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Everything You Need to Know About Cleansing Detox Supplements Canada

Everything You Need to Know About Cleansing Detox Supplements

Type in “cleanse detox supplements” into Google, and you’ll get a cool eight million two-hundred thousand-something results. After scrolling past the ads and product pages, you’ll start to see “best detox supplement” lists and “do cleanse supplements work?”

Seems confusing, right? If you’re scratching your head, you’re not alone.

The information we, as consumers, receive about detox and cleanse supplements is all over the place. You will hear registered dieticians practically shouting from the rooftop that your liver already does the detox work. You will hear your favorite fitspo person rave about how amazingly light they feel after a cleanse. So, what is a cleanse, what are detox supplements, and what does the science say? 

What is a Cleanse Detox?

Cleanse Detox Water

Cleanse detoxes have a variety of names, including colon cleanse, detox diet, fasting, and more. All of these things involve some combination of fasting, drinking lots of water or fresh fruit and vegetable juices, and sometimes a variety of detox supplements.

Cleanse detoxes make various health claims. Some detox supplements might claim to detoxify the body, give your digestive system a break, heal, improve energy, promote weight loss, and more. You might wonder what exactly you need to detox from? The answer is toxins.

“Toxins” in the context of a cleanse detox refers to pollutants, free radicals, synthetic chemicals, heavy metals, and processed foods from our environments and our typical diets.  Most cleanse supplements fail to specify what toxins they remove and how, but generally, they make you urinate and have frequent bowel movements to flush the bad “stuff” out.

What do the Experts Say about Cleanse Supplements?

Experts, meaning medical doctors and registered dieticians, want you to know that your body already has complex and sophisticated means of removing toxins from your body. The following organs all play crucial roles in getting the bad stuff out and keeping the good stuff in

woman in sports bra and sweats with hands on hips
  • liver
  • kidneys
  • digestive system
  • skin
  • lungs

Experts also specify that while participating in a cleanse detox might help you shed a few pounds, these are not viable long-term weight loss solutions. Any weight you lose during a cleanse detox can be attributed to water weight, lost carbohydrate reserves, and stool. Eventually, you must eat again, and when you do, all these things return.

There is also concern that depriving yourself of solid foods for several days might cause you to overindulge once you finish the cleanse. Like all restrictive yo-yo diets, they do not work to reach a healthy weight.

Are There Effective Ways to Detox?

As with lasting weight loss, the best way to free your body of toxins is to:

Fruits and Vegetables to Cleanse Detox
  • eat a balanced diet rich in vitamins and minerals
  • exercise regularly
  • limit alcohol
  • follow a sleep schedule
  • drink lots of water
  • limit processed foods, refined sugars, and excess sodium 

Instead of cutting out solid foods and relying only on juice and mystery cleanse supplements, choose detox supplements that support your body’s natural efforts to clear toxins. This means choosing detox supplements that support your digestive tract, liver, kidneys, and lungs. 

Who can Benefit from Cleanse Supplements?

So-called “skinny tea” detox supplements and laxatives won’t do anyone much good. However, people can use things like probiotics, liver support, omega fatty acids, and greens supplements as cleanse supplements. Things like this benefit nearly everyone.

Some supplements with the name detox supplements actually do work because they are combination supplements full of proven beneficial ingredients like fibre and probiotics.

Detox Supplements that Actually Work

Daily Cleanse North Coast Naturals Fiber Supplement Superstore

North Coast Naturals Daily Cleanse Supplements: This detox supplement contains a blend of five whole-food fibres, including flaxseed, chia seeds, and brown rice. This cleanse detox blend also includes one billion probiotics.

Why it works: This combination works to support, heal, and balance the bacteria within your gut so that your body can naturally remove toxins.

Other Supplements that Work for a Cleanse Detox

ON Prebiotic + Probiotic Gummies Supplement Superstore

The following supplements may or may not be marketed as cleanse or detox supplements, but that doesn’t make them any less effective at supporting your body’s organs that are responsible for the cleansing.

Probiotics: Whether you consume your probiotics through yogurt, fermented foods, or supplements, they are an excellent basic cleanse supplement.

Optimum Nutrition Prebiotic and Probiotic Gummies: A blend of probiotics to balance your good gut bacteria and prebiotics to keep those bacteria thriving in a delicious little gummy. Each gummy also contains chicory root, proven to aid in blood sugar control and weight management.

Why it Works: These work as a cleanse detox supplement for the same reason Daily Cleanse by North Coast Naturals works—they keep your gut healthy and happy, which is crucial for removing waste and toxins from your body. 

Allmax Cytogreens Matcha Powder Supplement Superstore

Greens Supplements: Greens supplements, or supplements made from dehydrated, ground fruits and vegetables, contain vital vitamins and minerals that keep your body thriving.

Allmax CytoGreens: This blend of potent greens works to flush excess lactic acid and other toxins to the liver to be filtered and removed from the body.

Why it Works: Fruits and vegetables provide the vitamins and minerals needed to keep your organs working properly. This includes the organs responsible for natural cleanse detox through the skin, liver, and kidneys.

Milk Thistle Naturally Canadian Liver Detox Supplement Superstore

Milk Thistle: You may not use milk thistle, and you might not know much about it, but the powerful herb has been used for centuries to treat and prevent illnesses in the liver.

Naturally Canadian Milk Thistle: Sourced from the Silymarin seed, this milk thistle supplement works to support the liver to aid its natural detoxification process.

Why it Works: By supporting your liver, milk thistle works to improve the body’s abilities to clear harsh chemicals and other toxins and keep you healthy.

Bottle full of yellow liquid labeled "Detox"

While “cleanse detox” could mean various things, it is clear that dieticians and physicians don’t love the idea of starving yourself for days on end in the name of clearing toxins. Many detox supplements, like skinny detox teas, play on the diet industry and are only out for a dollar. The best way to assist your body’s natural detoxification is to live a well-balanced, healthy lifestyle and include basic, cleanse supplements like pre and probiotics, milk thistle, and greens supplements to support your body’s vital organs.

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