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How to Grow Muscle with SD Pharmaceuticals

Have you ever considered that your own body might be the thing preventing the muscle growth you want? Hormones significantly influence what happens in your body, and, unfortunately, they’re easily thrown out of balance.

Too much or too little of any hormone is never a good thing, and sex hormones, in particular, have a big impact on your body composition. This can impact how much body fat you hold on to and how big your muscles can grow.

Suppose you’re having trouble growing your muscles and losing body fat, and you suspect your hormones could be the culprit. In that case, we’re going to show you how to balance your hormones and grow your muscles with hormone support supplements and a creatine supplement from SD Pharmaceuticals.


What is SD Pharmaceuticals?

SD Pharmaceuticals is a Canadian-based supplement company that places science at the forefront of its products. Its target market is athletic individuals interested in simultaneously achieving:

  • muscle growth
  • strength and performance
  • fat loss


SD Pharmaceuticals’ approach is unique and interesting because it produces creatine supplements, as you’d expect for the applications, and they also include various hormone support supplements.

Many supplement companies provide products that help support performance and recovery but fail to address hormone concerns that hundreds of Canadian adults struggle with. This is unfortunate because hormone imbalances can significantly hinder fitness progress, even if you’re doing everything right on paper.

Thankfully, SD Pharmaceuticals has faced this issue head-on. Let’s talk about how to grow muscles and shrink fat with these products.


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Support and Balance with Hormone Support Supplements from SD Pharmaceuticals

If you’ve been chasing goals without success despite doing all the right things, we strongly recommend considering your hormones before anything else.

The following hormones impact body composition or weight loss:

  • insulin
  • thyroid
  • cortisol
  • testosterone
  • estrogen

Clearly, significant imbalances need to be diagnosed and treated with the help of a medical professional. However, managing the stress hormone (cortisol) and the sex hormones (estrogen and testosterone) can be less intensive when the problems haven’t reached a clinical diagnosis.

The best ways to manage these hormones are by controlling stress levels, staying active, and eating a balanced diet. But it’s safe to say most people reading this article are likely doing the best they can in each of these areas. In addition, you can try hormone support supplements.



DIM, short for diindolylmethane, by SD Pharmaceuticals, is the first hormone support supplement we recommend. This product is designed to support balanced estrogen levels in both men and women.

Estrogen is most known as the female sex hormone, but it’s naturally found in men as well.

There are four types of estrogen:

  • estrone (E1)
  • estradiol (E2)
  • estriol (E3)
  • estetrol (E4)


DIM helps increase the “good” types of estrogen (E2) and decrease the “bad” types of estrogen (E4) regardless of sex. Supporting the balance of estrogen in your body is important for reaching your goals because it will lead to an optimized metabolism, improved mood, and better body composition. In addition, controlling estrogen levels also decreases the risk of various cancers.



The next hormone support supplement from SD Pharmaceuticals to include is Sleep. You might not connect your hormones with your sleep, but they play a significant role in your natural sleep cycle and quality of sleep.

Sleep is one of the most critical and underrated pieces of achieving not only your desired fitness results but also good quality of life. Deep sleep is when your body repairs cellular damage, and your mind sorts and organizes information, solves problems, and discards unneeded data. Without consistent, quality sleep, your health and wellness will begin to crumble.

Unfortunately, one in two Canadian adults struggles to fall asleep or stay asleep, and one in five does not wake feeling well-rested or refreshed. There are many contributing factors behind why we have this staggering problem, but what matters on an individual level is to do what you can to improve your sleep.

One of the ways you can do that is to use a hormone support supplement formulated to promote better, more restful sleep, like SD Pharmaceutical’s Sleep.

This product contains:

  • GABA
  • melatonin
  • L-5-HTP
  • L-theanine
  • nicotinic acid

This formula improves sleep quality by reducing cortisol levels and promoting relaxation, thereby supporting better recovery and faster fitness results.


Men’s Health DAA+

Men who suspect low testosterone levels at play in their hormone imbalance should consider adding an additional hormone support supplement. Men’s Health DAA+ naturally boosts testosterone and triggers the pituitary gland to work effectively.


Low testosterone levels in men can mean:

  • low sex drive
  • low energy
  • depression
  • moodiness
  • loss of muscle mass and strength


Hormone support supplements like Men’s Health DAA+ that directly affect testosterone levels can help reverse these symptoms, increase strength, motivation, and improve body composition.


Maximize Muscle Growth with a Creatine Supplement from SD Pharmaceuticals

After taking measures to correct any potential hormone imbalances, you can add a proven supplement to better support your muscle growth—creatine supplements.

Creatine supplements are the most effective and most well-researched sports supplement available.

Creatine works in males and females to:

  • increase muscle mass
  • improve body composition
  • improve strength and performance


What’s more, creatine supplements have many other health and wellness benefits, including improved cognitive functioning. Normally, we suggest using creatine monohydrate because the research studies typically use this form. However, another form of creatine supplement might be even more effective for body recomposition, and it’s the form that SD Pharmaceuticals uses.


Creatine HCL

Creatine HCL is nothing more than hydrochloride attached to each creatine molecule. This simple change to the chemical structure increases solubility and absorption.

In research comparing HCL and monohydrate creatine supplements, it becomes clear that both creatine supplements:

  • increase lean body mass
  • improve strength


The same research found that only HCL creatine supplements:

  • decrease body fat percent
  • delivered results without retaining water


One of the side effects of monohydrate creatine supplements is the annoying, albeit harmless, water retention resulting from the cells pulling in more water content. HCL creatine supplements seem to eliminate this effect and be a better option for those looking to both lose fat and gain muscle.

SD Pharmaceuticals offers Creatine HCL in both powder and capsule formulas.

Growth can be challenging to begin with, but if you have a hormone imbalance, it can feel like your body is working against you. Thankfully, SD Pharmaceuticals offers a unique approach to this problem. By addressing the imbalance with hormone support supplements, you set your body on track for growth. Then, including a powerful and effective creatine supplement fuels your muscles to get bigger faster.

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