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How PEScience Redefines Supplement Formulas Blog Post

How PEScience Redefines Supplement Formulas

Many supplement manufacturers talk about quality but don’t actually deliver safe, quality products. Here at Supplement Superstore, we do the work for you, so you can be sure you purchase a high-quality and safe product every single time. With PEScience products, you can be confident in your amino acids, pre-workout, protein, and so many more supplements for your workout routine.

The PEScience Difference

PEScience Greens and More Powder Supplement

To give you some insight into the high-quality of PEScience, here are some of the standards that they deliver with every single product:

  • Products made in GMP facility
  • All raw materials are tested for pesticides, microbials, identity, purity, and heavy metals to ensure a clean product every time
  • Product labels are transparent with ingredients and formulas
  • PEScience is continually innovating their formulas, so you have the best possible formula of protein, amino acids, and more, before your gym buddies! 

Range of Products

Now that you know PEScience guarantees clean, safe, and potent products, you might be wondering how they fit into your workout routine. Before you enter the gym, you can turn to PEScience for your pre-workout. During your workout, PEScience’s branched-chain amino acid formula will provide you the energy you need. After your workout, PEScience has a wide range of protein products, including powder, bars, and even vegan options!

The Pre-Workout Problem Solver with PEScience

PEScience Prolific Pre-Workout

When you try a new brand of pre-workout supplement for the first time, it feels amazing. You have more energy, you are more focused, and you are crushing your workout! But after two or three more times, those effects start to wear off. What happened to the potent product results you felt the first time? We’ll tell you: it’s the ingredients. If your pre-workout does not have high-quality, safe, ingredients, you are not only damaging your body, but you also won’t see consistent results every time you take your pre-workout supplement. PEScience has dedicated its Prolific pre-workout supplement to being the only one you need to take. No more introducing new pre-workout every few weeks to get that great energy, you have a consistent formula in every scoop of Prolific pre-workout.

Prolific Pre-Workout

The key to a productive workout is the connection between the mind and muscle. If your pre-workout supplement focuses on the mind only, that’s where you get jitters and lose focus from too much energy. Prolific focuses on firing muscle fibers, so your brain and body contract to find your energy and pump. With six grams of L-Citrulline —which widens your blood vessels to allow for more blood flow — you will have an unreal workout experience. Prolific combines caffeine with theanine for that mind and muscle connection, with a combination of energy and calm that keeps your body away from jitters and your mind harnessing productive energy! 

High Volume

PEScience High Volume Supplement

Although Prolific provides a stable caffeine energy experience, we know some of our Supplement Superstore athletes like to avoid caffeine altogether. PEScience knows that too, which is why they developed High Volume. High Volume is a caffeine-free pre-workout supplement that delivers all the pump without the dose of stimulant. High Volume saves you time because you don’t have to spend 30 minutes on a treadmill warming up for maximum pumps. One serving of High Volume is all you need to achieve pumped muscles and attack your workout. You’ll spend less time warming up, and more time crushing reps. Once again, PEScience has leaned into the benefits of L-Citrulline to increase the volume of blood flow for the workout of your life!

The No-Need Ingredients

One of the most ground-breaking formula improvements PEScience has in their Prolific and High Volume pre-workout supplements is the removal of two common pre-workout ingredients. Those ingredients are creatine and beta-alanine. We know Supplement Superstore athletes are aware of the importance of both of these ingredients in your workout routine, but PEScience is adamant that the two do not benefit your workout by taking them immediately beforehand. They benefit your overall fitness by taking them every day over time; there is no acute effect! To break it down: PEScience does not believe creatine and beta-alanine work in time for your next workout when taken in a pre-workout supplement, so it’s better to leave them out and take afterward, or at a different time. This allows the active ingredients in Prolific and High Volume to work easier, faster, and better without any fillers.

PEScience Branched-Chain Amino Acids

PEScience Amino IV BCAA Supplement

While PEScience believes in removing excess products from their pre-workout supplement, they believe there is no such thing as excess amino acids! In the PEScience Amino IV, you are given a formula with maximum branched-chain amino acids, including a whopping five grams of leucine! Most branched-chain amino acid supplements only have one to three grams of leucine. Leucine is a vital amino acid in stimulating muscle protein synthesis. That means the more potent leucine in your amino acid supplement, the more your protein will stack muscle!

Essential Amino Acids

Amino IV does not stop its formula with leucine. You probably already know that your body needs nine essential amino acids, but are they in your BCAA supplement? Here are the EAAs you need in your supplement:

  • Taurine
  • L-Threonine
  • L-Lysine
  • L-Valine
  • L-Isoleucine
  • L-Phenylalanine
  • L-Histidine
  • L-Methionine

All nine of these are necessary for protein creation, and your body cannot make these amino acids on its own. If you do not have all nine, your body could be halfway through synthesizing a new protein — to build muscle perhaps — and when that essential amino acid is missing, your body will stop creating that protein altogether! We need to absorb these essential amino acids through a carefully constructed diet...or through Amino IV! PEScience has created a formula that delivers every essential amino acid. Check the label; they’re all there! The formula is equally distributed, so every scoop is packed with amino acids. 

Protein Supplement Options

PEScience Select Protein 4 Oats

The anabolic window is one of the most crucial times in your workout routine. As soon as you complete your final rep, the timer begins, as your body waits for protein to effectively recover and build muscle. But if the formula of your protein supplement is not created using high-quality, clean, and safe ingredients, you could be doing more damage than repair with your post-workout protein shake. PEScience Select Protein line uses whey protein concentrate, which contains intact growth factors, for the most effective protein formula. Another obstacle bodybuilders and athletes face is the boring, monotonous protein supplement shake they have after their workout. PEScience Select Protein supplement line includes powder, vegan powder, and bars in many flavours so you can mix it up! That way, you can always look forward to satisfying your anabolic window! 

Whey Protein Concentrate vs. Whey Protein Isolate

Did you hang on that phrase in the paragraph above? Whey protein concentrate. We know, it might be the first time you have read that concentrate outweighs isolate when it comes to your protein supplement. Here at Supplement Superstore, we have to admit that’s not always the case, especially depending on your workout and body goals. But with PEScience Select Protein supplement, whey protein concentrate is more effective. PEScience combines whey and casein, which, backed by Mayo Clinic research, has been proven to be more effective in building lean muscle. Whereas whey protein isolate (even at 100%) has been compared to weak products like soy-based protein, or even water! Here’s why: whey can deliver protein, but casein retains the protein supplement. If you are putting 100% whey isolate protein into your body, that does not mean you are retaining it, so who knows what percentage your body is actually using to build muscle. Casein also speeds up the increase of protein synthesis so your body can accumulate new protein faster. PEScience uses milk protein isolate as their source of casein, so you have the safest and most potent ingredient in your protein supplement.

Select Protein Powder

With this whey protein and casein combination formula, PEScience Select Protein Powder is one of the most effective on the market. Alongside those two main ingredients are five grams of branched-chain amino acids. We’ll warn you, when combined with water in your shaker, this is quite possibly the thickest protein supplement out there. But that isn’t an indicator of a bad formula; it’s an indicator of a clean formula. Your protein supplement should be thick and consistent, with the milk protein isolate, that’s exactly what you’re getting. But don’t worry, PEScience Select Protein Powder still tastes amazing. Here are some of the flavours:

PEScience Select Protein Powder Supplement
  • Frosted chocolate cupcake
  • Gourmet vanilla
  • Chocolate peanut butter cup
  • Peanut butter cookie
  • Snickerdoodle
  • Strawberry cheesecake
  • Cookies n’ Cream
  • Cake Pop
  • And many more!

The flavours are so great that PEScience Select Protein Powder is actually known for cooking and baking as well: protein pancakes, protein brownies, protein cookies, and, of course, for smoothies! 

Select Protein Bar

Too tired from that killer workout to make your own protein brownies but still want the health benefits? No worries! The PEScience whey protein concentrate plus casein formula is also available in protein bars! We know that the thick consistency of shakes might not be for everyone, so leave your shaker at home and throw one of these bars into your gym bag. The additions to the protein bar formula are a higher fiber content, 12 grams to be exact. PEScience wants you to know that their fiber really is fiber, not just carbohydrates that other protein bars claim as fiber. Fiber is essential for your body to get rid of the waste byproducts of muscle production. That means that if you don’t normally eat much fiber, and then eat a PEScience Select Protein Bar, you might feel a little bloated at first! That is just a sign that the fiber is working, and you will get used to it. The protein bar has so much fiber that PEScience only recommends eating two bars in a day, maximum. Otherwise, you’ll exceed your daily fiber intake! PEScience protein bars have great flavours like chocolate fudge brownie and chocolate peanut butter, without the high sugar. There are only two grams of sugar in every bar, so that you can maintain your lean, muscular body!

Importance of Vegan Options

More and more athletes are turning to vegan diets. The health benefits are undeniable, but vegan diets cut out a lot of protein supplement options for many athletes. Many athletes turn to a soy-based protein supplement, but soy protein is weak compared to milk protein. Protein supplement alternates like soy also come with estrogenic proteins, which can inhibit maximum muscle growth. Vegan athletes need a protein option that is going to allow them to keep up with other athletes. Snacks like tofu, edamame, lentils, chickpeas, nuts, and quinoa are all great snack options, but you can’t put those in your shaker! Supplement your protein snacks with vegan-friendly protein powder from PEScience.

Vegan Series Select Protein 


PEScience Vegan Select Protein Powder
PEScience Vegan Series Select Protein maximizes on powerful plant proteins, like pea protein. Pea protein is one of the best vegan-friendly sources of protein, because it has the closest amino acid profile to milk and egg proteins, including essential amino acids. The missing amino acids in the pea protein profile are made up in brown rice protein. Brown rice protein combined with pea protein is almost identical to milk and egg protein! The best part about Vegan Series Select Protein is that the flavour and uneven consistency that often comes with plant protein is not included. Once again, PEScience delivers great flavours like chocolate bliss, and cinnamon delight. Vegan Series Select Protein is designed to mix into a consistency just like whey protein, so athletes won’t be able to tell the difference between vegan and whey protein supplement.


Use the Science of Supplements

PEScience uses the science of supplements to take your workouts and results to the next level. With the cleanest ingredients and formulas backed by research, PEScience has the amino acids, pre-workout, and protein supplement options you need to achieve your workout goals. You can find PEScience supplements here.

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