflex.

Aminocore Natural

AminoCore Natural BCAA Powder Supplement Superstore

This natural product offers all the same benefits that the original Aminocore offers, with a natural formula that you can feel good about. Aminocore Natural is free from artificial colours, flavours, additives, preservatives, and fillers.


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