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November 01, 2019 1 min read

Yet again Magnum have changed the game! This time Magnum Nutraceuticals PreFo has a brand new flavour - Peach Candy - the 6th total for their very popular pre-workout line.

Sticking with their candy theme, the new Magnum PreFo Peach Candy is not one to be missed! It's sure to be a winner alongside their other already popular flavours such as Blue Shark Candy, Candy Keys and Candied Green Apple to name a few.

This powerful pre workout will bring energy, pumps, focus and endurance to your workoutsAnd now that there’s a new flavour, you now have even more choices to tickle your taste buds.

Of course, at Supplement Superstore we have you covered and the brand new Peach Candy flavour is available to order now!

Magnum PreFo Peach Candy

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