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Current Dispatch Times: Normal [Same Day Before 3pm EST]
Perfect Sports Altrd State Pre-Workout Now Available Supplements Canada

Now Available: Perfect Sports Altrd State Pre-Workout

Perfect Sports is one of best selling brands here at Supplement Superstore and is synonymous with quality supplements and clean ingredients. Diesel by Perfect Sports is a perfect example of this where their flagship product, made from New Zealand whey protein isolate, meets their unique (and delicious) flavouring system that is 100% natural being completely stevia based, as well as lactose, gluten and nut free.

New Perfect Sports Supplement

When Perfect Sports announced that they were looking to launch a new pre-workout supplement in the Canadian market it was fitting that you would come to expect a clinically dosed pre-workout with a formula that delivered. Altrd State, their brand new pre-workout certainly does deliver that, and more! Featuring clinically dosed ingredients to deliver that perfect pump, including 8.32g of Citrulline and 1g of Agmatine, combined 3 types of caffeine, DMAE, synephrine and higenamine for the ultimate focus and energy while training. This combined with the ingredients you would expect such as Beta-Alanine for muscle endurance, Perfect Sports’ new pre-workout will be leaving your body in an altered state!

Canadian Pre-Workout Supplement

Perfect Sports Altrd State is nothing short of what we would expect from this Canadian brand as it literally has everything you would be looking for in a pre-workout supplement. It even boasts some exciting flavours that certainly have us excited to get to the gym including; Intense Blue Raspberry, Atomic Peach Rings and Sour Cherry Bomb.

Naturally, here at Supplement Superstore we have got you sorted as all 3 flavours of Altrd State by Perfect Sports are in stock and available to buy now!

Perfect Sports Altrd State Pre-Workout Supplements Canada
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