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Current Dispatch Times: Normal [Same Day Before 3pm EST]

Axe & Sledge - Serious Athletes Only

Axe & Sledge supplements are only for the hardest workers in the gym. These supplements are exclusively for the athletes that put in the work every day without complaint. These are the athletes who know that results take time and commitment. Every Axe & Sledge supplement is scientifically formulated to be safe, effective, and efficient in getting you the nutrients and results you need.


Why Should you Choose Axe & Sledge Supplements?

Why should you trust Axe & Sledge supplements? Because the founders don’t just talk the talk, they walk the walk. Axe & Sledge was founded by International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness (IFBB) Pro Seth Feroce, Bobby Dautrich, and Mike Rhoten. They know from experience what pre-workout, protein powders, and whey protein powders will help you reach your goals.


Axe & Sledge Core Values

  • pride
  • loyalty
  • integrity
  • hard work
  • community
  • freedom

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Why do you Need a Pre-Workout Supplement?

Pre-workout supplements give you extra energy and stamina for high-intensity training so you can go harder and longer in the gym. Preparation is vital for success in all aspects of life, including reaching your fitness goals. Prepping your muscles with a pre-workout supplement before a workout means reaching your maximum potential and obtaining your goals sooner.

Often referred to as the "Master of Pumps," Hydraulic stimulant-free pre-pump is the number one Axe & Sledge supplement. IFBB Pro Seth Feroce created Hydraulic himself because he knows that with the type of training you do on a daily basis, you need a stimulant-free option that will deliver results.

Why are stimulant-free supplement options important? Working out doesn’t always happen first thing in the morning, and an evening workout shouldn’t result in an all-nighter. So, Hydraulic is the gold standard in pre-workout supplements for those looking to cut back on stimulants, whether you get stimulants from other sources, prefer to avoid them altogether, or work out in the evening and don't want to sacrifice quality sleep.


Axe & Sledge Pre-Workout Supplement Flavours

  • ICEE Blue Raspberry
  • ICEE Cherry
  • Shark Bite (Orange Mango)
  • Unicorn Blood (Rainbow Sherbert)


Yes, you read that right Hydraulic is available in officially licensed ICEE flavours, exclusive to Axe & Sledge. The perfect nostalgic flavours to pair with your early 2000's workout playlist. You were riding with Nelly, Beyonce was the lead singer of Destiny's Child, Taylor Swift was still country, and you were slurping an ICEE while cruising Target, the good old days.


5 Patented Stimulant-Free Ingredients in Axe & Sledge Pre-Workout

  • Nitrosigine
  • Carnosyn beta-alanine
  • Creatine Magnapower
  • Agmamax
  • Hydromax


Axe & Sledge Meal Replacement Protein Powder

Home Made meal replacement protein powder was created to provide athletes with a quick and simple meal option to help them achieve their fitness goals. Home Made is made with whole-food ingredients. This protein powder doesn't take shortcuts when it comes to your health and fitness. Every serving of Home Made is chock-full of whole-food essential nutrients.


9 Whole-Food Sources in Home Made Meal Replacement Protein Powder

  • whole grain oats
  • sweet potato
  • egg whites
  • beef protein
  • brown rice protein
  • pea protein
  • organic chicken broth
  • whey protein isolate
  • whey protein concentrate


Axe & Sledge is dedicated to providing the highest-quality supplements. Hydraulic pre-workout has nine patented ingredients, while Home Made meal replacement protein powder contains two trademarked ingredients to support and regulate digestion. Fibersol-2, a corn fibre that supports intestinal regulation, and Digeseb, a proprietary enzyme that improves digestion and absorption.


Top 3 Home Made Meal Replacement Protein Powder Flavours:

  1. double chocolate brownie
  2. blueberry muffin
  3. sweet potato pie


What is Whey Protein, and Why do You Need It?

Whey protein is the main protein found in dairy products; it is a combination of the proteins isolated from whey after the cheese-making process. Whey protein contains a large amount of quick-absorbing amino acids. The quicker nutrients are absorbed, the sooner they can get to work for you.

Farm Fed by Axe & Sledge is a grass-fed whey protein isolate. Proteins, fats, and carbohydrates are considered macronutrients because the body needs the most of these nutrients. Therefore, eating a diet high in protein is necessary for everyone. However, athletes working to reach their fitness goals need more than the average person, leading to protein powders and whey protein supplements being in high demand.


What Sets Farm Fed Apart From Other Whey Protein Powders?

  • cold-pressed
  • cross-flow micro and ultra-filtered
  • 100% grass-fed
  • naturally flavoured
  • low-fat
  • non-GMO
  • antibiotic-free
  • rBGH-free (hormone-free)


Farm Fed was created using pure protein sources, naturally occurring essential amino acids, and branched-chain amino acids. Like the Home Made meal replacement protein powder, Farm Fed contains the patented Digeseb enzyme.

Healthy digestion should never be taken for granted. Supplements that promote digestion and absorption will ensure your body can focus on gains. Digeseb works to address the cause of stomach discomfort instead of just treating the symptoms like typical antacids.

Farm Fed whey protein is the perfect post-workout supplement for speeding up muscle recovery while you rest. Many of our athletes also use it in their daily smoothies to get additional protein throughout the day. The flavours for Farm Fed are off the charts, guaranteed to make your mouth water just reading about them.

Axe & Sledge partnered with ICEE for delicious pre-workout flavours and managed to outdo itself with its whey protein collaboration. The future of ice cream from your youth is now the future of fitness, with Dippin’ Dots exclusive flavours for Axe & Sledge whey protein powder. Once again, peak nostalgia in powder form.


Axe & Sledge Whey Protein Flavours

  • chocolate milkshake
  • vanilla milkshake
  • cookies and cream
  • salted caramel
  • glazed donut
  • Dippin’ Dots strawberry ice cream
  • Dippin’ Dots banana split ice cream


Axe & Sledge by Professionals for You

Whenever you put something into your body, whether food or a supplement, you want to know what's in it. The fuel you put in your body will determine the results you get in the gym. So, spending hours at the gym without the right pre-workout supplement or protein powders is counterproductive.

Every time you hit the gym, your muscles should be prepped and your mind focused. You have goals to meet and then demolish, so you need the best supplements. The Axe & Sledge founders have real-life experience as pro athletes, and they're ready for you to discover the power of their knowledge and experience.

Going to the gym isn't a hobby; it's a lifestyle that deserves respect. Axe & Sledge delivers the highest-quality ingredients with top-notch flavours. You work hard, and your supplements should, too.

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