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How to Build a Tight Physique with Limitless Pharma Whey Protein and More

One of the main reasons people start a fitness and supplemental regimen is to build a lean, tight physique. We’ve talked about how to do this extensively before; it’s a process that involves losing body fat and building lean muscle mass, ideally at the same time. Now, we want to show you how to do exactly that with Limitless Pharma products.

Limitless Pharma is a Canadian supplement brand dedicated to giving you all you need to achieve your goals through supplementation: purity, effective ingredients, doses, delicious flavours, and smooth textures.

We’ll start with Limitless Pharma’s flagship product, Blow, a pre-workout with incredible ingredients and premium quality, and add one of its premium whey protein supplements. Finally, the addition of Blaze, a delicious fat-burning supplement, is what elevates this Limitless stack to help you go from fluffy to shredded as quickly as possible.


Who is Limitless Pharma?

Limitless Pharma is a manufacturer and distributor in the fitness industry. It is an e-commerce platform based in Quebec, Canada, specializing in dietary supplement products like whey protein and pre-workout products.

As we mentioned, Blow is among Limitless Pharma’s bestsellers. However, its whey protein powders are a close second. In addition to the traditional products like whey protein and pre-workout, Limitless Pharma also produces fat burners and amino acids, so it’s a great option for people looking to tackle the ambitious goal of leaning out.


What are the Basic Steps for Getting a Tight Body?

While fitness goals are always more complicated than we make them seem, getting a tight physique essentially boils down to the aforementioned factors: 

  • Build Muscle
  • Reduce Fat


Build Muscle

Building muscle is every bit as challenging as losing fat, and lucky you, you’ve decided to tackle both goals at once. However, with the right information and the correct nutrition, building muscle will come easily, and it will actually make losing body fat easier.


To build muscle, you must do 3 things:

  • strength train
  • eat enough, especially protein
  • rest and recover


Strength Train to Tell Your Body You Need More Muscle

If you’re not already, lifting weights should be your first step. Building muscle allows you to look toned and gives the body the shape you’re aiming for. However, your body will only build new muscle if it senses the current muscle cannot adequately perform the work required. That’s why increasing the load on your muscles by strength training is critical to increasing your lean body mass.


Eat Right So Your Body Can Grow

In addition to lifting, your body also must receive the right nutrition to build muscle. This is a delicate balance when you’re trying to both reduce body fat and increase muscle because you don’t want to overeat and contribute to that body fat, but you also can’t fail to meet your body’s needs. Otherwise, it doesn’t have the essential building blocks to grow.

Generally, you can do this by hitting the recommended 1.5-2 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight while reducing your overall maintenance calorie intake by about 200-300 calories. This is where whey protein is an important addition to your nutrition because it’s very low in calories and high in protein content.


Reduce Fat So You Can See Those Muscles

Lastly, to create a “tight” body, all you’re doing is reducing body fat to reveal the muscles underneath. Reducing your calories helps with this, as your body receives slightly less than it burns.

Additionally, lifting weights helps build muscle, which increases your body’s fuel requirements (or metabolism), and finally, add 10-20 minutes of cardio to the end of your workouts. We’re adding an afternoon fat-burning supplement to this “get tight” stack for a little extra fat-burning potential.


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Step 1: Make Your Workout Work Harder with Blow Pre-Workout Supplement

Now that we’ve touched on the basics, let’s talk about the steps we’ll take with supplements. First thing’s first, pre-workout before you tackle your lift.

Blow is a stimulant-containing pre-workout that emphasizes vasodilation, focus, and performance. When pre-workout products talk about improving your performance, they mean they help you fend off fatigue, lift heavier, and go for longer. This all translates to better fat burning and increased muscle mass because we’re telling the body we need a lot more muscle.

Vasodilation is another important piece of pre-workout formulas because as the walls of the blood vessels relax, more oxygen and nutrition reach the muscles, which means more protein building and less degradation (read: more lean muscle in the end).  


Step 2: Rebuild and Repair Muscles with Whey Protein Isolate

After you crush your workout, the very next thing you need to do is give your muscles protein to quickly stop protein breakdown (which happens naturally from strength training) and switch into repair and build mode. Whey protein is excellent for this reason because it digests quickly and easily.


Limitless Pharma has two whey protein options:


While whey protein concentrate is an excellent supplement with its own list of pros and cons, we recommend whey protein isolate for our goal of getting tight and lean. This is because isolates are stripped down to essentially just milk protein with no additional calories from carbs or fats. The isolating process also removes all lactose, making it a suitable choice for even those typically sensitive to cow’s milk.

In addition to the fewest calories, isolates also digest slightly quicker, allowing the body to switch into rest and repair mode quicker. This means less potential muscle wasting.


Step 3: Get an Afternoon Boost and Burn with Blaze

The last step in our supplement stack is Blaze, Limitless Pharma’s fat burner. Use this product as your afternoon pick-me-up instead of coffee or an energy drink. This swap will give you the energy and focus you expect to finish your day strong, with additional benefits.

The powerful, thoroughly researched formula also supports further muscle recovery and simultaneously enhances the body’s natural fat metabolism. This will help give you some extra fat-burning power that, when combined with your modest calorie reduction and a slight increase in cardio and muscle mass, will lead to a tighter-looking physique!

When you add this strategic supplement stack from Limitless Pharma featuring whey protein, pre-workout, and fat burning, your goals to become lean and toned are much closer than you might think!

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