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Staying Active Through Winters in Canada: A Quick HIIT Workout at Home Article

Staying Active Through Winters in Canada: A Quick HIIT Workout at Home

Canadian Flag over looking snowy Canadian mountains

It can be challenging to stay active through winter, especially in Canada. Unless you’re a snow bunny who thrives on frigid temperatures and loves snowshoeing, staying active through a Canadian winter is rough. Why go outside and go for a run when you could stay inside, cuddled up by the fire?

It can be tempting to do the latter, but we bet most everyone would agree that it’s best to stay active. Staying active helps you feel better physically, mentally, and emotionally (even through frigid Canadian winters), plus you also avoid the whole getting-back-into-shape game when the weather starts to turn come spring.

Canadian Winter Fit Tip: HIIT Instead of a Run

If running is your go-to cardio, you might struggle through winters in Canada. For the days you just can’t make it out for a run, swap for a quick HIIT workout inside. HIIT is an excellent way to burn lots of calories quickly.

Instead of running, swap out this super-fast, but challenging, HIIT workout.

What is HIIT?

High-intensity interval training, or HIIT, is an exercise technique that combines short bursts of intense exercise followed by periods of rest or low-intensity exercise

Girl jumping up stains on concrete bleachers
  • Intense exercise = Heart rate reaches at least 80 percent of its maximum capacity.
    • To calculate your maximum heart rate, subtract your age from 220. Then take 80% of that number. Your heart rate should reach that number to consider your exercise “intense.”
  • Low-Intensity exercise = Heart rate stays around 60% of the heart’s maximum capacity.

Most HIIT routines combine extended periods of intense exercise with shorter periods of rest. Routines can vary from thirty or sixty seconds of intensity up to ten minutes. For our recommended at-home HIIT workout to beat winters in Canada, we’re doing high intensity for forty-five seconds and resting for fifteen seconds. Short periods of intensity make it easy to give your all and save you time! 

HIIT Workout

Grab a timer or download a HIIT timer on your smartphone. Set it for forty-five seconds of high intensity with fifteen seconds of rest. 

Jump Squats: 45

Squat down until your knee joint is bent to at least ninety degrees. Use your quadriceps to straighten your legs and jump. Land in a low squat and repeat until the timer beeps.

Man doing plank jacks on yoga mat

Rest: 15

Plank Jacks: 45

Hold your body in a push-up or plank position with your hands directly beneath your shoulders. On your toes, jump your legs out, then back in. Repeat until you hear the beep.

Rest: 15

Skater Jumps: 45

Start in a lunge with your back foot crossed behind your bent leg. In one, smooth motion, step with your back leg and jump to the side. The leg that was forward now shifts behind your other leg. Watch this video for a visual.

Woman low to ground in push up position at gym

Rest: 1

Push-ups: 45

Hold your body at the top of a push-up. Keeping your elbows pointed back, lower your body until your chest nearly touches the floor before pushing your body back up. Keep your core tight. If this gets too hard, drop to your knees, but keep moving.

Rest: 15

Jumping Jacks: 45

Stand up tall with your feet together. In one motion, hop your feet wide, and lift your arms over your head. Jump your feet back together and drop your arms to your sides. Keep up the pace; remember your heart rate should reach at least eighty percent each exercise. You must push yourself to get there.

Rest: 15

Burpees: 45

Start in a standing position. First, jump up and raise your arms. When you land, place your hands on the ground beneath your shoulders and jump your legs back into a push-up position. In one motion, hop your legs up between your hands, and jump while raising your arms. Repeat until you hear the timer.

Woman with knee toughing elbow in push up position on yoga mat

Rest: 15

Mountain Climbers: 45

Hold your body in the push-up position. One at a time, bring your legs up and cross until your knee nearly touches your opposite elbow, then switch. Keep your core tight, and really feel the movement in your obliques. Push your speed until the timer goes off.

Rest: 15

Plank: 45

Hold a static plank until the timer beeps. Squeeze your core.

Rest: 15

High Knees: 45

Start by standing straight up. Raise one knee at a time until it is level with your hip. This is running in place while raising your knees. Push the intensity.

Woman laying on back on yoga mat with water bottle next to her

Rest: 15

Reverse Crunches: 45

Lay on your back and grab onto something stationary above your head, like the legs of a heavy table. In one movement, lift your legs, and use your core to raise your lower back off the ground. With control, lower your body and then your legs until they are two inches from the ground. Repeat until the timer goes off. Then you’re done!

Rest: 15

Canadian Winter Fit Tip: Keep Taking Your Supplements

You should still take your supplements through your Canadian winter workouts. Even if you never leave the house, refueling your body is a must. So, when you finish your Canadian winter HIIT workout, follow it with a quality post-workout supplement.

There are tons of Canadian supplement brands from which to choose. Some of our favorite Canadian supplement brands are Vega and PVL. Both supplement brands have incredible post-workout supplements.

Vega Post-Workout Supplement

Vega Sport Recovery Accelerator Post Workout Nutrition Supplement Superstore

Vega is a vegan supplement brand, and all of their supplements are powered by plants. Their post-workout supplement is no exception.

Vega Sport Recovery Accelerator is a post-workout supplement that includes twenty-three plant-based ingredients to restore energy and carbohydrate reserves, rehydrate, and support muscle recovery.

PVL Post-Workout Supplement

PVL Total Reload Post Workout recovery Amino Acids Supplement Superstore

PVL is an all-natural, Informed Choice Certified supplement brand. Their supplements are of the highest quality to support the hardest working athletes.

PVL Total Reload is a post-workout supplement designed to do just that – support your hard work. PVL’s post-workout supplement includes amino acids, electrolytes, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. All these ingredients form a post-workout supplement that will speed up your recovery and enhance your results.

Whether you brave the Canadian winters and continue to run outside or swap out your typical exercise regimen for a quick and intense indoor HIIT, staying active through the winter is vital. Don’t forget to continue taking your supplements – especially your post-workout supplement - and you will be able to stay in shape through the winter easily!

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