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ONE Protein Bar Review

Supplement Superstore Reviews: ONE Protein Bars

We’re back again with another Supplement Superstore Reviews blog, where we give you our honest opinions and ratings on popular protein bars and other sports nutrition products you might be dying to try!

Up this week, we’re talking about ONE brand protein bars, and if you want a quick breakdown, we love these One bars! Now, read on for our in-depth review.

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Protein Bars: Love ‘Em or Leave ‘Em?

Two people taking a break from bike riding to eat protein bars

If you’re reading this series, you’re very likely familiar with protein bars and their purpose, but in case you’re not, let’s do a quick recap.

Protein bars are a staple functional food item. They’re essentially granola or snack bars with extra protein to help with satiation and hitting protein goals. While we don’t believe supplements and functional foods should be staples in your diet, nor primary sources of nutrients, we do love a good protein bar for:

  • on the go
  • a quick snack before a workout
  • a snack between meals
  • giving you a little extra protein to meet your nutritional requirements

While the internet is rife with skeptics and naysayers, if you select a good brand with quality ingredients and a good nutritional breakdown, protein bars are great for: 

  • helping reduce calorie consumption to support weight loss goals
  • helping increase calorie consumption to support weight gain goals
  • helping build muscle by meeting protein goals

So, let’s get down to One Bars, specifically.

ONE Brand Protein Bars

ONE Brand Protein ONE Bars, Birthday Cake

We’re clearly into protein bars (when used in the same way as other nutritional supplements). When it comes to that vital piece of selecting a quality brand and bar, we really like One Bars. They offer a variety of flavours, and the typical nutritional breakdown is approximate:

220 calories

  • 8 grams of fat
  • 23 grams of carbohydrates
  • 10 grams of fibre
  • 1 gram of sugar
  • 6 grams of sugar alcohols
  • 20 grams of protein 

One Bar Ingredients

While sugar alcohols are somewhat controversial, we are glad to see them instead of artificial sweeteners. Sugar alcohols have been proven safe, and they’re certainly effective for sweetening foods. However, the downside is that sugar alcohols can cause some unpleasant gastrointestinal side effects in large quantities in some people.

One Bars are pretty typical as far as calories and the macronutrient breakdown—20 grams of protein is great, and 23 grams of carbs is to be expected in a protein bar. There’s nothing else to note for the breakdown, so let’s talk about the ingredients specifically.

The first ingredient is a protein blend, which is great for a protein bar. The next ingredient—Isomaltooligosaccharides—might have you scratching your head, but this is a prebiotic fibre used to sweeten and increase the fibre content and is generally regarded as safe and effective.

What are Prebiotics?

Foods high in prebiotics

Prebiotics are the often-overlooked counterpart to probiotics. They’re undigestible plant fibres that make it all the way to the lower digestive tract. They then feed the beneficial bacteria (the probiotics) so they can continue to thrive and maintain a healthy balance.

In addition to feeding the healthy bacteria and helping maintain a balance, prebiotics also help with calcium absorption, slow down blood sugar spikes, and keep the cells in the lining of your gut healthy.

There aren’t any ingredients to note that make us turn up our noses, which is a good thing!

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We want to dive into the taste of One Bars now, which, overall, we love. However, out of fifteen flavours, we carry eleven. Of these eleven flavours, we can only honestly give our opinions on the flavours we’ve personally tried. They are as follows:

  • chocolate chip cookie dough
  • maple glazed doughnut
  • birthday cake
  • blueberry cobbler 

Of these four flavours, wow. One Bars deliver. In our opinion, they are the best-tasting protein bar—even surpassing Quest Bars, which is saying something. Truly, of these flavours, there isn’t a bad one. If forced, maple glazed doughnut would win as a favourite, and they get some points for originality too. Doughnut flavour isn’t something you see often, and while a protein bar would never replace a real doughnut, these One Bars do an amazing job trying.


ONE Brand Protein ONE Bars, Chocolate Brownie

Texture and taste go hand-in-hand with many supplements, and One Bars score so high for us because they nailed both. So, we’d stick with our assessment that this bar has the best texture as well as flavour. 

The texture can be described as dense and cakey with an icing coating (depending on flavour). There is no grittiness and very little of the typical chew-forever toughness that you so often find in protein bars.

Overall Rank

It probably comes as no surprise that One Bars rank very high for us—we give them a ten out of ten. We couldn’t ask for more, with solid ingredients, a great nutritional profile, and amazing taste and texture. 

That being said, we still recommend using protein bars only as needed to bridge a gap in your protein consumption or as a quick snack between meals or before a workout. Don’t use One Bars, or any other protein bar multiple times a day (or even every single day).

Do Customers Agree? 

Yes! Our customers agree that One Bars are some of the best protein bars on the market. They echo our sentiments regarding nutrition, taste, and texture.

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Who is ONE Brands?

ONE Brand Protein ONE Bars, White Chocolate Truffle

One Brands, formerly known as Oh Yeah! Nutrition, was born in 1999 when Owner Ron McAfee set out to create a protein bar with the best taste, texture, and ingredients available. After reading our review and trying One Bars for yourself, we’re sure you will agree that McAfee can effectively say, “mission accomplished.”

We love a good protein bar when used the correct way, and we think One Bars are the bar to do it. We encourage you to give One Bars a try next time you’re in the market. You’ll find a tasty decadence in a functional food that is pretty rare in this industry! Be on the lookout for our next product review in the Supplement Superstore Reviews blog series!

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