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January 18, 2020 4 min read

Plan Correct Master Your Body Type Infographic

You have probably noticed, for most of your life your body has probably leaned towards a certain shape and physique. For example if you were a larger or a skinnier kid, most likely you have consistently been a larger or skinnier person throughout your life. This is because of body type. The same way there are general personality types we also have certain body types that our bodies naturally are. This is not to say that you are condemned to stay a certain physique, you can always transform your physique, that’s why we offer what we offer here at Supplement Superstore, we believe with the right amount of training, correcting eating and supplementation, any exercise goal is achievable. That being said, to achieve whatever goal you have, whether to get lean, get jacked or just get healthy, you MUST understand your body type. Depending on how your body works, how it metabolizes carbs and proteins, your eating, supplementation and workout methods are going to be different. The worst mistake you could make is using regime not designed for your body type. An endomorph, loading up on carbs, following an ectomorph diet is most definitely not going to see the desired results.

These are the three types and how they’re characterized; you’ll most likely find yourself amongst one:

Ectomorph (Thin)


  • Fast metabolism
  • Difficulty gaining muscle
  • Difficulty gaining weight

Ectomorphs are naturally slim, long, with thin muscles/limbs and low on body fat. They naturally process carbohydrates very easily, have high metabolisms and burn off fat with ease. These are the people that you will most likely hear complaining about no matter how much food they eat they cannot gain weight.

When it comes to exercise Ectomorphs should do heavy strength training and avoid too much cardio as to help build muscle without burning it off. Because of their high carb tolerance, Ectomorphs should eat a greater amount of clean carbohydrates to overcome their body’s efficiency at metabolizing carbs. Supplements for gaining weight such as ANS Performance N-Mass will prove the most effective.

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“A nutrient distribution for this body type might be around 55% carbs, 25% protein, and 20% fat"

Endomorph (Curvy)


  • Tires easily
  • Difficulty losing weight
  • Difficulty gaining muscle

Endomorphs are larger by nature, have wider waist, larger bone structure and have higher body fat. Their bodies have a naturally affinity at storing energy (carbs) rather than burning it or building muscles. Endomorphs will often complain how the smallest caloric excursion will result in them gaining weight.

When it comes to exercise, Endomorphs should attempt to do as much cardio as possible. HIIT exercises are super effective as well as strength training with moderate resistance at high reps. Endomorphs have a low carb (energy) tolerance and therefore should stay away from eating too many carbs and fats but proteins are the key here. Supplements that help burn fat, such as ANS Performance Diablo are very helpful to the endomorph body type.

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“A nutrient distribution for this body type might be around 25% carbs, 35% protein, and 40% fat.”

Mesomorph (Muscular)


  • Ease putting on muscle
  • Ease burning fat
  • Can eat most food without immediate repercussion

Mesomorphs are deemed the lucky ones. With a physique that is adapt at metabolizing carbs and building muscle, this is the genetic jackpot. They often have a lower body fat percentage. These are the people that often look like they go to the gym, but don’t, natural abs or a natural hourglass figure. However like any body type, lack of care and they too may either gain a lot or lose a lot weight at any time.

When it comes to exercise, Mesomorphs fall somewhere in between Ectomorphs and Endomorphs. A moderate amount of cardio and strength training in unison is sufficient to keep them in good shape. Depending on a Mesomorphs athletic goals they can either aim for more endurance cardio based training or more power strength based training. Mesomorphs also require the most balanced diet. Supplements that help build muscle, such as ANS Performance N-Pro protein powder help to amplify the mesomorphs natural affinity.

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“Mesomorphs typically do best on a mixed diet, consisting of balanced carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. A macro-nutrient split of 40% carbohydrate, 30% protein, and 30% fat can work well.”

These three body types are archetypes, and in reality, instead of fitting into 1 of 3, it’s more like a 1 to 1000 scale.

“Imagine there is a triangle with each point representing one of the three body types. We humans can exist at any point inside that triangle, from storing fat easily to not gaining weight easily to building muscle well. The reality is that we all have some parts of each of those.”

That being said, studies have shown that the difference between the caloric requirements of most people is within 2000 to 3000 calories per day. This means we cannot use our body types as an excuse for being a certain physique. Body type is very very important, but is not a crutch for excuses. Most likely if you feel like you don’t gain enough weight, if you were to track your caloric intake, you would most likely find you don’t eat as much as you believe. With well-rounded knowledge and diet, anybody can get their physique where they want it to be.

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