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January 14, 2020 4 min read

When deciding to commit to a new fitness goal and incorporate workout routines into your daily life, there are several factors to consider. Not only will you need to decide when you’ll complete your daily workouts and how to make them fit into an already busy schedule, but you’ll also need to determine which exercises are best for your fitness goals.

No workout regimen is complete without a nutrition plan, so you’ll want to ensure you’re getting the right amount of carbohydrates, fat, and, most importantly, protein. The proper nutrition means your muscle gains will stick, and you will see results. One of the easiest ways to be sure you’re getting the right amount of protein to support your fitness goals is to incorporate protein supplements into your meal plan.

We at Supplement Superstore know that adding supplements into your nutrition plan can be both rewarding and challenging, given how many options are out there! It can be difficult to know if you are choosing the right supplement for your success. We are here to be your guide through the supplement selection process.

One of our favorite brands of supplements is TC Nutrition! Read on for our top three TC Nutrition supplements and how their products, including their whey protein supplements, can support your fitness goals.

TC Nutrition

Based in Canada, TC Nutrition offers a variety of pre- and post-workout supplements specifically designed to help you get the most out of your workouts. But what sets TC Nutrition apart from its competitors? It can be tough to determine which supplement is best just based on packaging alone! TC Nutrition products contain scientifically-backed ingredients for increased energy, focus, and muscle gains.

Pre-Workout Supplements

Many pre-workout supplements contain stimulants designed to boost your energy. When you take a pre-workout supplement that is full of stimulants, you’ll get a rush of energy, but it will be fleeting. Once the rush is over, you’ll be left feeling sluggish and tired, which can negatively affect your workout.

TC Nutrition’s most popular pre-workout supplement, the Batch 27, avoids cheap stimulants in favor of scientifically-backed ingredients to deliver an elite pre-workout experience. For extra energy, laser focus, and long-lasting endurance, the Batch 27 features the following:

  • Citrulline Malate: This is your fatigue fighter! Taking a supplement with Citrulline Malate increases your body’s nitric oxide content, meaning increased blood flow to your muscles during your workout. More nitric oxide allows your muscles to last longer under the stress of an endurance workout.
  • Beta-Alanine: This ingredient stimulates the nerves under your skin, which may cause a tingling feeling. It’s normal! Beta-Alanine increases strength, stamina, and muscle development. It also helps you move from rep to rep without as much rest in between. Less rest maximizes your time spent in the gym! 
  • Creatine Hydrochloride: This ingredient is the most well-researched of all the ingredients in TC Nutrition products and is proven to aid in muscle building and fat loss. Creatine Hydrochloride promotes increased muscle mass, increased recovery time, and increased strength during workouts.

Post-Workout Supplements

In general, the best time to incorporate a post-workout supplement into your routine is during your anabolic window, the 45-minutes post-workout when your muscles enter recovery. Some of the best supplements to take during this time are those packed with branched-chain amino acids, also known as BCAAs.

TC Nutrition doesn’t just have your back before you work out, but afterward, as well. TC Nutrition’s HydraMino EAA is our top choice for a branched-chain amino acid supplement for your post-workout routine. HydraMino EAA stands apart from other BCAA supplements in that it contains all nine essential amino acids (EAAs). EAAs not only work to support protein synthesis, but also support cellular repair.

With seven grams of vegan fermented BCAAs, HydraMino EAA will be instrumental in improving your recovery time and hydrating your muscles.

TC Nutrition and Whey Protein

Before we dive into our third and final favorite product from TC Nutrition, let’s talk about protein! Undoubtedly you are familiar with and include some primary protein sources, like animal protein and nuts, into your meal plan. But what is the best protein source for muscle growth and gains? Whey protein!

Whey protein comes from the liquid part of milk that separates during the cheese-making process. A whey protein supplement taken after a tough workout is just what you need to see results quickly. Whey protein stimulates hormones, like insulin, which leads to increased muscle mass, and helps your absorb necessary nutrients during your anabolic window.

TC Nutrition created the IsoShock whey protein isolate with your fitness goals in mind. The whey protein found in IsoShock goes through added filtration to ensure that it is the purest form of whey protein on the market. The IsoShock formula brings your body into an anabolic state post-workout, preventing your body from cannibalizing your muscles. Instead, this whey protein isolate helps to preserve and grow lean muscle mass.

Try a scoop of the Vanilla Frosting flavour for a post-workout boost that will not only aid in muscle recovery and lean muscle growth but will also satisfy your sweet tooth. The creamy texture of this isolate will make you feel like you’re enjoying a decadent milkshake - the perfect post-workout reward!

Added Benefits of Supplements

We’ve given you our top three recommendations for TC Nutrition supplements and an explanation of the benefits you’ll experience from adding supplements to your daily routine. Depending on the supplement you choose, you can reap additional benefits, such as:

  • Better Sleep: Improving your sleep quality will allow your tired muscles to begin protein synthesis, releasing growth hormones that aid in muscle growth.
  • Mental Health Improvements: Choosing a supplement with mood-boosting nootropics increases the oxygen sent to your brain, which improves your mood and can give your workout an energy boost.
  • Immune System Support: There is nothing more frustrating than having to take time off from the gym because of illness. A multi-vitamin will work with the other supplements you take to keep your immune system at 100%.

For more advice and product recommendations, check out the Supplement Superstore blog page!

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