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Perfect Sports Diesel Protein Powder

Perfect Sports Diesel: The Perfect Protein?

Scoop of protein powder spilling a little

It’s time for the long-awaited supplement review for Perfect Sports Diesel New Zealand Whey Isolate. As self-proclaimed fitness junkies, we know the struggle when you’re trying to select the right protein powder for you. Reading supplement reviews helps to make an informed decision, and you know that at Supplement Superstore, we don’t sell anything we haven’t tried ourselves.

Why Perfect Sports Diesel?

Perfect sports diesel

So, you’ve taken a look at all the different protein supplement sources and narrowed it down to whey isolate. Excellent choice. Whey isolate is pure, digests quickly, and is still the undefeated champ in terms of popularity. Why should you choose Perfect Sports Diesel?

For one, Perfect Sports Diesel is, by far, our most popular supplement. It has seventy 5-star supplement reviews out of seventy-two total reviews. Those other two supplement reviews? They’re four stars. Our customers are thrilled with this product, and we can’t say we blame them.

The main things Supplement Superstore takes into consideration when doing a supplement review are:

  • ingredients
  • mixability
  • texture
  • flavour

Here’s how Perfect Sports Diesel stacks up.

Diesel’s Ingredients: Supplement Superstore Gives Five Stars

Three brown and white diary cows looking down

This protein supplement is top of the line as far as ingredients. The brand is banned substance tested and Informed Choice certified. It contains no artificial flavours, nor does it include gluten, lactose, or nuts.

Now on to what it does have: protein. Each serving has 27 grams of pure protein from New Zealand dairy cows. If you’re wondering why New Zealand, do a little research on their strict farming practices, and you’ll see why New Zealand dairy cows are the happiest on the planet. Diesel contains no carbs, no fat, and no sugar, and with just 110 calories per serving, you’re getting nothing but pure protein.

Diesel’s Mixability: Supplement Superstore Gives Five Stars

Shaker Cup Supplement Superstore

The purer a whey protein powder, the better it mixes. Seeing as Diesel is 100% pure protein yield, the mixability is bar-none. There’s virtually zero clumping. You do not need a ton of vigorous shaking to make it happen, either. Mix it with the recommended serving of water, shake it a couple of times, and you’re good to go.

Diesel’s Texture: We Give Five Stars

Light brown protein shake in jar on book shelf

Because the mixability is so excellent, the texture is also some of the best you will experience. When mixed with the proper water ratio, you get a super smooth and consistent shake. This super-pure protein powder doesn’t require much water, and it might seem thinner than what you’re used to. 

Diesel’s Taste: Four and a Half Stars

Woman smiling while holding the straw of her chocolate protein shake

We think Diesel is one of the best-tasting protein supplements on the market. They have a wide variety of flavours from which to choose, like milk chocolate, triple rich dark chocolate, chocolate wafer crisp (similar to a Kit-Kat), French vanilla, strawberry, banana, cookies ‘n cream, chocolate peanut butter, salted caramel, chocolate monkey (chocolate banana), and marshmallow hot chocolate. They also frequently put out limited-edition seasonal flavours like pumpkin spice latte and candy cane ice cream.

The half-star deduction is a result of the natural stevia—some customers gave a four-star review because they could distinguish between traditionally sweetened powders. For the most part, our customers and team both agree that Diesel’s taste is excellent.

If you are looking for a new whey isolate protein supplement, you really cannot do better for yourself than Perfect Sports Diesel. Try it today and see for yourself!

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