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3D Energy Drinks Now Available in Canada at Supplement Superstore

Now Available: 3D Energy Drinks

Bang Energy Logo

It’s hard to deny the convenience of energy drinks — just pop them in the fridge and reach for one whenever you need your fix. Energy drinks have been around for a long time; however, they recently leaped into the supplement and sports nutrition industry. Brands such as Bang Energy and Optimum Nutrition, with their Amino Energy plus Electrolytes ready to drink, have launched zero to low-calorie drinks in Canada that satisfy your caffeine fix. Creative flavours (Rainbow Unicorn Bang being a favourite here!), combined with helpful additions including amino acids, make it easy to see how fitness junkies and weekend warriors have replaced their morning coffee with something a little sweeter.

Bang Energy Drink Available in Canada VPX Supplement Superstore

3D Energy, formally UP Energy by YouTube sensation Christian Guzman, is the latest energy drink to land in Canada, and it’s already making a splash. Featuring 200mg of caffeine, only 15 calories per can, and impressive flavours, it’s sure to be a fan favourite in Canada very soon.

Energy Drink Flavours

3D Energy features some interesting and delicious flavours, all named after the colour of their slick cans, including;

3D Energy Canada at Supplement Superstore
  • Red (Candy Punch)
  • Blue (Berry Blue)
  • Purple (Grape)
  • Orange (Sunburst)
  • Chrome (Strawberry Lemonade)
  • White (Frost)
  • Green (Citrus Dew)
  • Pink (Cotton Candy)
  • Gold (Pina Colada)
  • Red, White, & Blue (Liberty Pop)

3D Energy is available in Canada right here at Supplement Superstore, and we have all flavours ready to order now!

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