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Our Top 5 Secrets to Supplements

Anyone that has entertained the thought of taking supplements knows about post-workout protein. Whey is one of the most popular supplements for athletes and body-builders. However, athletes that take post-workout protein like whey are only scratching the surface of the benefits possible from taking supplements. With the right supplements in your routine, you could speed up your weight loss journey, add more muscle mass, and even shorten your recovery time between workouts. At Supplement Superstore, we’re going to share our top five secrets to maximizing the benefits of supplements.

  1. Pair with the Right Workout

Your supplements only work if you do. Do you know the right workout to pair with your supplement? Which supplement should you take after a 5-mile run? Which supplement should you take before a 6 A.M. weight session? Which supplement works best with a weight loss workout routine? If you don’t have a supplement plan that complements your meticulous workout plan, you could be missing out on personal bests and maximum gains.

Protein & Weight Loss

Diablo Whey Protein

During a heavy week of training in the gym, like hitting 80% or 90% of your max for your reps, you might want to take more than your average one scoop of protein powder. However, the amount of protein you take is dependent on the goals you are setting. If weight loss is your goal, then you want a lean protein to avoid any unnecessary weight gain. Protein is vital to repair your muscles and even to lose weight, but if you choose the wrong protein supplement, you could begin to gain weight. If you are doing weight loss workouts, like high, intensive cardio, or that 5-mile run we mentioned, you need a protein powder that won’t make you gain too much weight. We have the lean protein supplement you need to pair with your weight loss workouts: ANS Performance Diablo Protein.

Protein, Mass Gainers, & Muscle Mass

Are you trying to gain muscle mass and weight instead of shedding it? If packing on the muscle is your main priority, then an extra scoop of protein powder might be what you need, even if you only did some light dumbbell work. Just remember to stay on top of your bulking season versus your ripping, so all your weight gain can be defined as shredded muscle. Our whey protein isolate supplements, like Allmax Isoflex, keep the carb intake low, so you are only gaining the protein you need to stack muscle. If you really need to pack on the pounds, and your diet and whey isolate aren’t enough, we have the best mass gainer supplements for you to introduce to your routine. Mammoth Mass combines whey protein, micellar casein, and calcium caseinate with a carb complex that contains quinoa, sweet potato, and more, so you can introduce more carbs and protein into your body than ever before!

Prepare with Pre-Workout

Woman taking preworkout.You know your body better than anyone. You might only need pre-workout supplements for an early morning workout (that 6 A.M. weight session we mentioned), or you might need them for every workout. No matter the exhaustion levels you face, there is one workout session that pre-workout works best for: leg day. That’s right, with a pre-workout supplement, you can stop hesitating at your squat turnaround and start being more explosive with every rep. If you’re new to using supplements, or new to trying pre-workout, then we highly recommend pairing it with your leg day to see real results. With supplements like ANS Performance Prophecy, you will feel more awake and see changes in the way you demolish your workout!

Weight Loss & Workouts

There are two very different approaches to weight loss in terms of workouts: long, steady-state cardio versus short, high-intensity interval training. Whether you are jogging for an hour on the treadmill or spending 10 minutes of sprints paired with bursts of bodyweight exercises, you have one goal: to lose weight. There are a lot of weight loss supplements out there, but we carry the supplements to help you take your weight loss workout routine to the next level. Beyond Yourself Keto Ice brings the fat-burning to the cellular level with the effective raspberry ketones. These ketones specifically break down fats within cells and deliver a metabolism-regulating hormone, so your body burns fat and keeps it off!

  1. Schedule Your Supplements

You know which supplements to take with each workout, but it’s vital you know what time to take them surrounding that specific workout. Supplements like pre-workout are obvious: take them before your workout, but you might not know how long before to take your dose. More conspicuous supplements like amino acids, hormone support, and mass gainers are extra complex. We’ll break down exactly when to take your supplements, as well as a suggested schedule for bodybuilding or focusing on weight loss.


Allmax Impact Igniter Pre-Workout

Each pre-workout supplement works differently. Most pre-workouts take about 45 to 60 minutes for peak performance, but it all depends on the product and your workout. If you don’t want to eliminate your warm-up completely, then try starting your warm-up before the pre-workout is in full effect. Take the pre-workout supplement 30 minutes before you begin your warm-up, so by the time you’ve finished your 15-minute elliptical, your pre-workout will be all systems go! If you’re not going anywhere near the gym until your pre-workout kicks in, then we suggest taking it an hour before you get to the gym, giving you time to eat a pre-workout snack and make your way there. Most athletes take pre-workout before their early morning workout session, which means they have to take it as soon as they wake up, so it’s working in time for their six o’clock lift session! For those that want quick release pre-workouts with a shorter waiting time, reach for Allmax Impact Igniter.

During-Workout Supplements

You take pre-workout before the gym and protein afterward, but what about all of those other supplements?! Well, there are a few you can take during your workout! You might be picturing yourself trying to choke down a thick shake during your workout, but that’s not the case with these supplements. One of the best supplements to take during your workout are BCAAs, otherwise known as branched-chain amino acids.

Amino acids build cells, create hormones, produce antibodies, enzymes, and energy, all while repairing damaged cells. In terms of workout results, the benefits include:

  • Less muscle soreness
  • Quicker weight loss
  • Improvement in mental functions (like focus & mood)
  • Shorter recovery time
Allmax AminoCore BCAA Supplement

We carry BCAAs in a mixed-drink form, like Allmax Aminocore, which comes in flavors like fruit punch and blue raspberry. We even carry amino acid supplements that taste like candy! That’s right, here at Supplement Superstore, you can buy candy-flavored supplements to take during your workout to improve your performance. Try the Beyond Yourself Amino-IQ to enhance your focus during your next workout, in flavors like red, white & boom, peach rings, and blue freeze.

Non-Stimulant Supplements

Have you ever been halfway through your workout, and started dragging? Maybe you skipped your stimulant pre-workout that morning and need a pick-me-up. Or maybe you took it for your morning workout, and now, hours later, your second workout feels sluggish. That’s where, during your workout, you need a non-stimulant pre-workout supplement. We know, it says right there in the name that this should be taken “pre” workout. But when you’re in a sticky situation, or honestly just want to avoid the extra caffeine that day, take a scoop of non-stimulant pre-workout, like Magnum Opus from Magnum Nutraceuticals, and watch your energy pick up! Magnum Opus delivers energy during your workout, focusing on the cellular level. By harnessing neurotransmitters that control the process of protein synthesis, this supplement increases your muscle and also turns glucose into energy, so you feel energized. When you take Magnum Opus during your workout, it can significantly impact your performance by delaying your workout fatigue, and extending your endurance during your workout, so you can finish off strong!


ANS Fortitude Test Booster Supplement

Once you put the barbell down after your final rep, the anabolic window begins. That timer can be the life or death of your gains! We suggest taking a whey isolate supplement, like Perfect Sports Diesel, before you even leave the gym. Grab a scoop and mix in your shaker, so you know your body has the protein it needs to replace and build muscle. Having trouble gaining weight to shape into muscle? Turn to mass gainers, like Mutant Mass, to give your body carbohydrates, whey isolate, and potassium your body can use to create bulking muscle. While whey protein and mass gainers should be taken soon after your workout, you can still find supplement benefits long after you’ve left the gym. With hormone support supplements, like ANS Performance Fortitude, you will increase free testosterone with each dose you take at night. You will perform better, sleep deeper, and grow muscle faster.

Bodybuilding Schedule

Here is the suggested supplement schedule for serious body-builders:

  1. Take pre-workout when you wake up
  2. Have a great workout, drink an amino acid supplement to finish off strong
  3. Take mass gainer before you leave the gym
  4. Go about your day, prepare for your next workout
  5. 2nd workout, take non-stimulant pre-workout
  6. Take an amino acid supplement during your workout
  7. Take mass gainer or whey isolate protein before you leave the gym
  8. Take hormone support supplement post-dinner
  9. See major results!

Weight Loss Schedule

Beyond Yourself Keto-Ice Supplement

Here is the suggested supplement schedule for hard-working weight loss:

  1. Take weight loss pre-workout when you wake up, like ANS Performance RIPT
  2. Have a fat-burning workout, taking amino acid supplements & weight loss supplement (like Beyond Yourself Keto Ice) during your workout
  3. Take lean whey protein before you leave the gym
  4. Go about your day, prepare for your next workout
  5. 2nd workout, take non-stimulant pre-workout
  6. Take a fat-burning supplement & amino acid supplement during your workout
  7. Shake up a lean protein post-workout supplement before you leave the gym
  8. Take hormone support supplement post-dinner
  9. See amazing weight loss changes! 
  1. Supplements & the Right Food

Your supplements won’t work unless you do. Making sure your supplements are paired with a great diet is the key to seeing maximum results. An important thing to remember about supplements is that they aid in processes that your body already completes. That could mean muscle recovery, replacing glucose storage, or burning fat in cells. Supplements only make that process more efficient and effective, but your body needs food nutrition to complete them. Together, supplements and nutrition are unstoppable.

Replace the Cravings

The first step to a healthier diet is to purge all the bad stuff. A cheat meal now and then is fine (and you’ve usually earned it!), but eliminating excess carbs and sugar and replacing them with protein is key. Trade in your salty snacks for protein-based snacks, without losing the taste, with products like Protein Popcorn and Protein Puffs. Is sugar your vice? We carry Quest products with amazing, sugary flavors (without the actual sugar) like protein bars that taste like birthday cake, and cookies in flavors like double chocolate chip and peanut butter.

The Greener, the Better

Sometimes overlooked when packing on the muscle and in weight loss, vegetables are your friend. But what if we could harness the parts of vegetables that deliver improved stamina and help muscles recover? We can! With Allmax Cytogreens, you get all the superfood qualities of Spirulina, spinach, and barley grass packed in a scoop-able formula. You also want to make sure your body is detoxed to avoid any illness that will keep you from your next workout. Allmax Wheat Grass has the fiber and antioxidants your body needs, daily.

  1. Healthy Habits Strengthen Supplements

Woman taking supplements.

Real talk, if you want to see major results, you need to be disciplined. Working out and taking supplements is just the beginning. By going the extra mile like tracking your sleep and trying to improve sleep quality, you will see major weight loss and muscle gaining benefits. Both your body and the supplements inside your body need sleep to recover from all the work they are trying to do to deliver results. Quality sleep also allows your body to work more efficiently while you are awake, like during your hard workouts in the gym. Hold yourself accountable: skip going to the bar during the week, turn off your computer well before bedtime, and stay hydrated. Sticking to healthy habits creates an environment where you can, and will, succeed.

  1. Supplements You Trust

You want to make sure where you get your supplements only provides the best quality products. With brands like Allmax, ANS Performance, Beyond Yourself, and Magnum Nutraceuticals, you can trust Supplement Superstore to carry the brands with the best quality ingredients. Speaking of ingredients, here are some of the best ingredients to look for in your supplements (hint, we carry them all):

  • Creatine
  • Amino Acids (leucine, arginine, glutamine)
  • Beta-Alanine
  • Antioxidants (green tea)
  • L-Carnitine

Ready to put your supplement secrets to the test? Order now and watch your fast-acting supplements deliver serious results! If you want to learn more about your supplement routine, read our advice & articles section.

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