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Supplement Superstore Reviews: Believe Supplements Performance EAAs

In the Supplement Superstore Reviews blog series, we give you our opinions on the products we carry, so you can feel confident giving them a try. 

Whether you’re adding a new supplement to your stack or planning to switch brands or products, we’ve got you covered. This week, we’re talking about Believe Supplements and their amino acid product, Performance EAA.

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Believe Supplements Performance EAA

Believe Performance EAA Supplement

Performance EAA is an essential amino acid supplement by Believe Supplements. You know amino acids as the building blocks of protein and all the structures in your body. Essential amino acids are those that your body can’t make and, therefore, requires through food.

We like amino acid supplements in addition to more traditional protein supplements like whey protein powder in general. However, whether to choose BCAAs (branched-chain amino acids) or EAAs is a hotly debated topic.

Generally, we recommend BCAA supplements for people who regularly meet their protein goals and EAAs for those who do not. Each product can be a great addition to your supplement stack if you’re interested in any of the following: 

gaining muscle

losing weight

gaining weight

increasing energy

improve performance

support muscle recovery

reduce injury risk

In addition to the standard benefits, Believe Supplements’ EAA product is designed to further support sports performance—hence the name. Performance EAA contains 7 grams of amino acids, 600mg electrolytes to support hydration, and L-citrulline Malate to support a better workout pump.

The addition of electrolytes is something we typically approve of, especially for products designed to be used before or during intense exercise, when one will likely be losing a lot of sweat.

We also really like the addition of L-Citrulline Malate here to support the pump. Again, a great addition to products being used before or during exercise. We all know how great we look and feel when our workout leads to a pump, but there are also scientifically proven benefits. This is because the pump is caused by widened blood vessels and increased blood flow to the muscles. The increased blood flow delivers more necessary nutrients to the muscles to support repair and new growth.


Believe Performance EAA Supplement

If you’ve tasted any EAA products, you’re familiar with the very sweet, juice-like taste. Keeping that in mind, Believe Supplements doesn’t disappoint. Some people complain of bitterness in the aftertaste of amino acid supplements, especially BCAA products, but you won’t find that here.

Performance EAA flavours are sweetened with sucralose and maltodextrin. So, if you’re sensitive to the taste of artificial sweeteners and sugar alcohols, you might notice. The use of these sweeteners does lower our product rating, as we would rather see natural sweeteners or sweeteners with lower glycemic indexes; however, it’s a personal preference that some might not mind.

We do give some extra points for creative flavours, too. Choose from black cherry, sour peach, rocket pumpsicle, cyclone pumpsicle, and sour gummy bears.


The texture is as expected with an EAA product, as with the taste. Directions suggest mixing with one to two cups of water. With more water, the taste will be more subtle. If you like a powerful taste, use less water. 

We suggest using a shaker bottle and vigorously shaking the product in water for thirty seconds for the best results. 

Overall Rank

Believe Pump Addict Supplement

Overall, we rate Believe Supplements’ Performance EAAs eight out of ten. The factors that contributed to this ranking are as follows:

great additional active ingredients to support hydration and pump for performance

adequate dosage of active ingredients

good taste and creative flavours

the texture is as expected

reduction for artificial sweeteners

Do Customers Agree?

Our customers might even rate this product higher than we do; they absolutely love the flavours.

Who are Believe Supplements?

Believe Energy + Burner Supplements

Believe Supplements is one of our favourite Canadian supplement brands, and if you do a little digging into the company, it’s easy to see why. In an industry where wildly unfounded claims are thrown around like normal, and brands bend scientific studies to suit their products, Believe Supplements is the first brand to use TrueCheck. 

TrueCheck is a third-party testing process that every supplement goes through, and then the results are made public. They also have a 30-day money-back guarantee, which shows unparalleled belief in their products, in transparency, and in customer service.

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Other Believe Supplements Products to Try

Another thing we love about Believe is the wide array of supplements they offer. Along with the Performance EAA product we’ve reviewed today, they carry various pre-workout supplements, fat burners, protein supplements, and more.

In addition to the sports-focused supplements, they also carry vitamins and various nootropic supplements to support the immune system, the body at a cellular level, and brain health.

Below is our list of best-selling Believe products that you should consider trying in addition to Performance EAA:

Energy + Burner – a cutting-edge thermogenic fat burner designed to increase metabolism while suppressing hunger cues. It also gives you a boost of energy, so it’s great to use as a pre-workout or a mid-workout boost. In addition to the increased fat-burning potential that this product provides, it also helps to boost antioxidants—your body’s natural defense against harmful free radicals.

Pump Addict – one of the only products designed specifically to improve the pump that’s not a no-stim pre-workout. Typically, pre-workout products are focused on one of two things: energy or pump. Pump Addict combines the two to give you that boosted nitric oxide for an amazing pump in addition to the energy buzz that comes from caffeine! As a result, you no longer have to pick and choose or stack your no-stim and stim pre-workouts to get the desired effects.

Believe Superfoods + Greens Supplement

Superfoods + Greens – another unique product we don’t see anywhere else—this blend combines the benefits of a typical greens product (micronutrients and antioxidants) with digestive enzymes, prebiotics, and fibre. Your digestive tract will feel a lot better after a few days of consistent use. And the best part? This product doesn’t taste terrible as many greens do! With Superfoods + Greens, you really get all the good without any of the bad. 

So, there you have it! Supplement Superstore’s thoughts on Believe Supplements and Performance EAAs—all in all, you should try these products!
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