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April 18, 2020 4 min read

For many people, exercising is a way of life. You could be setting strength goals and crushing them every month, or you could be focusing on long term weight loss or gain goals. Maybe you use exercise as a means to de-stress, combat anxiety, and keep your body healthy. So when faced with situations that prevent you from making it to the gym, you risk falling out of your routine. That’s why it’s important to have alternative workouts that you can do to exercise at home with little or no equipment. Supplement Superstore put together this at home ab workout for times like these.

Exercise Your Abs at Home

Perform this at home ab workout as a circuit to exert maximum energy and get a heart-pumping aerobic exercise at home. Grab a timer and place it where you can see it. It’s always the best practice to warm your body up by walking or doing the stairs a few times, even when you exercise at home. You do not need any equipment for this at home ab workout.

1. 30 seconds: Burpees

Exercise at home, starting with this cardio classic. Start in a standing position. Reach above your head as you jump straight up. In a fluid motion, lower your arms to the ground and jump your legs straight back into a plank position. Option to drop your chest all the way to the ground or perform a push-up for a more advanced athlete. Jump your legs back between your hands, and then jump straight up with your arms extended overhead. Repeat for thirty seconds. Use the power from your legs to shoot up as high as you can. Your core should remain tight, with your navel drawn in and up for the entire movement - this is what stabilizes you and keeps your movements controlled.

2. 30 seconds: Plank

On your forearms, hold your body in a straight line while resting on your toes. For an added shoulder burn, rest on your hands instead, but be sure to evenly distribute your weight through your fingertips (not your wrists). Don’t let your belly sink, and keep that belly button pulled in.

3. 30 seconds: Reverse crunches

Lay on your back and press your arms firmly into the ground beside you. With your legs straight up in the air, use your abs to lift your butt as high as you can off the ground. With control, lower your butt back down. For a more advanced option, lower your legs to hover six inches above the ground before returning to the start position and lifting your bum again. Focus on the mind-muscle connection here, and use your abs for the entire movement.

4. 15 seconds: Jumping lunge (left leg)

With your hips square, step forward slightly so that your legs form a triangle. Lower yourself into a lunge, then use your working leg to straighten and jump slightly off the ground. Control your movement by keeping your core contracted, your chest lifted, and your eyes straight ahead.

5. 15 seconds: Jumping lunge (right leg)

Repeat on the opposite leg.

6. 30 seconds: Plank with shoulder touch

Hold your body in the plank position on your hands. Evenly distribute your weight by pressing into your fingertips. Keep your hips as still as possible while you shift your weight slightly to raise one hand off the ground and touch your opposite shoulder. Switch hands. Make this move harder by pausing for a two-count when you touch each shoulder.

7. 30 seconds: Ab walkout

Stand up straight and hinge at your hips. Place your hands on the ground in front of your hips. While drawing your navel in and up, walk your hands out until you reach the plank position. Then walk your hands back in until you reach the starting position. Repeat.

8. 60 seconds - 120 seconds: Rest, then repeat for a total of four times.

This workout should take you no more than thirty minutes. Follow your at-home ab workout with a protein shake to maximize your muscle-building potential and aid in recovery. 

Experts in Goal Crushing, Even from Home

We are here to offer advice and support on your fitness journey. Buy more, save more at Supplement Superstore so you can meet and exceed your goals regardless of whether you’re at the gym, or you have to exercise at home.


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