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October 03, 2020 2 min read

Supplements are a great way to keep your body healthy and strong through any workout. You’d be hard-pressed to find a single athlete who doesn’t rely on some form of sports supplement to support their bodies and efforts. Boxing, or any combat sport, is an excellent workoutand for many people, a way of life.

Here you will find Supplement Superstore’s recommendations for the best supplements for boxing.

Omega-3 for Boxing

People everywhere looking to improve their health should consider adding a daily omega-3 supplement, but for boxing, omega-3s are especially important.

Omega-3 fatty acids have various health benefits for essential systems in your body, including your brain, skin, joints, and bones. To support your body’s workout and healing efforts from boxing, include an omega-3 supplement, especially if you don’t consume fish often.

Multivitamin for Boxing

Like omega-3 supplements, multivitamins are an excellent foundational supplement that has the potential to benefit everybody. For boxing, it’s essential to provide your body with the macronutrients it needs to power through your workouts and the micronutrients it needs to energize and heal.

Add a daily multivitamin with your omega-3 to ensure your body is getting all the countless vitamins and minerals it needs to thrive. Multivitamins come in tailored blends to best support males and females in different life stages, so take some time deciding which multivitamin is right for you.

Caffeinefor Boxing

Consuming caffeine is more than just a daily vice; studies show that caffeine has various health and performance benefits. It's for these benefits that caffeine has become a widely used sports supplement.

You can take caffeine in the form of a pre-workout supplement to quickly get a boost before a workout, along with the health benefits of caffeine and a variety of other helpful ingredients, or you can try pure caffeine pills. Be sure to follow dosing directions carefully, as using caffeine supplements increases your risk of overdosing on caffeine.

Creatine for Boxing

Creatine is an incredibly popular and well-researched supplement trusted amongst athletes. Creatine improves strength and performance, but research also concludes that using creatine regularly has numerous health benefits, including:

  • Increased muscle growth
  • Improved brain function
  • Lowered blood sugar levels
  • Reduced fatigue

Creatine is popular amongst weight lifters, but combat sports athletes could also greatly benefit from the use of creatine.

Proteinfor Boxing

Of course, protein is on the list of the best supplements for boxing. Protein is essential for all people who regularly exercise so you can adequately support your muscles. You don’t need a supplement if you consume enough protein through your diet alone, but many people struggle to achieve the recommended 1.2-2.0 grams per kilogram of body weight. Adding a protein shake can make sure you’re providing your muscles with the nutrition they require to grow and fight muscle breakdown resulting from tough workouts.

In professional boxing and combat sports, you need to be especially careful to use trusted brands for your supplements. Always use products that are quality assurance certified so you can be sure to avoid illegal and harmful substances.

Supplement Superstore sells supplements from only the most trusted supplement brands, so you can rest assured that when you shop with us from multivitamins to protein powders, you know what you’re getting.

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