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Our Top 3 From Beyond Yourself Blog Post

Our Top 3 From Beyond Yourself

Creating and maintaining a consistent exercise routine is a staple of healthy living. Exercise gets your heart rate up and your blood pumping. It also helps you center your mind and create positive changes to your body. You don't need an expensive gym membership or a full set of free weights at home to get the most out of a workout. You can take up running in your neighborhood, practice yoga, or create a bodyweight workout routine for your living room.

Despite the benefits of exercise, many of us find there are certain roadblocks to our fitness goals. To see real gains to your strength and endurance, you'll need to consider how you fuel your body before and after your workout. You'll also need to foster proper muscle recovery once you've finished your session.

Though Supplement Superstore offers a wide variety of brands and products to help you reach your fitness goals, for this post we've chosen our top three supplements from Beyond Yourself Supplements. They will get you on your way to muscle gain and proper recovery!

  1. Beyond Yourself Amino IQ
  2. Beyond Yourself AMRAP
  3. Beyond Yourself Isolate
Amino IQ Supplement

Read on for more information about how these supplements, chock full of essential amino acids and whey protein, can help you reach your fitness goals!

Beyond Yourself Amino IQ

You may have come across information about amino acids for improved fitness performance before, but if you haven't, we've got you covered! Amino acids are the building blocks of protein, and of the 80 amino acids out there, athletes are most concerned with three of them. Known as the branched-chain amino acids, or BCAAs, these three amino acids - leucine, isoleucine, and valine - are responsible for protein synthesis in building muscle. BCAAs prevent your body from breaking down existing muscle tissue when you've finished your workout, which allows you to keep adding muscle without losing what you've gained.

The best time to take a BCAA supplement is right after you've finished your workout. You can also take a BCAA supplement before your workout for increased energy to fuel you through a tough sweat session. Taking a BCAA supplement, full of broken-down amino acids, will allow those amino acids to enter your muscles directly. They will begin synthesizing, which means you're shortening your muscle recovery time and using less energy between your workouts.

Beyond Yourself Amino IQ is a perfect BCAA and cognitive boosting combination supplement. Essential amino acids and natural sugars work in this BCAA supplement to improve your mental and physical performance. Each scoop contains 3600mg of leucine, leaving you feeling more alert, less fatigued, and stronger with each workout.

Beyond Yourself AMRAP

No matter your fitness level, every exercise session is an opportunity for you to move forward beyond a plateau and hit new goals. But when you do the same exercise circuit over and over, your body will adapt to your routine and expend less energy each time. This decreased expenditure means you will need to switch up your exercises and lift heavier in order to continue to see results.

AMRAP BCAA Endurance

To gain mass quickly and effectively, the way that you train matters. You should aim to perform shorter workouts in the gym, which will prevent your body from breaking down too much muscle. By training for 45 minutes for three to four sessions per week, you'll allow your body to recover correctly between each session, allowing for lean muscle growth. For those looking for some assistance, a supplement is a great addition to any workout. With the right supplement, you will see both muscle gain and weight loss results.

The Beyond Yourself AMRAP supplement features a BCAA endurance formula designed to use amino acids to improve your endurance during high-intensity training. This supplement improves your recovery time and helps improve your overall muscle function, stimulate your metabolism, and aid in muscle growth.

Beyond Yourself Beyond Isolate

When you increase the amount of exercise you're doing, your body will develop leaner muscles and burn fat. Not only will this improve your body confidence and your endurance, but it will also make you hungrier between your workouts. Being hungrier isn't a bad thing, as muscles require more energy. You'll need to fuel them properly, with complex carbohydrates, natural fats, and lean proteins, to continue to see results.

However, some of us may find ourselves giving in to cravings for salty foods or sweet desserts when we increase our energy expenditure. Some of us may even treat a candy bar or plate of nachos as a reward for our hard work during our sweat session. Unfortunately, these foods will not aid in muscle recovery and can derail our progress, leading to frustration.

Beyond Isolate Whey Protein

This is where protein comes in. Protein can be consumed in many forms and is essential to muscle recovery and growth. It is also satiating, meaning you'll feel less hungry after your protein-packed meal and less likely to binge on junk food. Our favorite way to get our protein fix is through whey supplements, which, when taken after your workout, can significantly improve your muscle mass. Full of amino acids, like the BCAA leucine, these supplements will help you build muscle without losing any previous gains.

Beyond Yourself Isolate contains 26 grams of highly bio-available whey protein isolate. This product activates your metabolism and supercharges your ability to build lean muscle mass. Whey supplements are absorbed super quickly. When taken during your post-workout anabolic window, you'll reap the benefits of muscle gain and recovery that much more quickly!

Supplements for Improved Performance

We all have specific workout and body goals we are working toward. Adding a supplement to your exercise regimen is an excellent way to improve muscle recovery, get over an exercise plateau, and speed up changes in your body composition. When paired with the right workout, supplements can aid you in lifting heavier than you have before and beating your 5k personal record.

Supplement Superstore works to provide athletes of all fitness levels and abilities with options for increasing their muscle gain and endurance. Shop our bestsellers and start seeing results! 

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