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Current Dispatch Times: Normal [Same Day Before 3pm EST]
Nutraphase Supplements Now Available at Supplement Superstore Canada

Now Available: Nutraphase Supplements

Nutraphase is a relatively new company in the Canadian market. Launched as a phoenix company from Cygen Labs, Nutraphase has been developing high-quality all-natural supplements in droves. Featuring zero artificial sweeteners, Nutraphase is your clean line of supplements to help gain muscle, lose weight, and so much more.

Nutraphase logo

Nutraphase prides themselves on producing the highest quality supplements and holding themselves to impeccable quality standards. This includes a full disclosure of ingredients - which means no proprietary blends - as well as producing all their products in a cGMP certified facility to ensure all current good manufacturing principles are followed.

One thing that Nutraphase brings to the table over its competitors is the use of no artificial colours, sweeteners, or flavours. All their products proudly feature the word “clean” on their labels, as they ensure their products are the cleanest on the market.

Nutraphase EAA

Nutraphase EAA Amino Acids at Supplement Superstore Canada

One of Nutraphase’s flagship products is their essential amino acid formula. Nutraphase Clean EAA is a combination of nine amino acids that aid in workout recovery and is optimally dosed to get the most from your training. Clean EAA by Nutraphase also features added coconut water for improved hydration.

Clean Pre-Train Nutraphase Pre-Workout naturally Sweetened Supplement Superstore

Here at Supplement Superstore, we’ve partnered with Nutraphase to bring their entire lineup to you. In addition to the EAA mentioned above, they feature Pre-Train, a fully dosed and transparent pre-workout formula. We also carry two protein powders by Nutraphase: a New Zealand whey protein and a plant-based protein. Nutraphase also has a number of lifestyle products, including a Greens and Berries formula and their popular keto-friendly Clean Fats snack cluster.

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