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Gym Etiquette How to Not be a Gym Bro Article

Gym Etiquette: How to Not be a Gym “Bro”

Every gym has its version of a “gym bro.” A gym bro is an irritating person who can’t follow any of the gym’s posted rules and spends his time offering unsolicited advice and scamming on girls while they’re working out. Does this sound familiar? If you can’t think of anyone at your gym, we’ve got bad news: it might be you. And don't be sexist; girls can be "bros” too.

Check out our top gym etiquette tips. 

Be a Follower: Follow Your Gym’s Rules

Rules spelt out in wooden cubes

This rule is probably the most obvious piece of advice you could get. Anytime you start at a new gym, take a second before you start working out, and read the rules. Most gyms have rules about chalk, re-racking weights (see next), and wiping down your equipment. Follow the posted rules; it’s as easy as that. 

Get Strong: Re-Rack Your Weights

Woman racking weights at gym

This rule is very likely a posted rule, but for some reason, there are always people that don’t follow it. This rule is an easy one too; you get out the weights, and you put them back after you finish working out with them. If you don’t put your weights away, that 90-pound high schooler working the front desk has to put them away. Plus, you’re at the gym to get fit, right? Finish the job.

Keep it Clean: Wipe Down Your Equipment

Most gyms have written rules regarding wiping down your equipment to cut down on the spread of germs. Do it. Even in a pre-COVID world, this was important. No one wants to pick up a cold or the flu from their gym.

It’s the Gym, Not the Bar: Don’t Come Looking to Meet Someone

Couple in workout clothes in front of water taking selfie

Contrary to some people’s beliefs, the gym is not a social place. Come to work out, not pick up a date or make a friend. Most people aren’t interested in chit-chatting. They’re interested in working out and getting out.

Don’t Hoard Equipment: Super-setting/Hogging Equipment

Woman tying shoe next to yoga mat, straps, jumprope, and weight

Everyone loves a good super-set. It’s a great addition to any workout. However, super-setting requires some planning, and sometimes at peak gym hours, you should skip it altogether. Try to super-set with equipment that's nearby, and more importantly, move quickly. Don’t stay on one piece of equipment for thirty minutes, and don’t waste time on your phone in between sets.

Nobody Likes a Know-it-All: Don’t Give a Stranger Advice

Woman lifting barbell next to man who is on bench doing press

Unless someone is going to hurt themselves or you are a gym employee, don’t give out unsolicited advice. Assume that everyone you’re working out with is a certified personal trainer who knows exactly what they should be doing. Most people don't respond well to a stranger approaching them while working out and correcting their form, even if you have the purest intentions.

Watch your B.O.

Stick of white deodorant on large green leaves

Whether its body odor or the best smelling perfume or cologne, the gym is not the place. When you’re working out and physically pushing your body, it’s not unusual to become sensitive to smells. So practice good hygiene, wear deodorant, and avoid using perfumes. 

By following these unwritten gym etiquette rules, you won’t ever be considered the gym bro, and even if you’ve broken some of these rules in the past, it’s never too late to change! Supplement Superstore has all the supplements you need to hit your goals, and all the advice you need to be well received in the gym.

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