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July 14, 2020 4 min read

By now, you know Supplement Superstore as a sports nutrition supplement company you can count on. You know we only stock the most trusted brands to bring you protein powder and supplements that actually do what they say they’re going to do. We love to highlight our favourite brands, and now it’s time we feature one of the best - Magnum Nutraceuticals.

Who are Magnum Nutraceuticals?

Created by sports nutrition store owner, Markus Kaulius, Magnum Nutraceuticals is the solution to the problem that consumers face when purchasing supplements. Today, people largely consider sports nutrition brands to be untrustworthy. Besides throwing away money on false claims made on labels, consumers worry that ingredients in a simple protein powder may actually be harmful to their bodies.

In 2005, Magnum Nutraceuticals began producing protein powders and other sports nutrition products using 100% pharmaceutical grade ingredients to fight back against a dishonest and untrustworthy industry and become an internationally recognized brand that consumers can trust.

At its core, Magnum Nutraceuticals’ beliefs come down to one thing: make every decision with integrity. Pharmaceutical ingredients are their base, and then their products are manufactured using Certified Good Manufacturing Practices, which are pharmaceutical Site Licensed facilities. The government, to ensure the claims made are accurate, also audits these facilities. This means that the claims made on the label are true and accurate if a product has the Magnum Nutraceutical name.

Magnum Nutraceuticals Trusted Ingredients

From the beginning, Magnum Nutraceuticals chose to use pharmaceutical grade raw ingredients, so what does that mean? When it comes to sourcing raw materials to create sports nutrition supplements, there are options.

  1. Feed Grade - Raw material standards set for animal consumption.
  2. Food Grade - Raw material minimum standards for safe human consumption.
  3. Pharmaceutical Grade - Raw material standard set for use in hospitals, clinical trials, and more. Materials must be 99% pure and have no contaminants, fillers, or other unknown substances.

Would you believe it when we say that if a sports nutrition supplement company wanted to, it would be perfectly legal to use feed grade raw materials to build their supplements? That’s right - you might be consuming protein powder made with ingredients that were certified to feed animals, but not humans, safely. 

Magnum Nutraceuticals took it upon themselves to only use the absolute highest quality raw materials to create their line of sports nutrition products and protein powders.

Magnum NutraceuticalProducts We Love

Now that we’ve bragged about Canada’s 2015/2016 supplement company of the year, here are Supplement Superstore’s five most loved sports nutrition products from Magnum Nutraceuticals.

 1. Magnum NutraceuticalsHard Muscle Builder - A science-backed, all-natural muscle gainer helps you achieve the hardbody you’ve always wanted. When combined with high-intensity weight training, three capsules of this sports nutrition supplement helps you build and retain more muscle while decreasing body fat. As an added benefit, it also helps boost your immune system, increase testosterone levels, and fight the stress hormone cortisol.

2. Magnum NutraceuticalsHeat Accelerated - Raise your body’s core temperature with thermogenic agents and natural stimulants. Powerful antioxidants called adaptogens help to support your hormones, immune system, cope with stress, and mobilize fat to burn as energy. You’ll start to see results in as little as one week with these powerful ingredients that help you work harder and get sweatier, all without the anxiousness and jitters that other thermogenic sports nutrition supplements cause.

3. Magnum NutraceuticalsAfter Burner -Burn fat while you sleep with this highly advanced nighttime fat burner. Switch on your genes that burn fat and prevent excess fat from being stored in your cells. Increase your body’s temperature, and suppress your nighttime cravings with one sports nutrition supplement.

4. Magnum NutraceuticalsQuattro - This advanced protein powder helps your body facilitate the leanest muscle growth by initially flooding your bloodstream with protein, combined with both medium and slow flow protein delivery. Combined with other superfood ingredients like flaxseed, the result is a protein powder that maximizes muscle growth with no lactose, nuts, gluten, gas, or bloat! One scoop of protein powder provides your body with 30 grams of protein, with only one gram of fat and two grams of carbs.

Protein powder is arguably the most important sports supplement on the market. This is because most people don’t get adequate protein from their diet alone. The current recommendation for adults who lift weight is 1.2 to 2.0 grams of protein for every kilo of body weight. For the average Canadian man (80.3 kg), that’s 96.4 to 160 grams of protein every single day. With protein powders, especially advanced protein powders like Magnum Nutraceuticals Quattro, you get 30 grams of protein in an easy to drink, easy to digest formula. Protein powders are also great because they deliver a substantial amount of protein without a lot of anything else. For this reason, protein powders are great for people watching carbs, calories, and fat.

5. Magnum NutraceuticalsPreFo - The most sophisticated pre-workout you’ll ever use. PreFo provides a massive amount of stable energy to tackle even the toughest workout, and a maximum does of vasodilation agents that give you an amazing muscle pump. But the pump does more than just make you appear super jacked. These ingredients help to carry more blood and oxygen to your muscles, which makes them able to work harder and improves recovery. 

Magnum Nutraceuticals has a wide line of sports supplements that will get you to your desired results faster while being sure you’re not damaging your body. In a world where you can throw any ingredients in a tub with a loud, flashy label and make all sorts of wild and unfounded claims, it says a lot when a company takes reliability and quality into its own hands. Supplement Superstore only stocks brands we know you can trust, so of course, Magnum Nutraceuticals is on our list.

Matching Magnum Nutraceuticals’ dedication to quality, Supplement Superstore has dedicated itself to the highest quality customer service. We combine our passion for the fitness industry with our product knowledge and bring you only the best - in terms of both products and customer service. Stay fit and get to work!

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