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Reasons We Love Allmax Supplements Blog Post at Supplement Superstore Canada

Reasons We Love Allmax Supplements

Allmax Quality Guarantee

Here at Supplement Superstore, we provide our athletes with high-quality supplements. At other supplement stores, it’s difficult to find a brand that fits all of your needs and has ingredients you can trust. But with brands like Allmax, you have a quality guarantee. The facilities Allmax uses meet Current Good Manufacturing Practice regulations for both Canadian government regulations and the United States.

Clean Label Protocol

You may have noticed some supplements don’t provide a clear label like food, but with Allmax, the products have nothing to hide. With a full label disclosure, you can see every single ingredient in your product. Moreover, the label takes the time to list every ingredient to the milligram, so you can see exactly what you’re putting in your body. Knowing the ingredients in your supplement will help you understand how your supplement works to maximize your workouts!

Potent Ingredients

Allmax Impact Igniter

Knowing your ingredients is just the start. Trusting the ingredients and formulas in your supplement is of the highest importance to us here at Supplement Superstore. We are delighted to carry brands like Allmax, who independently tests, audits, and verifies every ingredient in their supplements. Each lot is lab-tested to ensure purity and potency in every supplement!

Product for Every Purpose

Just as you train your body, your supplement routine should cover all areas, leaving no weaknesses or vulnerabilities. That means having a potent, high-grade supplement for pre-workout, post-workout, and during your workout. These supplements are key to your small goals — like adding two more reps on your bench — or your big goals — like creating a lean and mean body. More importantly, taking the right supplements can make sure you avoid any muscle damage and maximize your overall results.

Pre-Workout Power

You need a pre-workout supplement in order to have the energy and motivation to execute your workout. With Allmax Impact Igniter, you provide your body with the best ingredients to gear up for your workout. Taking a pre-workout stimulant can change the way your body breaks down fat. Once the fat is broken down, it is sent to the bloodstream, where your body burns it for fuel. This leads to longer, stronger training, and increases your body heat to burn more fat. Paired with the nootropic Lion’s Mane, Impact Igniter will clear your mind and hone in on your workout, allowing your brain to focus with no distractions. Impact Igniter also increases recovery and decreases soreness, especially after resistance training. If you’re looking to execute an intense workout and muscle activation you notice, then Allmax Impact Igniter is the supplement you need in your routine.

Energy Anytime

Allmax A:Cuts Supplement

Another energy option that can be taken at any time is Allmax A:Cuts. This is an amino-charged energy drink, so it delivers the aminos your body needs to sustain your workout as the energy from green coffee extract kicks in. The primary amino acid is Taurine, which is a non-essential amino acid that can be found in the central nervous system, white blood cells, the brain, and skeletal muscles. Taurine stimulates the metabolism of fat, betters workout performance, and balances electrolytes in your cells. Taurine also has mental benefits and can actually improve your mood. Taurine even fights against oxidative stress and boosts your immune system! Allmax A:Cuts uses naturally sourced caffeine to get you ready to work out, and the power of amino acids to keep your energy up during your entire workout.

Amino Acid Advantage

Allmax AminoCore BCAA

If you thought one amino acid was powerful, wait until you try Allmax Aminocore. Branched-chain amino acids, or BCAAs, are the literal building blocks of muscles. They form together as peptides, which turn into protein that multiplies your muscle. The Allmax Aminocore only contains BCAAs — no fillers whatsoever — delivering a powerful, growth-stimulating formula to reach your body goals. Allmax Aminocore is perfect for taking during your workout because it will absorb quickly and give your body the nutrients it needs to sustain through your final reps. BCAAs in Aminocore also prevent muscle breakdown, so when you enter your anaerobic state of exercise, your body will continue to target fat, not your well-earned muscle.

Protein Performance

There are a lot of whey protein isolates out there, but few stand up to the powerful Allmax Isoflex. Post-workout, you need a reliable brand of whey isolate to supply the protein you need to recover and maintain muscle mass. You have a short window of time — the anabolic window— to drink your whey, so make sure you use it wisely with fast-absorbing Allmax Isoflex. Allmax Isoflex is 27 grams of certified, lab-tested, pure protein – only native and intact whey protein fractions. Choosing a post-workout protein supplement might just be the most important choice you make in your workout routine, make sure it is from a high-standard brand like Allmax.

Creatine: Transform Your Workout

Allmax Creatine

There is a lot of debate over when you should take creatine: before or after your workout. While some studies suggest post-workout creatine provides more benefits, other research suggests there is no difference between pre- and post-workout creatine. Whichever side you fall on, one thing is not up for debate: a high-grade, clean creatine supplement can transform the benefits of your body! Allmax Creatine Monohydrate is a pharmaceutical-grade nitrogenous compound. Creatine is essential for cells, especially muscle cells, to be supplied with energy.

Allmax Creatine Monohydrate will upgrade your workouts, especially high-intensity interval training (HIIT), and will stack the lean muscle mass. Your workout won’t stand a chance as this creatine improves your own strength and power. At the end of your workout, Allmax Creatine Monohydrate shortens recovery time without losing any gains.

All(Max) Together Now!

The Allmax brand is known for lab-testing and verifying its exceptional ingredients and formulas. That makes it one of the most effective brands to use for your supplement needs across the board. You don’t want to accidentally deter an ingredient’s purpose in your body by mixing an unreliable brand with Allmax, so we recommend turning to Allmax for the supplement regimen that fits your exercise goals. Your body is ready for the nutrients, protein, and energy it needs to take your workouts to the next level, so start shopping right now!

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