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November 30, 2019 1 min read

Mammoth Supplements just released their Mammoth Iso-Rush whey protein isolate, but they’re not stopping the new product releases anytime soon. Hot on the heels of their new whey protein isolate, Mammoth is here with another release, but this time they’re taking on the newly formed, very exciting EAA category.

Mammoth EAA features a full-spectrum EAA (essential amino acids), which includes all your BCAA (branched-chain amino acids) too. Not only is it a complete spectrum of your EAA, but it also includes added betaine, as well as coconut water for hydration.

These great features mean Mammoth EAA is going to be a staple in your gym bag. It’s the perfect intra-workout supplement to help enhance recovery and endurance, as well as support muscle growth.

Mammoth EAA has launched in three delicious flavours, including Fruit Punch Blast, Candy Peach, and Swedish Very Berry.

Naturally, we’ve got you covered at Supplement Superstore as all three amazing flavours are available to order now!

Mammoth EAA Swedish Very Berry

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