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How You Do Anything Is How You Do Everything Maintaining A Balance Supplements Canada

How You Do Anything Is How You Do Everything: Maintaining A Balance

Patience Is A Virtue

How you do anything is how you do everything… maybe you’ve heard this quote before, it definitely has a campaign slogan catchphrase appeal to it. It’s more than just pretty wording however. Legend has it this phrase was uttered by one oh so very wise Zen Buddhist in the mountains of Tibet ages ago and maybe this adage has survived so long because it is true, and truth is most definitely timeless.

Quote on letterboard

How you change your underwear is how you run your business?


How you cook your dinner is how you run a marathon?


How you treat your annoying little brother is how you study for exams?


How you deal with your antagonizing boss is how you deal with your home, fantasy draft picks, bank accounts, wife, boyfriend? The answer is an astounding, yes, yes, and double yes. I can feel the emotional tingle rising within your sternum as you pour over these statements. “My boss is a jerk! That’s why I avoid the hardest parts at work, his fault! I’m super studious when it comes to school however.” Whoever utters a statement like this deserved to get slimed like some poor unsuspecting teenybopper on the '90s hit game show, "Uh Oh."

But for real, how you handle and manage any situation, challenge or experience… is how you probably handle all of them. As you act in your life you will develop a sort of, “modus operandi,” a generic way that you deal with events, experiences, situations — patterns that are just natural extensions of your personality and disposition.

This modus operandi means that throughout different areas of your life you will entertain similar results, approach situations with similar mindsets, have a certain doctrine that governs the things you do. Let’s look an example… featuring yours truly.

The Natural Flow Of Achieving Balance

I’ve struggled with my weight for a very very long time — a very long time. I mean as far as I can remember I’ve always been overweight. I was exalted by my family for being a great student, my parents believed I was slated to be the next Steven Hawking's; In reality I was a horrible student, it’s just that I had a natural affinity for academics, my “natural smarts” had got me by.

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As I started university I noticed my grades started to plummet, my natural school smarts weren’t enough, I reached a point in my university career where that, if I did not begin to study more rigorously, I would end up flunking. As I became more diligent in my schoolwork, something incredible started to happen. I slowly began to lose more weight. The more and more I structured my studies, the more and more I naturally and inadvertently began to structure my meals, take care of what I was putting in my body and delegate time to go to the gym. Not only did I pass all my classes, but I ended up losing 10 pounds that year.

I could feel the effects of the change in attitude in my life. I took everything more serious, with more diligence, with more discipline. Even remedial things like keeping my bedroom tidy had surprising positive effects. Now when I enter my room I feel peace, calm; instead of anxiousness due to a stormy mess. This calm lets me focus, focus on doing push-ups, reading books, studying.

I’m not preaching miracles; I just want you to think about the power of your unconscious rhythm. Maybe you should pay more attention as an individual. Your work career, relationships, character may benefit from the added detail. That extra little mile is what might bring you to those rock hard abs, or that honour roll you been chasing after.

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