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December 10, 2019 3 min read

Even the most self-motivated athletes can find themselves up against a wall at one point or another. It can be difficult to maintain perfect focus during a workout. Sometimes, even with the right amount of motivation, your energy level is lower than you'd like it to be, resulting in a less than satisfying sweat session.

Several factors contribute to your overall success during a workout. Without proper hydration, sleep, or pre-workout fuel, you will find yourself slogging through your reps and wishing for the end of the workout to come as soon as possible. And occasionally, even when you're hydrated, have slept plenty, and have eaten a perfect pre-workout snack, you can still find yourself struggling. At Supplement Superstore, we want you to know that supplements can be the ideal bridge between you and your perfect workout. We've chosen our three favorite supplements from Beyond Yourself:

  1. Beyond Yourself Amino IQ
  2. Beyond Yourself AMRAP
  3. Beyond Yourself Isolate

With these three supplements in your arsenal, you'll be one step closer to a more focused, better-fueled workout!

Beyond Yourself Amino IQ

You may have heard about amino acids' connection to fitness, but what are their specific benefits? Of the 80 amino acids out there, nine of them fall into the category of essential amino acids. And of these nine essential amino acids, the three branched-chain amino acids, or BCAAs, are the perfect assist you need in the gym for improved energy, focus, and muscle repair.

Beyond Yourself Amino IQ should be consumed at least 45-90 minutes before your workout to help relieve fatigue, improve endurance, and enhance your motor performance in the gym. As a bonus, the essential amino acids within Amino IQ will assist with the growth of lean muscle, so you'll start to see gains that much more quickly!

Beyond Yourself AMRAP

We covered our preferred supplement for mental focus, but what about another to help boost your endurance? That's where Beyond Yourself AMRAP comes in. AMRAP, which stands for As Many Reps As Possible, is a zero carb/anabolic BCAA endurance formula. AMRAP not only shortens your post-workout recovery time but also improves overall muscle function, stimulates your metabolism, and helps repair muscle to aid in muscle growth. 

Beyond Yourself Isolate

Whether you're new to an exercise regimen or you've been a gym rat for years, you’ve likely heard of and experienced the power of protein. While protein takes many forms, whey protein is used by athletes for its muscle building, protein synthesis, and hormonal stimulation. Chock full of the proteins found in the liquid part of milk, whey should be consumed within 30 minutes of your workout. This will ensure you're maximizing your ability to build muscle mass.

Beyond Yourself Isolate is a pre-workout supplement that increases your body's ability to quickly synthesize protein within your muscles. Taking this Isolate will lead to quicker muscle recovery and more significant muscle gains. Whether you use it as a pre-workout booster or as a meal replacement, each scoop contains 26 grams of whey protein isolate, leaving you feeling full and energized.

The Benefits of Supplements

We've given you a basic overview of the benefits of our favorite Beyond Yourself supplements, but you may still have questions. After all, not everyone is so sure about whether or not supplements are the right choice for their personal fitness goals. For a deeper dive into the building blocks of supplements and their positive effects on athletic performance and muscle repair, check out our blog post on the 10 Benefits to Supplements!

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