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March 24, 2020 3 min read

Do you struggle with finding the best protein supplement for your needs? Do you find yourself browsing the aisles of your local supplement store but feeling overwhelmed by the choices? If you want to look and feel your best, but you’re not sure where to start, RedCon1 has something for you!

What is RedCon1? 

RedCon1 is a company that prides itself on offering the best quality supplements for every person — whether that’s a soccer mom or a Navy Seal. Entrepreneur and supplement store connoisseur Aaron Singerman founded the brand to provide users with real products that offer real results. “Our motto isn’t ‘THE HIGHEST STATE OF READINESS’ just to be some catchy tagline, it is the mantra that we live and breathe at RedCon1,” says Singerman.

RedCon1 Products

Although RedCon1 has everything from protein supplement products and fat burners to protein bars and a variety of whey protein supplement styles, there are four products that our supplement store staff loves:

  • Total War
  • Big Noise
  • MRE Protein Bar
  • B.A.R. Breakfast At The Ready

RedCon1 Total War

Total War is a pre-workout that comes through for you any time of day. Whether you’re working out early, packing a gym session into your lunch hour, or ending the day with a hardcore workout, Total War will give you extreme energy, unstoppable power, and laser-like focus to push through your toughest workout. Each container has 30 servings and comes in 10 flavours: blue raspberry, watermelon, pineapple juice, grape, strawberry kiwi, strawberry mango, blue lemonade, sour gummy bear, rainbow candy, and tiger’s blood. All of RedCon1 Total War ingredients are at a clinical dose level, and none of the brand’s products include artificial colours.

RedCon1 Big Noise

Not everyone is looking for a pre-workout protein supplement with a stimulant. Big Noise helps improve focus and memory, speed up recovery, and expand vein size. This product will help athletes reach and maintain maximum blood capacity, which in turn helps increase your oxygen and nutrient flow, as well as allows the body to process nutrients and remove whatever waste necessary to make maximum gains. Each container holds 30 servings and is available in two flavours: watermelon or sour gummy bear. 

MRE Protein Bar

In the military, MRE stands for a meal ready to eat. Each MRE Protein Bar by RedCon1 contains 20 grams of protein from real whole food sources. Unlike meal replacement or protein supplement bars from your nearest supplement store, the MRE bar has six grams of sugar, 29 grams of carbohydrates, and 20 grams of protein, all balanced out with nine grams of fat and 260 calories. Choose from a box of 12 or a single bar in one of five flavours: German chocolate cake, oatmeal chocolate chip, crunchy peanut butter cup, s’mores, and sprinkled donut. 

B.A.R. Breakfast at the Ready

RedCon1 isn’t just changing the protein supplement game. The Breakfast at the Ready bar contains 20 grams of whey isolate as well as a whey concentrate blend to bring back memories of your favourite cereal bar — all without gluten, gross amounts of sugar, or hundreds of empty calories. Instead of grabbing a bar from your nearest supplement store, reach for this B.A.R. in crunchy cinnamon bits, fruity cereal, or rainbow breakfast and satisfy your cravings without the guilt.

The Right Supplements for your Goals

At Supplement Superstore, our goal is to make sense of the confusion and help our customers find what they’re looking for by providing education and recommendations based on their goals. Visit our website today to explore our selection of RedCon1 products!

Don’t stress out over the overwhelming number of choices at the nearest supplement store anymore. Take home a B.A.R Breakfast at the Ready bar and see how you can boost your health and fitness without sacrificing deliciousness!

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