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October 01, 2019 2 min read

Serious athletes know that nothing comes before their 6 AM workout. Their alarm in the morning is what separates athletes from ordinary people. But we have all had those nights where we toss and turn, not quite getting six hours, and we wonder should we still get up for our early morning workout? While the hard worker in you might say, “absolutely!” there are some serious implications to working out on little sleep. When you prioritize quality sleep, it can be a very powerful supplement for workouts.

Working Out on Little Sleep

If your instinct is to hop out of bed and get to the gym when you’ve had little sleep, here are a few of the risks you are taking:

  • You will not perform your best
  • Your workout will feel more difficult
  • You will not be able to focus
  • You will not be able to move quickly between sets, making you less efficient in the gym
  • You risk serious injury
  • You compromise your immune system
  • You interfere with tissue repair, creating longer recovery time and less muscle gain

While skipping that morning workout to sleep in might feel wrong, working out on little sleep could introduce a whole new group of negative consequences to your workouts and your health.

Recovery & Muscle Building

One of the best ways that sleep becomes a supplement for workouts is by aiding in your recovery process. Sleep allows your muscles to fully relax, releasing any tension, and increasing blood flow to your muscles. That blood flow delivers oxygen and helps protein synthesis. While you sleep, your body produces hormones, including the human growth hormone, which builds muscle. With a regular seven or eight hours every night, you will feel less pain between workouts, see more muscle, and be able to execute workouts better than ever.

Weight Loss

Sleep can act as a supplement for workouts, especially if you are trying to lose weight. If you don’t get enough sleep, your body initiates your fat-storing processes. When you regularly reach eight hours of sleep, your body begins to burn calories at a faster rate. Studies show that you also feel less hungry in the morning when you get enough sleep. When sleep is restricted, a hormone called ghrelin is released, which stimulates hunger to keep energy up. The more you sleep, the less this hormone is released, because your body has recovered enough that it doesn’t need all that food to produce energy.

Nighttime Protein

If you want to take your sleep benefits to the next level, introduce some nighttime protein supplements. Taking protein supplements at night, like Allmax Casein FX, provides your body with the protein it needs to support the muscle growth processes that occur during sleep. Using protein supplements with casein delivers a slow-release protein so your body can harness that fuel throughout the night.

The Helpful Cycle

Exercise helps you sleep better, and sleep helps you exercise better. If you have trouble sleeping, try Allmax Lights Out Sleep for the perfect combination of melatonin and valerian root. This supplement will lull you to sleep – so you can grow more muscle and perform your best!

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