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Supplement Superstore Reviews: Smart Sweets Sweet Fish

It’s difficult to find reviews for sports supplements and “health” foods online that you feel are genuine. Marketing these days often includes sending products to influencers with sizeable audiences who receive a commission for each supplement they sell. Obviously, the more products they sell, the better.

smart sweets sweet fish

Allow us to introduce you to our new blog series: Supplement Superstore Reviews. In this series, we will tell you our honest opinion of products you might be wondering about. We are an online retailer with more than a hundred brands in stock. So, while we do sell the items we review, it doesn’t necessarily make a difference to us whether you chose this product or not. This should help you feel a little better in trusting our reviews.

Up first, Smart Sweets Sweet Fish.

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Sweet Fish Review

While the Sweet Fish were not Smart Sweets’ first product, they’re definitely the most popular and our best-selling Smart Sweets product. 

Do Smart Sweets Sweet Fish Taste like Swedish Fish?

With a name like Sweet Fish and a shape remarkably similar to that of Swedish Fish, it’s apparent that these are meant to be a “healthier” version of the beloved red fish gummy. So, do they taste the same?

We have to say, “No.” They don’t taste like the Swedish Fish you know and love. They are sweet, but not too sweet and, in our opinion, lack the slightly tart taste that the originals have.

All this is not to say they taste bad—they certainly taste like sweet, gummy candy. However, if you’re expecting them to be a taste dupe, you’ll be disappointed. This is a problem we see a lot with vegan and vegetarian versions of favourite meat-containing recipes—just because they look the same doesn’t mean they’re good replacements. Taste is a more critical piece to the puzzle, and in this case, it’s not there.

smart sweets sweet fish individual package

Sweet Fish Texture

Swedish Fish seem to have an outer layer and an inner layer, and if you agree with that, you’ll understand when we say that Sweet Fish seem to be the inner layer only. They also have more of a tacky, stick-to-your-teeth texture.

It’s not that one texture is better or worse, just that there are noticeable differences.

Sweet Fish Overall Ranking

Sweet Fish taste good, and, considering the nutrition compared to the originals, they are a decent alternative if you’re trying to reduce your sugar intake. So, if we’re ranking them without regard to the originals, we’d give them a solid eight out of ten. However, if you’re comparing them to the originals, the rank has got to drop to about a five.

Do Our Customers Agree with Us?

Supplement Superstore customers absolutely adore Sweet Fish. They love the taste, texture, and some even go as far as to say that they taste even better than the originals. As with any discrepancy, you’ll have to see for yourself!

Who are Smart Sweets?

smart sweets logo

Smart Sweets is a candy company unlike any other. In the summer of 2015, Tara Bosch dropped out of college with a gummy bear mold and a mission to help the world kick sugar.

Today, Smart Sweets has expanded to a line of eight candies, all modeled after popular candies we know and love—and some that were locked away in the forgotten areas of our childhood memories (*ahem* Cola Gummies).

As a whole, the Smart Sweet candies are:

  • free of added sugars, artificial sweeteners, and sugar alcohols
  • coloured and flavoured with natural ingredients like fruit and vegetable juices
  • made without the use of GMOs
  • full of a hefty serving of plant-based fibre
  • free from common allergens like nuts and dairy 

Why is the Kick Sugar Message Important?

Tara Bosch, like many of us, struggled with a sweet tooth so strong she became obsessed with candy. While a little candy here and there won’t hurt, Bosch felt that she spiraled into an unhealthy relationship with food and began to experience the adverse effects of consuming too much sugar.

The #kicksugar message is an important one, albeit complex and nuanced. There are often two facets of an issue in fitness and nutrition—what the science says and how our brains interpret the message. For example, on the surface, kicking sugar is a good idea because science tells us that too much sugar in our diets can cause:

  • weight gain
  • increased risk of fatty liver, kidney disease, depression, heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and cancer
  • acne
  • premature signs of aging in the cells and visibly on the skin
  • reduced energy levels
  • cavities 

These things are proven; we know too much sugar is a bad thing. We also know the average Canadian adult eats approximately 110 grams of sugar per day when the recommended max is 50 grams. So, most people are eating way too much sugar, and kicking sugar is something from which most people can benefit.

Is Smart Sweets’ Kick Sugar Message Problematic?

The problem arises with what we know about restriction and attaching a moral value to food—something that has no morality. Unfortunately, when we learn about the adverse effects of consuming too much of a certain food, it’s become second nature to automatically dish out a bad or unhealthy label.

smart sweets sweet fish nutrition label

As a general rule in psychology, when we label something bad, it becomes a kind of forbidden fruit, and we end up craving it even more! Thus, the never-ending cycle of avoiding and restricting, giving in, eating, feeling immense guilt, and vowing never to eat this food again, and repeat. Forever.

We can’t be free of this cycle until we can overcome the label we’ve applied and sit with the guilt until we no longer feel it. So, do we agree with the #kicksugar message? By now, you see, it’s not so easy. Yes, we need to limit our sugar intake. However, if we find ourselves labeling Smart Sweets good and regular candy bad, we’ve gone too far.

While Smart Sweets do offer some nutritional value (mainly fibre) when the originals do not, we still wouldn’t deem Sweet Fish particularly nutrient-dense, and as such, they should probably be limited as well. So, it comes down to your preference—do you want the taste of the original and not much nutritional value, or do you want a little extra fibre, less sugar, and a slightly different taste? Either way, you shouldn’t be eating these all day, every day, so the choice is yours!

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