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Magnum Nutraceuticals supplement products in a row

Canada Supplement Highlight: Magnum Nutraceuticals

You know us at Supplement Superstore as your friendly neighborhood supplement retailer. By now, you know we’re proudly Canadian, and as such, we love to highlight our favourite Canada supplement brands.

As a rule, we carry only the best supplement brands so that our loyal clients don’t have to feel uneasy when they’re trying a new amino acid or protein supplement. We know that once you find a supplement that works for you, it can be hard to give others a try. However, sometimes switching it up can be the missing piece in achieving your fitness goals. That’s why we like to highlight our favourite Canada supplement brands and detail their most popular products. So, without further ado, let’s talk about Magnum Nutraceuticals!

What is Magnum Nutraceuticals?

Magnum Nutraceuticals is a Canada supplement company that Markus Kaulius founded in January of 2005. The keystone value of Magnum is integrity—they only use pharmaceutical-grade ingredients and follow the unique combination of science, experience, and professional expertise to bring a complete line of premium products to their customers.

Magnum Nutraceuticals offers everything from vitamins to protein supplements to amino acid supplements and everything in between.

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Who is Markus Kaulius?

Chocolate Love Magnum Quattro

Before he founded Magnum Nutraceuticals, Markus Kaulius owned and operated a small chain of Canada supplement stores. Customer service and professional advice have always been his main goal, so he sold products with a personal guarantee.

While business was going well, Kaulius felt something was missing. He wasn’t overly impressed with any of the protein supplement products he carried, nor were his customers. So, he set out to solve that problem with a premium brand of Canada supplements he created himself. Thus, in January of 2005, Magnum Nutraceuticals was born and has continued to grow, thrive, and satisfy customers every day since.

Kaulius’ Favourite Magnum Product

It’s always interesting to learn whether a founder and creator actually use their own products or not—in this case, Markus Kaulius faithfully uses just about every product Magnum offers. You might be wondering, though, if he had to pick which product is his favourite?

In a 2019 interview, Kaulius says that his favourite product (along with all the Magnum Nutraceutical athletes) is Magnum DNA. He says that he hates to train without DNA! So, what is it? 

DNA Supplement

Magnum DNA Supplement

Magnum Nutraceuticals’ DNA is the first of its kind—it is an anabolic strength activator. It’s not a traditional protein supplement—instead, it’s a proprietary blend of amino acids and vitamins designed to kick your muscles into high gear so you can pump out more reps and get better results.

Not only does DNA help you work harder in the gym, but it also helps support your recovery so you can be back in the gym to do it all again the next day.

So, what makes DNA different than your average pre-workout or amino acid supplement? DNA doesn’t contain stimulants, so it has virtually zero adverse side effects. It’s also different from your typical non-stim pre-workouts because the amino acids work directly with the muscles. Finally, DNA is backed by a 3-day guarantee—notice a difference in the first three days or get your money back!

Magnum Nutraceuticals’ Flagship Product: The Protein Supplement

What’s interesting with Magnum is that its flagship product is different than the founder’s favourite product. That goes to show how good both products must be, and don’t get it twisted—Kaulius loves this protein supplement, too.

Quattro Protein Supplement

DNA might be the founder’s favourite, but our customers overwhelmingly love Magnum’s protein supplement, Quattro. So, what makes it unique? Like DNA, Quattro is a one-of-a-kind protein supplement. It features a four-stage isolate protein supplement formula that digests at different times, keeping you full and feeding your muscles for up to six hours.

In addition, Quattro has the other features that you expect in a premium protein supplement—natural, quality ingredients that are all pharmaceutical-grade.

The protein comes from:

  • whey isolate
  • egg protein supplement
  • milk protein supplement

This Canada supplement’s formula is also free from lactose and gluten, so you get all the good without any of the unpleasant side effects you’d get from other protein supplements. 

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Magnum’s Amino Acid Products and More

Opus by Magnum Nutraceuticals

Along with Markus Kaulius’ favourite and the flagship protein supplement, Magnum has other premium Canada supplements that you will want to give a try. For example, amino acid supplements are a form of protein supplement with a different goal—they’re focused on muscular energy and recovery.

Along with DNA mentioned above, you will want to check out OPUS and Hard Muscle Builder.

OPUS Supplement

OPUS is Magnum’s intra-workout amino acid formula. In a study conducted by Wingate University in North Carolina, USA, OPUS improved athletic performance by 18%. That, in and of itself, makes OPUS stand out from the rest of the amino acid supplements.

This amino acid blend with vitamins and minerals helps convert glucose into usable muscular energy, increase blood flow, thereby improving the pump—a huge piece of achieving results, and delaying fatigue so you can train longer.

The main ingredients speak for themselves— amino acids beta-alanine, l-leucine, and a blend of electrolytes work together to keep you going.

Hard Muscle Builder

This Magnum amino acid product is for a much different user than those who would use something like OPUS. Hard Muscle Builder is a unique amino acid and testosterone booster hybrid. It combines amino acids with a proprietary blend of Ashwagandha extracts.

Hard Muscle Builder by Magnum Nutraceuticals

What makes HMB different than other amino acids or test boosters? We’re glad you asked—the difference is in the science. Studies show that participants experienced significantly more strength, size, and muscle damage (a good thing in this case) than in the control group.

This hybrid amino acid test booster is great for anyone who wants to make significant strength and size gains and experience all the benefits of optimized testosterone levels.

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Control Your Hormones with Magnum

Although HMB could be listed here, Magnum also offers several products designed to help take control of your hormones. Typically, our hormones are not something we really think about—until something goes awry.

Unfortunately, our hormones exist in a delicate balance that can be easily disturbed and not so quickly resolved.

If you’re experiencing a hormonal imbalance, you might experience:

  • acne
  • low energy and libido
  • weight loss or gain
  • and more

Your average protein supplements won’t do a darn thing in these times, but hormonal support supplements like these can help.

Thrust Testosterone Booster

Thrust testosterone booster

Thrust is a natural testosterone booster that works similarly to Hard Muscle Builder by increasing the body’s production of testosterone, but it does not contain the amino acid profile that HMB does. Thrust is designed to:

  • promote strength
  • enhance muscle growth
  • support recovery
  • improve sleep health
  • enhance libido and mood 

It works with a blend of pharmaceutical-grade ingredients like maca, fenugreek, and more. Users report a noticeable difference within five days, and it is especially beneficial for men reaching middle to older age.


Magnum E-brake supplement

Too much of a good thing is almost always a bad thing, and so is the case for estrogen. For example, if you’re a woman with too much estrogen circulating your system, you probably experience acne, low energy levels, low libido, and more.

If you’re a man with higher-than-normal estrogen levels, you likely experience ED, bloating, and more. Both genders will also experience inhibited muscle growth. Regardless of gender, balancing the sex hormones like estrogen can be critical to seeing results in the gym.

E-Brake works by introducing a proven blend of anti-aromatase ingredients, which reduce estrogen production, allowing you to experience muscle growth, better recovery, and increased energy and libido. Ingredients like black pepper, pygeum bark, and vitamin D3 work with your body to optimize estrogen levels and testosterone levels. E-Brake is great for women and men.


Magnum g-spring supplement

We’re serious about the rest part of the fitness formula, and so is Magnum. This product is designed to support your sleep health because Magnum Nutraceuticals understands what we know—rest is absolutely essential for results in fitness (and every other area of your life).

G-Spring contains a blend of melatonin and amino acids that not only help you fall into a deep sleep faster but they also help you stay asleep and encourage your body to recover faster and grow stronger all at the same time.

G-Spring is set apart from the rest thanks to its maximum absorption capsule technology, which allows your body to use every last drop of these powerful ingredients.

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Magnum Burners and Boosts

If you aren’t concerned about your hormones, you can still benefit from Magnum’s products. In addition to the incredible protein supplement and the one-of-a-kind DNA, you can get a boost for just about any fitness goal you can think of. Strength? Check out Big C. Need an incredible burner? Choose from Heat Accelerated, After Burner, or Carne Diem.

Heat Accelerated

Magnum Heat Accelerated Supplement

Heat Accelerated is a classic fat burner that contains a powerful blend of safe, legal stimulants that kick your body into high gear and raise your body temperature to burn as much fat as possible.

Heat Accelerated is unique because, in addition to the stimulants, it also contains adaptogens that help protect the body from stress and keep the immune system strong even through intense weight loss.

Fasted Cardio

Fasted Cardio is designed for precisely that—cardio in a fasted state. It helps to optimize your fat-burning by increasing your energy without food and raising your body temperature to promote more fat loss.

While this product works best for fasted cardio, it can also benefit those who don’t do their cardio in a fasted state. In addition, it works as a normal fat burner in those who are not fasting.

After Burner

Magnum after burner supplement

After Burner is a fat burner for bedtime—it works to repair and burn even while you sleep. Instead of stimulants, After Burner uses ingredients with thermogenic properties that help to raise the body’s temperature through all the sleep cycles.

After Burner is proven to create energy from fat cells and activates the brown fat cells, all while you sleep. Brown fat cells contain more mitochondria, which are the heat producers of the cells.


Acid is Magnum’s classic CLA supplement. CLA, short for conjugated linoleic acid, is a popular, proven fat-burning supplement. What makes Magnum’s Acid different is that it is the only CLA isolate—it works to prevent the body from storing new fat while also shrinking existing fat cells.

In addition, Acid reduces your cravings and increases the number of calories burned through a normal day. All of this is without the use of stimulants, so there are no adverse side effects. 

Carne Diem Premium Fat Burner

Magnum carne diem supplement

This is another premium fat burner product from Magnum, this time with a stackable-friendly formula. Carne Diem offers proven results without an insulin spike. The steady blood sugar levels mean the body will burn fat for longer—even after your workout has ended.

Carne Diem is a fat burner without stimulants. It’s also a formula with limited ingredients, making it ideal for those who like to use other amino acid supplements and more without worrying about overdosing on harmful ingredients.

Big C Creatine Supplement

Our loyal readers know that we’re huge creatine advocates. Big C is Magnum’s creatine supplement, and they set out to tackle a unique problem—a creatine supplement that works amazingly for everyone.

Big C is different than most because it prevents bloating, a common side effect of using creatine. It also helps the body burn more fat than an average creatine supplement, and it can be taken anytime without worrying about the upset stomach that comes along with creatine use.


Mimic is a totally unique supplement that works to help the body optimize the use of:

  • carbohydrates
  • creatine
  • amino acids 
Magnum Mimic Supplement

This optimization ensures that your body is making the most of the nutrition and supplements you’re using to ensure you see results as quickly as possible. Mimic is an excellent complement to your protein supplement, especially if it contains carbohydrates.

By now, it’s obvious why we’ve chosen to highlight Magnum Nutraceuticals as our featured Canada Supplement brand. They use only the best quality ingredients to create some truly original, innovative products. From their protein supplement, Quattro, to their amino acid anabolic strength activator, DNA, Magnum has managed to create some supplements that we’ve never seen before. What’s more, these products are backed by research and scientific studies—what more could you ask for in a Canada supplement company?

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