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Current Dispatch Times: Normal [Same Day Before 3pm EST]
Fusion Bodybuilding Sports Supplements You Can Trust Blog Post at Supplement Superstore Canada

Fusion Bodybuilding: Sports Supplements You Can Trust

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Building strength, muscle, and cutting body fat is a mountain of a goal. You probably know you should be supplementing to maximize your results in the gym. If you are familiar with sports supplements like protein supplements, pre-workout, muscle gainers, etc., you have probably heard that these products are subject to minimal regulations by the government and with that professional athletes unintentionally failing a drug test due to ingredients in their protein supplements or pre-workout.. They can contain anything and they can even make false health benefit claims. So how do you know where to start?

For twenty years, Fusion Bodybuilding has been making highly tested sports supplements with safe, quality ingredients. Finding a company that tests its own products gives you transparency into their claims, so you know they can be trusted. Finding a company that commits to using safe ingredients is the key, and Fusion fits that mold.

Fusion Supplement Highlights

Fusion is not only committed to quality ingredients and testing their own products, but they also believe that innovation is the key to their success. Fusion translates the latest scientific research into safe and effective supplements. They offer products to achieve many goals, whether you’re working on muscle gains, or losing weight.

Creatine Strength Supplement Superstore
  • Purple K Creatine Capsules - Creatine is a household supplement, its purpose is to increase strength and grow muscles, but the problem with most creatine is that typical creatine supplements break down the instant you mix them with water to consume. This breakdown is attributed to the pH level of the water and studies have shown that consuming the waste product of broken-down creatine does nothing for your muscles. Purple K is different. This advanced supplement uses a pH-correct buffer that protects the creatine from breaking down before it’s consumed allowing your muscles to reap the benefit of this remarkable sports supplement. An important note: the use of creatine does not replace protein. Protein supplements and creatine are not either-or supplements, they work best hand-in-hand.
Purple K Reps Pre-Workout Stim-Free Supplement Superstore
  • Purple K Reps - If you prefer to take your creatine in powder form, Purple K Reps is the pre-workout powder that gives you the same pH buffered creatine to achieve maximum strength and pump during your workout. Use in addition to a protein supplement to pack on new muscle mass.
  • Game Changer - If you’re not into creatine, but you love a good pre-workout shake, check out Fusion’s Game Changer. Used post, or pre-workout, this shake provides you with electrolytes and BCAAs to aid in recovery and increase your performance.
Fusion Game Changer BCAA EAA Amino Acids Supplement Superstore

Whether you like taking your post or pre-workout supplements in pill or shake form, Fusion has what you’re looking for. With a solid reputation and a commitment to scientific research and safe ingredients, you can’t get any better.

Supplement Superstore is your home for Fusion Bodybuilding and other sports supplements you require to be a beast in the gym. We are passionate about helping our customers achieve their optimum health and fitness levels and crush their goals. Stay healthy and strong!

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