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Staying Fit While Working From Home Blog from Supplement Superstore Canada

Staying Fit While Working From Home

Woman staring at laptop on desk with coffee cup next to her

Since the coronavirus outbreak started, most companies have asked their employees to work from home. Working from home has several benefits, such as more time with your family, less driving, and increased comfort (no more ties and suits needed). However, everything has a darker side, right? 

When people work from home, they usually become very sedentary. Since they spend most of the time at home, they don't even have a reason to go out besides buying food. We all know we can even order things online, so what's the point of going out during a pandemic anyway, right? Well, being sedentary is not beneficial for anyone. 

If you've always been a healthy individual who likes to work out or you want to improve your lifestyle with exercise, it might be challenging to stay motivated. However, it's still possible to achieve a healthy lifestyle even when working from home. In this guide, you'll find a couple of tips to help you stay fit despite remote work.

Enhance Your Daily Routine With Stretching

Woman doing cobra on yoga mat at home

When working from home, one of the most affected areas of our health is posture. Since we're working at a desk for hours on end, our backs are drastically hurt even though we don't notice at first. It's essential to stretch and walk around during frequent, periodic breaks. 

Lifestyle and travel blogger Timothy Carlson recently said something regarding remote working consequences and how we can cope with them: "It is important to stay limber and mobile, as these are some of the long-term negative health effects of working from home. Simple poses, such as the Child's, Cobra, and Butterfly, help to keep neglected muscles healthy and functional."

Create Your Routine

Planner on table with laptop and cup of hot cocoa

When you're working out from home, you don't have a trainer or someone to guide you through the process. If you're not a fitness expert, it might be harmful to try out crazy exercises without instructions. 

However, today we have several online resources and classes you can take to exercise at home. If you're a yoga person, you can quickly sign up for online yoga classes to stay active. Today's world offers endless at-home fitness options; you just have to find one that suits you!

Once you find a routine approved by experts, you can create your own based on your strengths and goals.

Schedule Your Exercise

Woman sitting on yoga mat watching YouTube workout

Something that most remote workers struggle with is scheduling. Many people procrastinate at home because there aren't others around for accountability. Creating a schedule that incorporates movement, breaks, and mealtime will allow you to stay focused at work without getting overwhelmed. 

Building workouts into your schedule will have a positive effect on your day. Your brain will get accustomed to the routine, and, over time, working out will become a habit.

Take Breaks

Woman with arms above head and laptop on legs sitting on window sill

Another detriment to working at home: no start and end time can lead to becoming a workaholic. Because you don't have someone to tell you it's time to stop and rest, you assume you should continue working. Workaholicism mostly happens if you're passionate about your job. However, this isn't good for your health. 

Taking some time for a break will allow you to maintain motivation and productivity so that your workday doesn't stretch into your evening.

Use What You Have at Home

Feet standing next to 3 sets of light dumbbells

Of course, not all of us have a gym at home. We're not all fitness stars, and most people didn't think to purchase exercise equipment before the pandemic because they could use everything at the gym. 

We never thought a pandemic would have us all locked down in our homes. So, it's understandable if you don't have any equipment. However, the fact that you don't have the proper equipment doesn't have to limit you from working out. You have a bunch of products at home that you can use.

Katie Stearns, PR Manager at BeeBole, recently shared her workout routine with Thrive Global. "As someone who is used to going to the gym every morning, I've now had to improvise. I still wake up early to move my body, and this past couple of days, I've gotten creative by using a sack of potatoes as weights. I try to wake up and move every single day before work." Canned goods and cases of water have also become popular makeshift weights.

Put on Active Wear When You Wake Up

Woman tying hoodie around waist while in workout outfit

Sometimes, all it takes to find motivation is to trick our minds. Something that most people do is that they start with an intensive workout in the first routine. However, this isn't usually the best thing to do. If you want to create a disciplined and steady routine, it would be better to start with small gestures that eventually lead to a proper workout. 

For example, dressing for a workout first thing in the morning leads your brain to assume it is time to be active. Although it sounds silly, it's beneficial. You are much more likely to work out if you are already dressed for it.

Try a Workout App

Man on workout app on phone while working out

These days, we have many convenient exercise apps. These apps not only remind you that it is time to work out, but they also track your performance and make sure you're sticking to your routines. Most of them are customizable and will design a plan for results based on your weight, height, eating habits, and goals. 

Being healthy at home is possible. You just need to create a routine that works for your new lifestyle. Working from home should not stop you from working out. Remember that there are many resources these days that allow you to stay fit while working from home, from online classes to workout apps. 

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