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Should I Be Taking A Glutamine Supplement Supplements Canada

Should I Be Taking A Glutamine Supplement?

Glutamine is the most abundant amino acid in the human body, and it often goes overlooked in terms of supplementation. We're going to discuss glutamine in a bit more detail, and some of the powerful benefits of this amino acid!

Did you know that 60% of skeletal muscle tissue is made up of glutamine? And did you know that glutamine levels decrease with stress (from working out, dieting, anxiety, etc)?

Glutamine Is The Insurance Policy For Your Muscles

Man Doing a Pushup after Supplementing with Glutamine

That means when you work out hard, or put your body through other physical and emotional stress it can lead to the catabolism (break down) of your precious muscles. Glutamine supplementation has been termed the "insurance policy for your muscles". By supplementing glutamine, you are giving your body and muscles a reserve amount of it for when it taps into your skeletal muscle stores, thereby preventing muscle catabolism. Protect Your Gains!

Glutamine Helps Keep Your Immune System In Check

In addition to its muscle preservation effects, glutamine has also been proven to help with immune cell functionality. Immune cells need glutamine to function, so by providing the cells with an abundance of their fuel, you are allowing your immune system to function optimally.

Glutamine Helps With Protein Synthesis And Muscle Growth

Man putting on martial arts gloves

Glutamine also helps provide nitrogen to your muscles, which helps with protein synthesis (MUSCLE GROWTH). In addition to that, glutamine supplements help increase cell hydration and cell volume, leading to an optimal environment for muscle growth!

So Should You Be Taking A Glutamine Supplement?

PVL Pure Glutamine Recovery Supplement Superstore

Well, by supplementing as little as 5-10 grams of glutamine daily, you are providing your muscles the optimal environment and building blocks to grow. Additionally, you will be supplying your immune system with the ammunition to help keep you healthy. Overall, using a glutamine supplement definitely does not seem like a bad idea! Check out the Allmax Glutamine as it's available in a number of sizes, as well a convenient capsule form!

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