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February 06, 2020 1 min read

Beyond Yourself is no stranger to the pre-workout supplement market. Their well-known PreSet pre-workout has been available for years and dominates sales worldwide. PreSet is an entry-level pre-workout product, but Beyond Yourself is branching out into performance pre-workouts with their brand new product, SuperSet.

Beyond Yourself SuperSet sits nicely alongside other high-performance pre-workout supplements, including our best-selling ANS Performance Prophecy, Allmax Impact Igniter, TC Nutrition Batch 27, and Believe Supplements Pump Addict. SuperSet features the same key ingredients you expect to find in a performance-based pre-workout supplement, including high doses of L-Citrulline (9 grams!), Beta-Alanine, and caffeine. Where Beyond Yourself sets themselves apart is the inclusion of a performance-boosting clinical dose of the essential amino acid Taurine, as well as HICA (leucic acid) — a metabolite of the amino acid L-Leucine — to help build muscle.

We’re super excited here at Supplement Superstore for the Beyond Yourself SuperSet arrival (super right!?), and we know this will be one of Beyond Yourself's top supplements. The good news is all three flavours of SuperSet, including Blue Freeze, Tangy Peach Ringz, and Red White and Boom are available to order now!

Beyond Yourself SuperSet Pre-Workout Supplements Canada

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