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Featuring Femme Forme

Featuring: Femme Forme

Let's face it, ladies, men dominate the fitness and nutrition scene, and have for a long time now. It’s true, and yes, it’s unfortunate! You’re always hearing about men building muscle, taking their protein supplements, trying out new workouts, etc. It’s not that you’re annoyed by it, but rather, you want in on the action, too!

So, what about women? What should all the ladies out there be eating, drinking, and doing to ensure they're living their healthiest lives in the simplest of ways? Are there any dos and don’ts, or perhaps any new trends or female protein supplements they should be aware of? We’re here to help you navigate all of these questions with one of our favorite brands: Femme Forme.

#1: Femme Forme Kindle

Femme Fat Burner

The first product from Femme Forme that we recommend has to be Kindle. Nope, this isn’t an e-reader featuring stories on how to get healthy! Kindle is a fat burning dietary supplement that comes in the form of capsules.

Men and women were not created the same, especially when it comes to trying to burn off excess fat. Compared to men, women store far more fat and cannot burn it as easily (we know – unfair). Kindle targets all of that in daily capsules formulated for female bodies.

The main attraction of Kindle is how it controls leptin. Leptin is a hormone that burns fat, but over time, we have become leptin resistant. Kindle has been shown to reduce and prevent your body's resistance to leptin, helping you to burn fat more efficiently.

#2: Femme Forme Rhythm

Next up on our list is Rhythm. Rhythm is all about the estrogen! We all know that women's bodies create estrogen, the primary female sex hormone. Estrogen is a good thing, but too much? That's a bad thing.

Too much estrogen in a woman’s body has been linked to a plethora of issues, including, but not limited to: a decreased sex drive, irregular menstrual periods, mood swings, weight gain, fatigue, and bloating. We're not sure about you, but if we can limit the number of those issues in our daily lives, we'd be all about it.

The great news is, you can! Decreasing estrogen dominance with Rhythm is quick, easy, and safe! You can take one capsule every day without worry. Rhythm is proven to fight bloating and water retention, regulate menstrual periods, reduce premenstrual headaches, and reverse slow metabolism. All of those perks in one tiny capsule? Sign us up!

#3: Femme Forme Crush

Do you ever get a case of the cravings? Maybe for a late-night handful (or twelve) of Doritos, or a quick cookie while doing the dishes? Don’t be ashamed – we all crave junk food from time to time. In fact, women probably experience cravings more due to menstruation symptoms. That said, we must remember that snacks are not ideal protein supplements!

Cheat days are cheat days, and you know they're bad for you, but what you might not realize is how bad cheat "moments" are. A second of weakness typically doesn't just happen once in a day, and every few cheat "moments" truly add up.

You mustn't let these cravings negatively affect your workout goals. On days when you might not be working out, is it possible to distract yourself from cravings and still take care of your body? Here we introduce Crush, Femme Forme’s “yes” to your question. Crush is a dietary supplement that helps to suppress your appetite, fighting cravings and snacking. In addition, it is known to improve your attitude along the way! Popping one of these daily will help remind you that your eyes are bigger than your stomach, and with this in mind, you’ll certainly see results. Keep in mind that Crush is not technically a protein supplement, but it will keep you feeling full.

#4: Femme Forme Vitamin//24

When you were younger, did your mom tell you every morning, "remember to take your vitamins?" Sure, it was annoying back then, but the odds are pretty good you understand where she was coming from now. Multivitamins, health professionals around the globe agree, provide immediate and long-term benefits for women of all ages.

Cheap multivitamins from the drug store are fine, but the producers don’t always give you the amount of ingredients in the vitamins that they could. Femme Forme’s Vitamin//24 vitamins have 24 vital ingredients of top-notch quality formulated specifically for the female body. Do you hear that, boyfriends and husbands of the world? When your lady gets her Vitamin//24s, you have to stop the vitamin-snatching!

The bottom line is, a well-balanced diet is fantastic and extremely beneficial. However, just fruits, veggies, and protein supplements won't give you all the nutrients your body needs. Multivitamins, especially those made for your body, are of utmost importance.

#5: Femme Forme Impulse

The final product on our Femme Forme list might be our favorite one. It’s fun and flirty, and its topic should not be shied away from. Impulse is a dietary supplement that works as a female libido enhancer. You heard us correctly!

Face it. You’re busy, you’re tired, and at the end of the day, you might not find your sexual desire as strong as it once was! It takes far more to turn on a woman than it does to turn on a man, but when you do get aroused, don’t you love the feeling of that very moment? It excites you.

Emotionally, what increases someone’s sex drive is pretty different from one person to the next. Physiologically, however, what increases women’s sex drives is essentially all the same. That’s how and why Femme Forme created Impulse.

Impulse is for your libido. It increases satisfaction, improves desires, and adds to pleasure intensity. The best part about Impulse capsules is that you can take them every day. An enhanced libido every day? This could get fun.

Women are continually making moves in the world and getting the attention they deserve, whether it be in politics, sports, or business. Femme Forme wants that to be the case in diet and nutrition, too!

Now that you’ve learned a little bit more about how to get your nutrients and supplements in check, you might be wondering about workouts for women. In this increasingly feminist world, there is no shortage of women that want to help other women achieve their fitness goals. Start your morning with a Vitamin//24 and a workout from someone like Kayla Itsines, and you’re set for one healthy, productive day!

Looking to learn more about diets, gym plans, protein supplements, etc.? Be sure to check out our blog and then decide which products Supplement Superstore carries that might be right for you!

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