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Believe Supplement Products

Complete Believe Supplements Review

Finding a supplement brand that you can trust is a rarity. Finding a supplement brand that believes in total transparency? That’s even scarcer. When you choose Believe Supplements, trust and transparency are exactly what you get. The supplements do what the label says, and you won’t find any sales gimmicks or unfounded claims. How do we know? Well, we guess you could call us Believers. 

Believe Supplements Review: About the Brand

At Supplement Superstore, we understand that it can be overwhelming to try new supplement brands. The industry isn’t the most well-known in terms of honesty and straightforwardness. That’s why we empower our customers with what to look for in a supplement brand. Our supplement reviews are designed to help you feel comfortable in your choices, knowing that we don’t sell anything we haven’t tried ourselves.

Believe Supplements logo

Believe Supplements is the world’s first brand to utilize TrueCheck for premium quality assurance. TrueCheck is a premium third-party testing process, and results are made public after they’re complete. In this way, Believe Supplements offers a level of transparency we haven’t seen before.

On top of the impressive honesty and transparency, Believe offers all the extra supplements you could want to support your health and fitness goals. From vitamins to creatine, and everything in between, once you try Believe Supplements, you’ll be a Believer, too.

How to Stack with Believe Supplements

In this supplement review, we want to teach you how to stack on top of your basic supplements. By now, our loyal customers have heard us preach many times about the importance of including a protein supplement in your daily nutrition plan. We have many supplement reviews to help you chose which is best for you.

Most people also typically use a multivitamin supplement to support their nutrition, even if they aren’t into fitness. So, we will assume that you’re already using a quality multivitamin and a premium protein supplement. In addition to these staples, use any combination of Believe Supplements products to help you achieve your health and fitness goals quicker. Because this is a supplement review, we’re also going to provide you with a breakdown of the main ingredients in each product and what we think of them specifically.

Support Your Health with Antioxidants + Omega 3, Superfoods + Greens, and D3

This stack is ideal for anyone who wants to take their nutrition to the next level and really values those often-overlooked micronutrients.

Believe Supplements Antioxidants Omega-3 at Supplement Superstore

Antioxidants + Omega 3

Using this product will help:

- support your skin, heart, eyes, and joints

- improve your mood and mental function, including some mental health symptoms

Quick Supplement Review:

This is an excellent alternative to regular fish oil pills if you struggle with the typically large gel capsules. It comes in two flavours, orange vanilla and pineapple mango, and the serving size is just one teaspoon. The omega-3 blend includes eicosapentaenoic acid and docosahexaenoic acid and the antioxidants included are vitamin E and vitamin D3 which are great inclusions. One thing to note is that this is not a suitable choice for vegans or vegetarians as the omegas are derived from anchovy, sardine, and mackerel fish. 

Superfoods + Greens

Greens are a convenient way to increase your fruit and vegetable intake. This product:

  • boosts your mood and energy
  • provides antioxidants
  • improves your recovery time
  • supports a healthy digestive tract

Quick Supplement Review:

Believe Supplements Superfoods and Greens at Supplement Superstore

The superfoods and greens included are inulin, alfalfa, apple, flax, spirulina, cabbage, carrot, broccoli, spinach, parsley, chlorella, oat, blueberry, blackcurrant, green tea, ginger, curcuma, and cinnamon. This is a nice variety of various nutrient-dense foods, all packed into a 9-gram scoop. It also includes a blend of digestive enzymes, which account for the digestion support in this product. So much of our health relies on the health of our guts, so we love that addition. Superfoods + Greens comes in three flavours: mixed berry, coconut pineapple, and chocolate. This supplement is appropriate for vegans and vegetarians. 


Many people are deficient in vitamin D and do not even realize it. While symptoms can range from rather mild to very severe, all vitamin deficiencies can lead to feeling less than your best. Vitamin D supplements have been shown to:

Vitamin D3 spray from Believe Supplements
  • boost immune function
  • improve bone health
  • support mental health 

Quick Supplement Review:

This supplement is a great alternative to traditional vitamin D capsules. It is a spray that delivers the recommended 1000 IU in just two spritzes. It tastes good, which makes it a great option for the whole family. D3 comes in a blueberry flavour and it is a good size (roughly 162 servings per bottle), so you won’t have to replace it every month. Please note that vitamin D3 comes from animal sources, so it’s not suitable for vegans. 

Get a Better Workout with Pump Addict

Use this stack if your goals include better workouts, faster results, gaining muscle, or losing weight.

Pump Addict

This is Believe Supplement’s traditional pre-workout formula. Pump Addict can:

  • increase energy
  • help achieve a better pump by increasing nitric oxide production
  • improve hydration

Quick Supplement Review:

Believe supplements pump addict

This formula is a traditional pre-workout in that it includes stimulants, which some people enjoy; it’s a personal decision. The main stimulant is caffeine, but it also includes dimethylethanolamine, l-tyrosine, and bitter orange to support focus. The ingredients that improve the muscle pump and energy levels are l-citrulline malate, beta-alanine, l-leucine, and glycerol monostearate. These are ingredients we love to see in a pre-workout supplement because they’re backed by science and effective. Pump Addict is a vegan-friendly product and it’s available in five flavours: sour watermelon, green apple, pink lemonade, sour peach, and rocket pumpsicle.

Pump Addict SF

This is the stimulant-free pre-workout alternative from Believe Supplements and it’s an equally effective choice without the jitters and nausea that stimulants can cause. This supplement:Pump addict supplements from Believe

  • improves endurance
  • increases focus
  • helps you get a better pump

Quick Supplement Review:

We love the inclusivity of catering to those who can’t handle stimulants but still want to boost their workout potential with a pre-workout supplement. This formula includes the electrolytes magnesium and potassium, along with glycerol monostearate, Himalayan pink salt, and trisodium citrate for improved hydration, which is always a good call before a sweaty workout. The pump formula includes citrulline malate, agmatine sulfate, and l-leucine. We like this blend to support a workout without the caffeine. Pump Addict SF is available in four fun flavours: sour gummy bears, rocket pumpsicle, cyclone pumpsicle, and unflavoured. 

Burn Fat with Energy + Burner

For those who are attempting to burn fat or lose weight, include this product in your everyday stack.

Energy + Burner

This product helps to support your efforts by:

  • suppressing the appetite
  • increasing the metabolism
  • helping you feel more focused and energized
  • providing antioxidants

Quick Supplement Review:

Energy burner from Believe Supplements

Many thermogenic and fat burners get a bad rap for making claims that their ingredients can’t back up. Remember that Believe Supplements uses TrueCheck, which means all of their claims are publicly backed by a third party. We love this, especially for a product type that’s particularly scrutinized. This blend contains caffeine, green tea, garcinia cambogia, l-carnitine tartrate, and raspberry ketones. These ingredients all contribute to the energy, focus, and increased metabolism aspects. The sugar-free formula is great for all diets, and it’s available in eleven flavours. Choose from sour watermelon, green apple, pink lemonade, strawberry daiquiri, sour peach, pina colada, sex on the beach, lemon iced tea, rocket burnsicle, cyclone burnsicle, and sour gummy bears. 

Gain Muscle with Micronized Creatine and Performance EAAs

Are you looking to gain weight? Use creatine and amino acids in your stack to gain as much muscle as possible. 

Micronized Creatine

Including pure micronized creatine monohydrate helps to:

Micronized creatine supplements
  • improve endurance and strength
  • build muscle faster
  • support brain health

Quick Supplement Review:

It’s no secret that we love creatine around here. It can help benefit just about any fitness goal. We love that this product is creatine monohydrate, the only creatine form backed by scientific research. We also love that it’s micronized to assist with better mixability and absorption. In terms of an excellent creatine supplement, this product checks all the boxes. 

Performance EAAs

Including essential amino acids is a great way to ensure your muscles have every piece to the puzzle for synthesizing more muscle fibres. Using this supplement will:

  • increase gains
  • decrease muscle catabolism
  • support recovery
  • provide energy

Quick Supplement Review:

Performance EAA from Believe Supplements

Each serving contains 7 grams of all the essential amino acids, including the branched-chain amino acids. This is a good therapeutic dose for sports performance. The blend also contains l-citrulline malate and potassium citrate to support vascular pump and hydration. Performance EAA is available in four flavours: sour peach, rocket pumpsicle, cyclone pumpsicle, and sour gummy bears. 

Rehydrate with Electrolytes + BCAA

If you’re one of the thousands of people who are chronically dehydrated, it could be hurting your health and your fitness results. Try including this product in your stack.

Electrolytes + BCAAs

The combination of branched-chain amino acids and electrolytes will:

Electrolytes and BCAAs from Believe Supplements
  • improve nerve communication
  • improve endurance
  • support recovery
  • reduce delayed onset soreness
  • support muscle growth and reduce muscle catabolism

Quick Supplement Review:

We like BCAA supplements for people who hit their protein goals on a daily basis. They provide a little extra insurance that your muscles will do what you want them to. Each serving has 7 grams of BCAAs, which is a promising therapeutic dose. Electrolytes + BCAAs comes in five flavours: blue razz, sour peach, sour gummy bears, cyclone pumpsicle, and lemon iced tea.

Boost Your Brain Power with Brain Fuel

If your health goals include exercising your noggin, include this powerful nootropic product in your stack.

Brain Fuel

Nootropic supplements support your brain’s health and function. This product helps:

  • improve memory, focus, and motivation
  • increases cognition and brain function

Quick Supplement Review:

Brain fuel from Believe Supplements

The blend uses powerful, proven ingredients to support function, focus, and energy. They are caffeine, acetyl-l-carnitine, l-tyrosine, alpha GPC, CDP-choline, bacopa, l-leucine, and l-taurine. L-Citrulline malate supports blood flow, and it also contains vitamin B2, B5, B6, B12, and magnesium. This combination is excellent for the brain. Brain Fuel is available in sour peach and cyclone. 

Catch Better Z’s with ZMA

Struggling to get a restful night’s sleep regularly is a common issue, but just because something is common doesn’t mean it’s not potentially detrimental to your health, wellbeing, and fitness results.


It’s no secret that your body requires sleep to recover properly. This supplement can help:

ZMA supplement from Believe
  • increase testosterone
  • optimize sleep
  • protect and recover muscles 

Quick Supplement Review:

We like this supplement because there aren’t many adults who get adequate rest. People stay up later than they should or have trouble falling and staying asleep. This translates to difficulty waking up, increased stress, bad moods, low energy, and slowed fitness results. We’re all about supporting your sleep and the Vitamin B6, magnesium, and zinc help do just that.

Balance your Hormones with Corti + Balance, Sugar + Balance, or Estrogen + Balance

Hormonal imbalances can be the root of a wide array of strange and annoying symptoms. If you suspect your hormones could be to blame, try adding one of Believe’s Balance supplements to your daily stack.

Corti + Balance

For more customized sleep and stress support, use this product. It’s designed to:

  • promote healthy sleep patterns and deeper, more restful sleep
  • reduce stress hormones and anxiety
  • promote relaxation
  • support hormone function for metabolism support 

Quick Supplement Review:

Corti + Balance supplements from Believe

GABA is a powerful neurotransmitter, which reduces arousal and neuron excitability. We love the addition of GABA for a product designed for sleep. Corti _ Balance also contains magnesium, chamomilla, passionflower, l-tryptophan, and melatonin. All of these are excellent for creating the optimal conditions for proper rest and recovery. These are one capsule servings, so you’re not taking a ton of pills right before you go to sleep. The bottle contains sixty capsules, so it should last you about two months. 

Sugar + Balance

This Balance blend from Believe is designed to support the metabolism and help maintain a healthy weight. It can:

Sugar and balance supplement from Believe
  • block cravings for sweets
  • control the appetite
  • increase energy
  • support insulin resistance 

Quick Supplement Review:

In terms of weight management, we like this product for its combo of ingredients. It includes biotin, chromium, taurine, dl-alpha lipoic acid, cassia, and chromium picolinate. It comes in a capsule and a serving size is just one. The bottle contains sixty servings so you can get two months out of one bottle.


Estrogen + Balance

Estrogen is a hormone that’s particularly susceptible to influences from outside sources. Things like plastic containers, pesticides, and beauty products can all increase estrogen levels, which can be bad. This product helps:

  • reduce body fat
  • support hormonal PMS symptoms
  • improve energy and libido
  • reduce the appearance of cellulite

Quick Supplement Review:

Estrogen balance supplements from Believe

If you suspect hormone changes are to blame for hanging on to excess body fat, acne, or a plethora of other unpleasant symptoms, we recommend a product to support your hormones like Estrogen + Balance. The ingredients include calcium-d-glucarate, curcuma, green tea, and DIM. The serving size is one capsule, so each bottle will last about two months.

We love Believe Supplements products to complete your supplement stack and create a customized product blend to support your specific goals. It’s a pleasure to write supplement reviews based on products that are so transparent and honest. The TrueCheck third-party, public testing is something we hope more brands utilize in the near future so that customers can be informed and educated.

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