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June 21, 2019 5 min read

There are a lot of supplements on the market, and they all have different tasks: whey builds muscle, amino acids speed up recovery between workouts and give you a pre-workout boost, etc. But what about weight loss? It can be overwhelming trying to figure out what supplements best serve your weight loss journey, but we’ve made it easy. Here are our top seven weight loss supplements.

7. Perfect Sports Burn Cycle

The Perfect Sports Burn Cycle uses three main ingredients needed in weight loss: carnitine, taurine, and caffeine. Carnitine moves fatty acids into your cells, which are then burned for energy. Yes, you read that correctly: it burns fat and gives you energy at the same time! Taurine is often called a “wonder molecule,” with many benefits, such as:

  • Maintaining hydration
  • Regulating calcium in cells
  • Supporting central nervous system functions
  • Strengthening the immune system
  • Improving antioxidant function
  • Promotes heart health
  • And best of all...improves exercise performance

The final ingredient is caffeine, which gives you the energy and focus you need to complete your workout. Take Perfect Sports Burn Cycle before your workout for an effective weight loss session. In flavors like strawberry daiquiri, it’ll be your favorite step in your workout routine!

6. PharmaFreak Ripped Freak 2.0

You might be wondering how we can possibly build from our seventh choice, but we have six high-quality weight loss products that do, including the PharmaFreak Ripped Freak 2.0. This supplement contains Sinetrol, which is a dry citrus extract from sweet orange, blood orange, and grapefruit. Sinetrol stimulates the breakdown of fats through hydrolysis, and studies identify it as an effective weight loss option. The caffeine in PharmaFreak’s formula increases the resting energy expenditure through thermogenesis, which pairs with Sinetrol to increase your body’s metabolism. 

5. Allmax CLA 95

Next up is the Allmax CLA 95, which is a softgel form of Conjugated Linoleic Acid. Conjugated Linoleic Acid, or CLA, is derived from safflower and sunflower oil, which makes it one of the most natural paths to weight loss. CLA works preventatively by inhibiting fat cells from amassing in the body. To break it down, fat cells are controlled by an enzyme, which determines whether to let the fat into the cell. With 95% active CLA isomers in each softgel capsule, Allmax CLA 95 interacts with this enzyme to make sure fat does not enter the fat cell. That means less fat built up in the body, and the sooner the fat cells life cycle ends! Not only will this keep your weight down, but it will also increase the muscle to fat ratio for a lean, muscular look.

4. ANS Performance RIPT

ANS Performance RIPT is one of the most powerful weight loss supplements on the market. With the fat-burning energy-providing molecules of Theanine and Teacrine sustaining your workout, you’ll feel energized to continue your weight loss journey. One of the more surprising ingredients in this capsule is the organic Matcha green tea. It provides natural antioxidants, and includes extracts from white and green tea, which specifically target fat! Who knew natural weight loss could be so powerful? Each bottle has a one-month supply to support your workout routine.

3. Allmax L-Carnitine Tartrate

The importance of hard-working molecules in your weight loss supplements cannot be overlooked. In the Allmax L-Carnitine Tartrate capsules, your body will use one of the more bio-available forms of L-Carnitine L-Tartrate (LCLT). Bioavailability is the ability for your body to absorb the supplements you take – for example, sometimes when you take Vitamin C, you only absorb a small fraction – but that’s not the case with this weight loss supplement. L-Carnitine and L-Tartrate move long-chain fats into the cell, to burn as fuel, which increases overall energy. If these fats are not burned, they are stored in your body as excess fat! Which means LCLT weight loss function has a duality: to burn existing fat and prevent fat storage from occurring. By focusing your body on burning fat for energy, your body will lessen the breaking down of muscle glycogen, which keeps your muscles built and your energy high. Due to all of these benefits, LCLT improves exercise and sports performance!

2. Beyond Yourself Keto Ice

Raspberry ketones are put to work to burn fat and drive energy in the Beyond Yourself Keto Ice thermogenic metabolic enhancer. You might be wondering: what could raspberry ketones possibly have to do with losing weight? Raspberry ketones are actually responsible for effectively breaking down fats within cells. With these powerful ketones, your body burns fats faster! Additionally, raspberry ketones contain a hormone called adiponectin, which regulates your metabolism. The combination of the raspberry ketones with L-Carnitine increases fat oxidation alongside thermogenesis. In simpler terms, your body stays healthy and lean, while your mind stays energized and focused. But it’s not a stimulant, the Beyond Yourself Keto Ice relies on the natural benefits of its ingredients for a healthy path to weight loss – it also comes in great flavors like island punch and strawberry kiwi! 

1. ANS Performance Diablo

After analyzing six potent, effective products on the weight loss supplement market, we’ve finally reached number one. With a name like ANS Performance Diablo, you know this product is going to be a fast-acting fat burner. This weight loss supplement targets both visceral and subcutaneous fat by harnessing that fat for cell-burning and energy production. This is done through thermogenesis, and, users claim, you can quite literally feel your body heating up to burn the fat! This product combines the fat-burning L-Carnitine with the amino acid N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine, which increase the body’s energy, and even improve your mood and mental focus. Choline Bitartrate might seem like a foreign word, but it’s just a combination of caffeine, carnitine, and choline, which lowers body fat concentration and partners with L-Carnitine to stimulate fat burning. The carnitine and choline work together to move the fatty acids into the mitochondria of muscle cells to burn. The caffeine comes from the green coffee bean, which also provides an enzyme used to inhibit the use of sugar for energy use, instead allowing muscles to use the glucose for muscle mass building! Finally, are the extracts:

  • Lotus seed extract: contains phytochemicals which control appetite
  • Evodia fruit extract: increases body heat by raising core temperature, which burns more calories and fat at rest and decreases appetite
  • Olive leaf extract: increases adrenaline secretions, which increases thermogenesis, and speeds up base metabolic rate
  • 6AM Aframomum melegueta extract: increases energy expenditure and loss of fat tissue
  • Hordeum vulgare seed extract: central nervous center stimulant which speeds up weight loss process, but slows down food digestion, leaving you fuller, longer

Do you see why we saved ANS Performance Diablo as our number one choice?! It combines the molecular-level weight loss process with natural seed extract potencies to deliver a high-quality enhanced fat burning supplement, every time.

Our favourite weight loss supplements, paired with your diligent workout routine, can help you achieve the body you want. Pick up your supplements today!

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