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Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Protein Review: Worth the Hype?

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Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard line is by far the most popular protein powder on the market. It’s one of the oldest protein supplements, and it has had an excellent, unwavering reputation since its release in 1998.

You might wonder, if the Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard line has such a flawless reputation, is it even worth doing a protein review? We think so because, in the supplement industry, popularity isn’t necessarily synonymous with quality.

Supplement Superstore’s Protein Reviews

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We have an ever-growing base of loyal customers who have come to know us as their friendly, reliable fitness experts who don’t try to sell products we haven’t tried and vetted for ourselves. It’s for this reason that we share protein reviews. We want our customers and fellow fitness lovers to be informed so that they feel good about the products they’re purchasing.

We sell products from trusted, quality brands. Many of which are third-party tested and hold various certifications to ensure purity and safety. Our protein reviews are based on the ingredients, mixability, texture, and flavour of the product. In this case, we took a look at Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Whey Protein.

Gold Standard’s Ingredients: Supplement Superstore Gives Five Stars

As far as supplements go, this product has a surprisingly short list.

Gold Standard ingredients includes:

Small scoop of cocoa powder
  • a protein blend of whey protein isolate, whey protein concentrate, and whey peptides
  • cocoa (double rich chocolate flavour)
  • lecithin
  • natural and artificial flavour
  • acesulfame potassium
  • lactase

Optimum Nutrition uses a blend of whey isolate, concentrate, and peptides. It’s common for people to select whey isolates for their purity, but the downside is missing out on the other benefits different parts of the whey have to offer. We like this blend, as it provides all the pure protein power with the added benefits of the CLA in whey concentrate and the super-fast absorption rate of whey peptides.

Cocoa and the additional flavours are obviously for the taste, and we don’t have a problem with these ingredients. Still, you might not know what acesulfame potassium, lactase, and lecithin are for, so we’ve outlined that here

Wooden bowl full of flax seeds with wooden spoon
  • Lecithin helps to improve the mixability
  • Acesulfame potassium is a sweetener that has no scientific drawbacks in small quantities
  • Lactase helps the body digest lactose easier 

These are ingredients with solid purposes, and we love the short, no-frills list.

Gold Standard’s Mixability: Supplement Superstore Gives Five Stars

Whey Protein Supplement Superstore

Mixability is a huge concern when we do protein reviews because no one likes a chalky, chunky mess. We’re happy to report that Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Whey mixes very easily with just a few shakes in a shaker cup. There is little to no clumping with minimal effort. 

Gold Standard’s Texture: Supplement Superstore Gives Five Stars

100% Casein Supplement Superstore

Texture and mixability tend to go hand-in-hand, and Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard whey is no exception—the texture is great. The combination of the whey protein blends makes a slightly thicker shake which, combined with the flavour, is very milkshake-esque and pleasant. It’s always a good idea to follow the label recommendations for the best results. In this case, mix one scoop with 6-8 oz of water or milk of your choice. 

Gold Standard’s Flavour: Supplement Superstore Gives Five Stars

ON Gold Standard Pre-Workout Supplement Superstore

Optimum Nutrition offers a huge variety of flavours, and the age of the company really shines here. They’ve had time to perfect their classic flavours like double-rich chocolate and vanilla ice cream. All of the flavours are equally as pleasant. Choose from double rich chocolate, vanilla ice cream, extreme milk chocolate, delicious strawberry, banana cream, strawberry banana, cookies & cream, chocolate mint, chocolate peanut butter, white chocolate, chocolate coconut, rocky road, mocha cappuccino, and coffee.

So, all that said, we can confidently say that yes, Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Whey is worth the hype. In our professional opinion, this supplement passes our protein review standards with flying colours.

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