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The Best Supplements for your Activity Weight Lifting Article

The Best Supplements for your Activity: Weight Lifting

The Best Supplements for your Activity Weight Lifting Infographic

In an increasingly sedentary world, finding an activity that you enjoy that keeps you active and healthy is imperative. Weight lifting is popular with many people and for good reasons. Not only does it have the potential to transform your physique like no other exercise, but consistent weight lifting can also:

  • Keep your bones strong, even preventing osteoporosis
  • Help your body resist diseases like cardiovascular disease, type two diabetes, and cancers
  • Boost your metabolism and consequently, fat loss
  • Regulate your blood sugar and lower inflammation
  • Improve posture, sleep, confidence, mood, and energy levels

More than any other exercise program, individuals who turn to weight lifting for their exercise can benefit from supplements to improve their workouts and help support recovery. To start, we recommend the following supplements for the very best weight lifting workouts.

Pre-workout for Weight Lifting

Pre-workout supplements are great to include before you hit the weights because they increase your energy levels, your focus, and muscle pumps.

Impact Igniter Allmax Pre-Workout Supplement Superstore

The coveted muscle pump of weightlifting is not just gym talk; it’s a legitimate body process called hyperemia, where oxygen nutrient-rich blood rushes to the affected muscles, causing them to swell. The muscle pump you get from weight lifting is more than just for looks, though. Those nutrients in your blood are necessary for achieving maximum results.

A quality pre-workout, like Allmax Impact Igniter, can help your body meet the required conditions for an excellent muscle pump and, therefore, better results.

Creatine for Weight Lifting

Pure Creatine Monohydrate Supplement Superstore

Creatine is one of the most popular, most effective, and most researched supplements on the market. For some reason, creatine has a reputation for being unsafe, but the research shows the opposite. Creatine is an extremely safe supplement.

Creatine helps your body produce more ATP, your body’s energy currency. More ATP in your body means you can lift heavier and at a higher intensity. Creatine also helps to reduce protein breakdown, improve cellular communication, and may improve brain health as well.

Some pre-workouts include creatine, or you can include pure creatine, like Perfect Sports Pure Creatine Monohydrate, into your supplement stack.

Whey Protein for Weight Lifting

Allmax Isoflex Whey Protein Powder Supplement Superstore

A high-quality whey protein is the most important supplement to include when weight lifting. Proteins are the building blocks of your muscles and every structure in your body. When you are working your muscles increasingly hard, like you do when weightlifting, it’s essential to make sure you’re ingesting adequate protein. For most people, this means supplementing with whey protein.

In one serving of whey protein powder, you can get 10-30 grams of protein. Whey protein is a convenient way to immediately give your body an influx of protein following your workout in the important anabolic window.

Allmax Isoflex is one of the longest-running, most trusted whey protein isolates. It has 27 grams of protein per serving and is quick-digesting, making it a perfect post-workout shake.

At Supplement Superstore, we love weight lifting. We have a massive supply of all the supplements you need to have a killer workout, and you just have to show up and put in the work.

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