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Build Muscles like a Mutant with Mutant Supplements

There probably aren’t a lot of times when you want to grow like a mutant. However, if you’re familiar with the slow process of packing on solid muscle, the idea of a mutant might sound a little better.

If you’re looking for quality supplements with delicious flavours that will help you grow, allow us to introduce you to Mutant supplements.

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About the Brand: Mutant Supplements

Mutant Supplement Logo

Mutant Nutrition was founded in Port Coquitlam, British Columbia, in 2005. The foundational idea behind Mutant supplements is to provide the best quality supplements for the most hardcore of people.

If you’re okay settling for average, Mutant wasn’t made for you; they’re intense products made by and for intense individuals. That said, when you hear “intense,” we hope you don’t think unregulated or unsafe—Mutant supplement products are also well tested and award-winning.

Mutant is owned by Fit Foods Ltd., the company behind Pure Vita Labs, Whey Gourmet, and North Coast Naturals—all amazingly innovative and well-trusted brands. The Fit Foods facility is cGMP certified and NHP licensed. They manufacture and distribute Mutant supplements alongside the other brands’ products.

The three most popular Mutant supplements are:

Man with wrapped hands punching with small weights
  • Mutant Mass: a mass gainer with multiple awards under its belt
  • Iso Surge: a whey protein flavoured by the same supplier who flavours the top ice cream brands in the nation.
  • Mutant Madness: a super-strong pre-workout supplement

Now that you’ve got the low down, let’s talk about how to grow some serious gains with Mutant Supplements. 

All You Need to Grow with Mutant Supplements

In this Mutant supplement stack, we:

  1. Start you off with the Mutant pre-workout supplement, Madness.
  2. Give you an option between Mass and Iso Surge, depending on how serious you are about making gains.
  3. Finish with GEAAR for amped-up recovery, and
  4. Throw in some creatine for improved performance, strength, and gains.

Let’s get to it!


Madness is a unique pre-workout product designed to limit, reduce, and prevent fatigue with powerful ingredients including:

Madness Pre-Workout Energy Pump Supplement Superstore
  • niacin
  • vitamin B6 and 12
  • folate
  • beta-Alanine
  • taurine
  • caffeine from green tea, white tea, black tea, and green coffee beans
  • l-theanine and more

These are top pre-workout ingredients that are backed by science when used in effective doses. They help get you going and power you through your workout for longer than you’d be able to go otherwise. One serving contains 335 mg of caffeine, so be sure to consider that before downing your normal coffee, too!


Mass Weight Gainer Build Muscle Supplement Superstore

Mutant supplement Mass is a powerful protein supplement, meal replacer, and (or) mass gainer. It’s designed to provide high doses of macronutrients in a calorie-dense formula to give you up to 1100 extra calories per day.

You can also modify the serving to fit your individual goals, use it as a snack or as a meal replacement. The bottom line is that these nutrients are meant to power you through your workouts and help your body recover and build as much muscle as possible.

Mass uses ingredients like:

  • waxy maize starch
  • sweet potato
  • whey protein concentrate and isolate
  • casein protein
  • MCT oil
  • flaxseed and more

There’s no evidence of empty calories here, so you can be sure you’re consuming the cleanest calories and macros possible so you can limit body fat accumulation while you’re bulking.

Iso Surge

Iso Surge Whey Protein Powder Isolate Supplement Superstore

If Mass sounds like a whole lot of everything, allow us to introduce you to your new favourite whey protein isolate supplement, Iso Surge. This supplement is heavy-hitting with protein but not much else. It is everything we look for in a whey protein supplement with limited sugars, carbs, and fats.

You’ll find 25 grams of protein in a single scoop, roughly 25% more than your average protein powder. You can easily double the serving to bump up your protein intake even more. This formula is perfect for staying as lean as possible while still supporting muscle growth and recovery.

Our customers consistently mention how great this protein tastes—some even say it is the best protein supplement they’ve ever tasted. Once you go Iso, you’ll never go back.


Mutant Geaar EAA BCAA Gear Amino Acids Supplement Superstore

GEAAR is the Mutant supplement take on amino acids. It’s a complete blend of all nine essential amino acids required for the body to switch into building mode and synthesize new proteins.

So, what makes GEAAR different? It’s the simple addition of the conditionally essential amino acids, arginine. Arginine is not found in your average EAA supplement, and this is a critical missing piece because arginine helps produce nitric oxide, which improves your muscle pump and blood circulation.

This increase in circulation helps move all these essential amino acids through the body, delivering them to where they need to be. For example, it helps to rush the branched-chain amino acids directly to the muscles. This provides energy and switches the body out of the muscle catabolizing mode as soon as the work is done to begin to recover.

Another important feature is the ratio of those BCAAs to everything else. GEAAR has an 8:3:3 ratio—this dosing is spot on for our purpose of growth.


Mutant CreaKong creatine Blend Build Muscle Supplement Superstore

Last in our Mutant muscle growing stack, we have CreaKong. Creatine is a supplement that we love to recommend for everyone, regardless of their fitness goals. What makes CreaKong different?

Mutant’s creatine features a unique three-blend approach. It includes the most well-researched creatine monohydrate, creatine-magnesium chelate, and tri-creatine citrate.

While we typically recommend creatine monohydrate alone because of the research that backs it up, these other forms of creatine are also safe and effective based on the limited research available.

This product is sure to fill the creatine stores in the muscles and brain to help you feel sharp and grow strong. This formula is easily added to one of your other supplement shakes at any time during the day. Some research does indicate taking creatine with caffeine can reduce the effectiveness, so we recommend mixing it with anything besides Madness.

So, there you have it—Mutant supplements will help you gain muscle mass like a mutant freak. Trust us—with this stack, you’re going to feel like you can take on the whole world!

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