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How to Stay Active During a Quarantine

How to Stay Active During a Quarantine Infographic

We are all living through an extraordinary time, and by now, you’ve likely experienced some level of quarantine. Whether it’s government shutdowns, exposure to COVID, or contracting the virus with no symptoms, you might find yourself locked inside your home with nothing to do for fourteen days. How do you stay sane? Stay active!

If you’re a fitness junkie with a consistent routine, quarantining away from the gym might feel like torture. Even if you’re not totally in love with working out, there’s no denying that moving your body makes you feel good.

Why Stay Active During Quarantine?

Couple doing yoga

Getting daily exercise with a home workout while you are in quarantine has a lot of benefits. It will help you pass the time, and it will prevent you from suffering a significant setback in your fitness goals. Moving your body will also help prevent you from feeling anxious and depressed, which is a significant concern when quarantining alone.

Thankfully, while living through these weird COVID times, we also live in a time where YouTube exists! There are thousands of YouTube workout videos on the internet. Even if you don’t follow a complete YouTube workout, you can use videos to learn how to execute new weight training and cardio moves.

How to Get a Good Home Workout

Woman on yoga mat smiling while looking at workout on laptop

We hear you. If you’re used to heavy weight training and going to the gym, home workouts can sound really lame. However, it’s possible to kick your butt with a home workout, even if you’re very advanced in weight training.

If you have some weights at home, you can continue weight training. Modify your weight training home workouts with lighter weights and higher reps. Another option to continue your weight training is to incorporate a deload week that coincides with your quarantine. There are plenty of YouTube workout videos that explain deload workouts. However, put simply: you can perform all your typical weight training workouts with much less weight or fewer reps.

Utilize YouTube Workouts for Home Workouts

Woman touching toes on yoga mat while watching YouTube workout

If you completed your deload week and still have seven days left in your quarantine, you could put weight training to the side and focus on your cardio. YouTube workouts like this 20 Minute Advanced Home Workout will have you sweating and short of breath.

If you’re not sold on one particular YouTube workout, you can always watch several YouTube workout videos and pick and choose which exercises you like. Combine movement you enjoy to customize your very own home workout.

Use these tips to make any workout more challenging:

  • Decrease rest time
  • Increase range of motion
  • Slow down the eccentric phase 

Killer Cardio Home Workout

Woman working out at home.

With inspiration from YouTube workout videos and typical weight training exercises, give this full-body cardio home workout a go.

Warm-up your body by doing your stairs a couple of times or walking around your house for a few of minutes. Then, perform each workout for 45 seconds, resting for 15 seconds after unless otherwise noted.

:45 bodyweight squat with a pulse (glutes, quads, hamstrings)

With your toes pointed slightly out and your feet a little wider than shoulder-width, sit back until your legs create a 90-degree angle. Pulse up and down before raising back up. Keep tension in your glutes for the entire exercise.

:15 rest

:45 pushups (chest, triceps, shoulders, core)

Man with elbows bent close to body in burpee position

Hold your body in the plank position. Bend at your elbows and lower your chest to the floor before pressing back up into the plank position. Do not allow your elbows to bow forward. Instead, keep them pointed towards the back of the room. If you cannot continue for 45 seconds, modify the push up by dropping to your knees, but keep moving until time is up.

:15 rest 

:45 burpees (cardio, calves, glutes, quads, hamstrings, core, chest, triceps, shoulders)

Start in the standing position. Jump up before placing your hands on the ground in front of you and shoot your legs back into the plank position. Lower your body to the floor before pushing up, then jump to your feet and finish the rep with an upward jump. Repeat until time is up.

Woman holding plank on yoga mat with dogs next to her

:15 rest 

:120 plank pikes (shoulders, core)

Hold your body in the plank position, then, using your shoulders, push back into the downward dog yoga position. 

:15 rest

:60 pistol squats – right leg (right calf, quad, hamstring, glute, core, stabilizing muscles)

Stand on one foot near a wall (in case you lose your balance). Without touching the wall, unless you need assistance, sit back into a single-legged squat while holding your left leg straight in front of you. Lower all the way down. Try not to allow your left leg to touch the ground while using your right leg to lift back up. Repeat until time is up.

Man doing pistol squat in middle of rock canyon

:15 rest

:60 pistol squats – left leg (left calf, quad, hamstring, glute, core, stabilizing muscles)

Repeat the movement on your left leg. 

:15 rest

:45 high knees (cardio)

For the duration, run in place as fast as you can. Raise your knees until they are level with your hips each step.

:15 rest

:45 incline pushups (chest, triceps, shoulders)

With your hands on a table or the back of your couch, hold your body in an angled plank position. Bend at your elbows to lower until your chest touches the surface, then squeeze your chest and triceps to raise back up. 

:15 rest

:60 plank (core, shoulders)

Woman resting on back on yoga mat during home workout

Hold your body still in the plank position. Pull your belly button in and up towards your spine. Actively push the ground away with your arms and shoulders. Do not allow your butt to sag or raise.

:15 rest

:60 plank

Hold another plank immediately following your rest.

:15 rest

:60 plank

Hold a plank. Do not drop until the time is up. If you need a rest, push back into the pike position before lowering back into a strong plank position.

:15 rest 

:60 plank

Do it again. Don’t give up.

:15 rest

:60 plank

Last plank, last exercise, really push it! 

Woman with hand on hip drinking post workout protein shake

Make sure you stretch and grab your normal post-workout protein shake. This HIIT workout is fast-paced to emphasize the cardiovascular system and to make this home workout super challenging. Ending with five minutes of active planking isn’t the nicest thing we could do, but we bet you won’t say home workouts don’t have anything on your weight training in the gym anymore!

Whether you’re positive with COVID and asymptomatic, or you’re in quarantine due to exposure, staying active is critical to staying healthy both mentally and physically. If you’re one of the prepared people who have weights or a home gym, sticking to your typical weight training schedule is great and you won’t lose any progress. However, if you’re someone who doesn’t have workout equipment, never fear; we have YouTube workout videos! Incorporate a mixture of a deload week, YouTube workout videos, and this killer cardio home workout, and you will be just fine. Stay healthy and stay safe!

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