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Get Lean with Perfect Sports Supplements Canada

Get Lean with Perfect Sports

Perfect Sports is a Canadian brand that has been developing and manufacturing the highest quality sports supplements in the industry since 2003. Unlike most supplement brands, Perfect Sports manufactures the supplements in house, so you know you can trust them.

Perfect Sports logo

Perfect Sports started with a mission to perfect a complete line of supplements, everything from whey protein to BCAAs, for the hardest working professional athletes who need to be banned-substance-free. However, Perfect Sports is accessible to everyone - whether you’re a pro or a not-so-average joe.

Many people enter the fitness world with an ideal physique in mind. They may or may not know how to get there, but they know how they want their body to look. In a lot of cases, this ideal body shape is lean with toned muscles. Perfect Sports has the BCAAs, whey protein, and other supplements to get you the required nutritional support that, when combined with your dedication in the gym and the kitchen, will help you achieve that lean, muscular physique faster. Check out this foolproof supplement stack and gym guide; it includes protein, BCAAs, and a fat burner to maximize your results. 

Perfect Sports Supplements to Get Lean

Whey Protein to Build and Maintain Muscle

Back view of woman flexing in front yard

The king of all supplements is whey protein. Whey protein is one that, even if you take no other supplements, you should be using. If you exercise regularly, experts recommend that you consume roughly 1.4-2 grams of protein per kilogram that you weight. That is a lot of protein, and unless you’re good with pounding tons of chicken breast throughout a day, whey protein can help you reach your protein intake requirements more efficiently. Whey protein shakes can effortlessly give you an additional 10-30 grams of protein in one serving.

If you abide by a specific diet lifestyle, like vegetarianism, whey protein shakes are especially important. If you follow a vegan diet, you can look into alternative plant-based protein shakes. For everyone else, whey protein is the way!

Perfect Sports has a line of incredible whey protein shakes from which to choose:

  1. Perfect Sports Diesel -Diesel Protein Powder New Zealand Whey Supplement Superstore

    Formulated with New Zealand whey protein isolate, Diesel Whey Protein is the most bioavailable, fastest digesting protein on the market. It has zero sugar, zero carbs, and zero fat—just twenty-seven grams of pure protein for your muscles. Diesel is the perfect whey protein shake for immediately post-workout, for the person who needs no extra carbs or fats in their macro breakdown.
  2. Perfect Sports Creed -

    Sports Creed Whey Isolate Supplement Superstore
    This whey protein from Perfect Sports has two grams of carbs and one gram of fat to compliment the twenty-six grams of whey protein isolate. This shake is a great post-workout shake or light snack for someone that still needs to stay low carb and fat in their supplements. Creed whey protein is also lactose-free so that it won’t irritate your stomach.
  3. Perfect Sports Perfect Whey -

    Perfect Whey New Zealand Whey Supplement Superstore
    This option is the perfect whey protein from 100% New Zealand dairy. New Zealand dairy cows are the most well cared for in the world and spend most of their time roaming the pastures. The cows are free from growth hormones, and the grass they graze on is free of herbicides and pesticides. Perfect Whey is 98% lactose-free and specially processed at four degrees Celsius to keep the delicate whey protein fractions intact.

Fat Burner to Shred Fat

Burn Cycle Fat Burner Pre- Workout Supplement Superstore

While not the most essential supplement, a fat burner is a smart addition to a stack for getting lean. There are many different types of fat burners or thermogenics, but we recommend:

Perfect Sports Burn Cycle - Perfect Sports fat burner combines taurine, carnitine, and caffeine to deliver energy and help turn your existing fat to fuel. Take Burn Cycle before the gym for a boost of energy and to speed up your body’s natural fat-burning process. Burn Cycle is most helpful before cardio sessions.

BCAA to Recover and Protect Muscles

BCAAs are an essential supplement for every goal, but they become increasingly important when you drop into a calorie deficit. When you're dropping calories intending to lose body fat, but not muscle, BCAAs might become as important as a whey protein supplement.

BCAA stands for branched-chain amino acids. BCAAs are the essential amino acids valine, leucine, and isoleucine.

Burn Cycle Fat Burner Pre-Workout Supplement Superstore

As you exercise, your body breaks down muscles as a way to maintain energy. Using a BCAA supplement before, during, or after your exercise delivers the essential BCAAs directly to your muscles via the bloodstream, bypassing the liver. This rush of BCAAs helps to synthesize new muscle growth and prevent muscle breakdown altogether. BCAAs also help your body recover quicker after intense exercise, meaning you can continue to work your muscles as hard as possible, day after day (but always remember to take at least one rest day). We recommend:

Perfect Sports BCAA Hyper Clear - Perfect Sports BCAA is five grams of vegan approved and delicious tasting BCAAs. Hyper Clear mixes easily without foaming, and without the bitterness that is sometimes associated with BCAAs.

Nutrition to Get Lean

When it comes to losing weight in general, diet becomes more critical. The main thing to consider when you're creating a plan to get lean is that you must maintain a caloric deficit most days. This means that you must consume fewer calories than you burn through the day, while still hitting your protein goals and supporting your muscles with BCAAs. You can do this one of three ways:

  • Eat less
  • Workout more
  • A combination of the two

If you are involved in the fitness world, you will likely pick the third option and use a combination of exercise and cutting calories. Combining exercise and diet is the least extreme and most manageable option, and when you want to get lean as opposed to strictly lose weight, lifting weights is important to maintain the muscle you already have.

My Fitness Pal app logo

The best place to begin is by figuring out what you already consume. Use a calorie tracker like My Fitness Pal to record everything you eat. Don’t forget to add condiments and oils you use while cooking as these additions are often overlooked but can add a significant number of calories to your day. Once you’ve determined how many calories you consume on average, start by cutting 500 calories per day. Make sure you are still hitting your recommended protein goals. Supplements like Perfect Sports Diesel whey protein are excellent for cutting calories while adding protein to your diet.

Don’t expect overnight results. The most you should expect to lose in one week is about two pounds.

Workouts to Get Lean

Combine your calorie tracking with your regular workouts. Ideally, for getting lean, this would include lifting weights and cardio. A great way to increase the number of calories you’re burning is to step up your cardio. You can do this by adding running or walking to the beginning of your workout; or changing the way you lift to circuits.

Circuits involve performing exercises in rapid succession with little to no rest time until the entire circuit is complete. Check out this circuit:

You need: dumbbells and an exercise ball

Woman Planking on track
  1. Drink your Perfect Sports BCAAs! Warm-up with a five-minute max-incline walk, then run for ten minutes or one mile, whichever you can do first.
  2. 45 Seconds Squat Curl and Press - holding a dumbbell in each hand, with your feet hip-width apart, lower down into a squat. Use all your muscles in your legs to rise back up. As you rise, curl the dumbbells up, then push them overhead into a shoulder press. Rest for 15 seconds if you need it.
  3. 45 Seconds Plank Row - drop down to the floor and hold a dumbbell in each hand. Hold your body in a plank, or the top of a pushup. One arm at a time, bending at the elbow, row your arms. Your hips should remain still and even. Rest for 15 seconds if you need it.
  4. 45 Seconds Exercise Ball Hamstring Curls - Roll onto your back. Bend your knees to 90 degrees, and place your heels on an exercise ball. Raise your hips, and extend your legs out straight. Keep your hips and butt up, and pull your legs back into 90 degrees. Rest for 15 seconds.
  5. 45 Seconds Romanian Deadlift with Dumbbells - Stand up and grab a dumbbell in each hand. Hinge at your hips, maintaining a neutral spine and neck. With a slight bend in your knee, lower down until the dumbbells are as low as you can go. Using your mind to connect with your glutes, squeeze up to the top, and repeat. Rest for 15 seconds.
    Two ten pound dumbbells on each other
  6. 45 Seconds Shoulder Ls - You’re still holding a dumbbell in each hand, standing tall, with straight arms. Use just your shoulders to raise both arms. Raise the right arm laterally, and the left arm to the front. With control, lower your arms back down to your sides, and then switch sides. Rest for 15 seconds.
  7. 45 Seconds Walking Lunges - Though this exercise is "walking," you can do it while standing in one spot so you can see your timer. Stand holding a dumbbell in each hand. Step one foot forward and bend until your front knee is at 90 degrees. Keep your chest up and step back to the middle. Then, step the same leg back until your front leg is again at 90 degrees. Step back to the middle. Rest for 15 seconds.
  8. 45 Seconds Plank - Use this plank as a bit of a rest for your muscles. Hold firm in a high plank. Don't let your butt rise or fall, and keep your belly button pulled in tight. Rest for 15 seconds.
  9. 45 Seconds Pushups - Now in your plank position, bend at your elbows to lower your chest past 90 degrees, then push back up. Choose a pace that allows you to keep going until time runs out. If you need to, don’t be afraid to drop down to your knees, but keep your torso and thighs in line. Rest for 15 seconds.
  10. 45 Seconds Mountain Climbers - Still in your plank position, bring one leg towards the opposite elbow, then switch. This is a cardio + core exercise, so keep the pace high, but maintain your tight belly and keep your hips low.
  11. 45 Seconds Curl with Hold - Finish this round out with dumbbell curls. Stand up with a dumbbell in each hand. Curl both arms up, lower one arm halfway, and curl the other. Switch sides before resting.

If you feel strong, rest for two minutes and then complete the circuit round again. Finish your workout by refueling your muscles with a Perfect Sports whey protein shake, and an additional dose of BCAAs.

Close up of man curling dumbbell

Circuit workouts are a great way to combine lifting with cardio to burn more calories in a time-efficient way. Just as important as exercising, you must remember to rest as well. Your muscles need time to recover, so take one to two rest days a week, at least. Aim to stay in a caloric deficit most days, but don’t deny yourself the occasional treat. Some research indicates that allowing yourself a treat occasionally actually helps you stick to a calorie deficit and avoid unhealthy binges and the guilt that can follow. Just be sure to include your whey protein and your BCAAs, even on your rest days. This way, you can make the most of your training and diet plan, and lose body fat in a sustainable and maintainable way.

Supplement Superstore, combined with Perfect Sports supplements, is on a mission to supply you with the education and resources you need to reach your goals and the best quality supplements that money can buy. We only supply the most highly tested and trusted supplement brands, like Perfect Sports, so you know what you’re putting in your body. We believe in the power of BCAAs, protein, and other sports supplements to support people in their goals. We love to help people reach their fitness goals and pride ourselves on our customer service. If you have questions, comments, or concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. Happy, healthy living!

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