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Top 7 Weight Loss Supplements Blog Post at Supplement Superstore Canada

Your Ultimate Guide to Weight Loss + Our Top 7 Weight Loss Supplements

There are many supplements on the market, and they all have different tasks: whey builds muscle, amino acids speed up recovery between workouts and give you a pre-workout boost, but what about weight loss supplements? 

scoop of protein powder

It can be overwhelming trying to figure out which calorie and fat-burning products best serve your weight loss needs and goals when they’re all claiming to burn fat and melt pounds away overnight. If you’re committed to improving your health and want to embark on a weight loss journey, we’re here to help and support you.

Weve put together the ultimate guide to healthy, effective weight loss to guide you on your journey. We’ll walk you through healthy habits, pairing workouts with your weight loss supplements, and the science behind it all. We’ll also make it easy for you to get started with our top seven weight loss supplements and why we love them.

  • Healthy Weight Loss
  • Sleep and Weight Loss
  • Nutrition and Weight Loss
  • Incorporate Workouts That Support Fat Burn and Weight Loss
  • Hydration, Fat Burn, and Weight Loss
  • Pre-Workout and Protein Supplements to Enhance Weight Loss
  • Benefits of Incorporating Pre-Workout and Protein Supplements
  • Effective Ingredients in Weight Loss Supplements
  • When Should You Take Your Weight Loss Supplement?
  • Our Top 7 Weight Loss Supplement Recommendations

Healthy Weight Loss

As you embark on your weight loss journey, it’s important to set healthy, realistic goals for yourself. Losing weight too quickly or taking shortcuts to get to your ideal weight will only increase your chances of those pounds creeping back upon you. Instead, browse through our guide of simple yet effective lifestyle changes you can pair with nutritious weight loss supplements to burn fat and calories safely.

Sleep and Weight Loss

man snoozing alarm clock while in bed

Adopting healthy sleep habits and scheduling rest days from your rigorous workout routine are essential aspects of healthy weight loss. Too many people associate an effective weight loss routine with fitness and a balanced diet, overlooking the fact that proper sleeping habits are just as critical. Restful sleep allows your body adequate time to heal while supporting focus, motivation, and energy levels necessary for optimal workout performance.

Lack of Sleep and Calorie Intake

Studies show obesity in adults increases 55% and 89% in children when adequate sleep is not achieved. Minimal sleep has been linked to increases in meal portions, leading to weight gain. Lack of sleep has also been linked to triggering late-night cravings, snacking, and poor impulse control. We all know what that means—greasy food choices, high-carb treats, sugary drinks, and the calories and fat that accompany them.

Sleep Deprivation and Your Brain

When your body can rest and rejuvenate, your brain does, too. A sleepy brain can trigger your ghrelin hormone levels and fire off signals that your stomach is hungry. It can create stress, producing high cortisol levels, which increase your appetite. Sleep deprivation also leads to a foggy brain unable to make clear decisions. The frontal lobe becomes dull, and your self-control and decision-making abilities suffer. As the brain’s reward centers become stimulated by the thought of food, your cravings set in, and your weight loss efforts begin to dwindle. 

Sleep and Your Metabolism

Woman lying on bed thinking

Poor sleeping habits have also been linked to a decline in resting metabolism. The RMR, or resting metabolic rate, is the number of calories the body burns while at rest. Lack of sleep over prolonged periods may contribute to lowering your resting metabolic rate.

Muscle loss is also a noted result of poor sleep habits. Since muscle burns more calories while the body is at rest than fat burns, muscle loss contributes to RMR decrease. 

Sleep and Enhanced Performance

It's no secret that a good night's rest can boost your body and mind’s overall performance. Healthy sleep habits combat fatigue while sharpening your focus and increasing motivation. Proper rest and rejuvenation increase endurance, boost performance, and support quick healing of sore muscles.

Sleep and Insulin Resistance

Insulin is the hormone that transports sugar into your cells from your bloodstream to be used as energy. As your body experiences sleep deprivation, it becomes resistant to it. Insulin resistance results in sugar sitting in your bloodstream, causing your body to overproduce more in an attempt to compensate for lost energy. The buildup of excess insulin triggers your hunger and signals your body to begin storing calories as fat. Along with weight gain, you may also put yourself at risk for type 2 diabetes.

Nutrition and Weight Loss

Establishing a nutritious, balanced diet will support your weight loss goals while supporting a healthier lifestyle. When you avoid processed foods that fall short of delivering the proper nutrients and vitamins your body craves, you cheat yourself out of optimal health and performance. 

Nutrition for Natural Detox

Selecting the right foods can support your fat burn and weight loss goals by offering natural detox benefits. Adopting a daily diet rich in whole foods can help rid your body of the toxin buildup that prevents you from shedding those last few pounds. Toxin buildup will contribute to:

green diet with protein
  • additional weight gain
  • inflammation throughout the body
  • increased risk for heart disease
  • high blood sugar levels
  • increased insulin levels

For optimal weight loss and fat burning results, avoid burdening your body with:

  • preservatives
  • refined grains
  • refined sugars
  • sweeteners
  • trans fats
  • artificial flavouring
  • artificial colouring
  • heavily refined oils

Fill your body with whole foods designed to work with your body’s natural detox systems. Paired with high-quality weight loss supplements, you’ll see increased muscle gain, rapid fat burn,and undeniable weight loss results. Our top recommended foods to help you achieve your goals include:

  1. Eggs: High in protein and healthy fat, eggs support weight loss by keeping you satisfied and energized. You’ll find the energy you need to step up your workout routine, burn fat, and build lean muscle from this low-calorie, nutrient-dense option.
  2. Leafy Greens: Load up on spinach and kale to fuel your body with the fibre it needs to meet your health goals. Leafy greens offer a low-calorie, low-carb option while providing your body with excellent fat-burning minerals like calcium.
  3. Fish: Fatty fish is loaded with protein and omega-3 fatty acids. Adding salmon to your diet will help reduce inflammation, support your metabolism, and keep you full and energized for hours.
  4. Lean Beef: If you're selective about your lean beef, you'll find it offers incredible health benefits. Unprocessed red meat has been found to support weight loss efforts by offering high amounts of protein, fueling your energy levels, and keeping you full.
  5. Avocados: Full of healthy fats, avocados are one of our favourite add-ons. Avocados are loaded with fibre and potassium, making them the perfect addition to any snack or meal when eaten in moderation.
  6. Yogurt: Adding full-fat yogurt to your dietary routine can support your weight loss goals while providing probiotic bacteria to ensure a healthy, happy gut. Yogurt is known to guard against inflammation as well as leptin resistance, a known culprit in obesity. 

Calorie Deficits for Optimal Weight Loss

a dozen eggs in a carton with two outside of it

By eating fewer calories and utilizing exercise to burn fat and calories, you create a healthy weight loss strategy. Maintaining a calorie deficit does not mean restricting yourself from the foods you need or even enjoy most. Finding a balance between the foods you choose and the workout routines you create will help you establish a caloric deficit you can commit to.

Incorporate Workouts That Support Fat Burn and Weight Loss

Adding cardio and weightlifting workouts that aim to burn fat and calories quickly will yield incredible results.  These two options are ideal for building lean muscle mass, which will provide your body with additional energy to continue burning calories while your body is at rest. Consider incorporating a cardio workout for at least thirty minutes, five times a week. Add lifting to your routine an average of three to five times per week. You'll begin to see a positive change in your body composition as you continue to burn fat and shed pounds. Don’t forget to schedule a rest day into your workout routine, as it’s essential for continued progress. Allowing yourself one to two days of recovery time will provide your body time to heal and refuel, so you're ready to take on your next workout safely.

At-Home Workouts

Woman doing crunches on mat

Don’t let obstacles stand in your way of achieving your weight loss goals. If you live in an area that has not reinstated gym access or still prefer to forgo the gym, we have plenty of workout recommendations to help you burn fat and calories in the comfort of your own home. Incorporating strength training and cardio exercises are an easy way to get your blood circulating and increase metabolism. There is no reason you can't create a home-friendly fat-burning routine to meet your health and fitness goals.

  1. Crunches: We all know them and love them, so start with three sets of ten to work your way up to a minimum of three sets of twenty. Crunches focus on your abdominal muscles while burning fat to create optimal results. Besides, they take up little room, so there's no excuse for not incorporating them into your strength training routine.
  2. Lunges: Work those quad muscles with plenty of lunges for optimal fat burn and definition. Switch up your lunges to target multiple sections for well-rounded results. We recommend front, back, and side lunges to get the most out of your set.
  3. Squats: With proper form comes maximum results, so ensure your squats are working for you. Increase that feel-good burn and target various muscles by widening your stance.
  4. Planks: Done correctly, you’ll get a quick full-body workout every time. The trick is to maintain a straight back and legs, keeping your glutes and abs in check as you hold this position for as long as possible. Embrace the burn, and it will reward you.
  5. Burpees: Another fantastic full-body exercise, burpees will get the heart pumping to support your calorie and fat burn goals.
  6. Jump Rope or Jumping Jacks: Both offer excellent cardio exercise and are easy to do at home. Start with intervals of a full minute of jacks or jumping rope followed by thirty seconds of downtime.

Hydration, Fat Burn, and Weight Loss

Two bottles of water labeled with time next to plant near window

Staying hydrated is vital to your health and fitness goals. Water helps support the movement of your muscles, connective tissues, and joints. It also supports the health and proper functioning of your heart, lungs, and other organs as you exercise. Maintaining sufficient hydration levels before, during, and after your workouts will reduce the risk of fatigue, muscle cramps, and injury.

Water is also essential for burning fat. Without it, your body cannot properly metabolize stored fat and carbs from the food and beverages you consume.

Pre-Workout and Protein Supplements to Enhance Weight Loss

Selecting the right supplements to add to your daily routine can help support your current weight loss supplements and enhance your efforts. You may also consider adding a pre-workout supplement if you feel your weight loss has come to a standstill or find yourself a bit more drained than usual. Pre-workout and protein supplements can give you the extra boost of energy you need to optimize your workouts and crush weight loss and fat-burning goals. 

Benefits of Incorporating Pre-Workout and Protein Supplements

When you pair pre-workout and protein supplements with your daily weight loss routine and current weight loss supplements, you reap the benefits, including:

  • increase in blood flow
  • improved focus during your workouts
  • boosted energy levels
  • increases in the intensity of your workout
  • boosts in endurance
  • shorter recovery time in between sets
  • increases in strength
  • optimized fat burning and buildup of lean muscle

Effective Ingredients in Weight Loss Supplements

As with any supplement, high-quality ingredients are imperative to your health, safety, and overall results. We recommend looking for weight loss supplements that have vital ingredients meant to support your goals to burn fat and calories, including:

  • caffeine
  • protein
  • creatine
  • beta-alanine
  • citrulline 


coffee in mug on cutting board

Caffeine stimulants help support your goals by improving your workouts. Caffeine is beneficial in weight training and cycling as it helps increase your output levels. By significantly improving your performance during endurance training, your body can burn fat and calories more quickly. 

Caffeine also boosts your epinephrine levels, which increases your metabolism rate, supports rapid fat burn, and assists in mobilizing fats from your body’s fat tissues.

With an increase in energy, you'll fit in more sets, more workouts, and see more weight loss results. You’ll also reap the benefits of reduced fat storage and find yourself more focused and motivated during your workouts. 

How Does Caffeine Work?

Caffeine is a common ingredient in weight loss supplements because it's incredibly influential in how it works with the body. Caffeine blocks the inhibitory neurotransmitter adenosine. In doing so, caffeine increases neuron firing and the release of neurotransmitters, such as dopamine and norepinephrine. This release is what provides the feeling of being energized and awake. You’ll have the stamina and motivation to boost workout performance and burn fat and calories faster.


Protein is an incredibly beneficial nutrient and plays a vital role in supporting your weight loss goals. Protein curbs your appetite and provides lasting fulfillment to keep you from those dreadful cravings that set you back in your weight loss goals. It’s also known to help prevent weight regain and support long-term weight loss and lifestyle change.

Protein and Your Brain

different types of nuts

Your brain is constantly processing signals linked to feeding and weight regulation. Many of these signals are hormones coming from the hypothalamus. When you boost your protein intake, it increases the levels of the appetite-reducing hormones GLP-1, peptide YY, and cholecystokinin. During this process, it also reduces ghrelin levels, also known as your hunger hormone. By replacing unhealthy fats and carbs with protein, you increase the satiety hormones, triggering hunger reduction and resulting in weight loss results. 

Burning Calories with Protein

Implementing a high-protein diet has several advantages. As the extra protein fills you up, it reduces your appetite, lowering your calorie intake. Some studies have noted calorie reductions as high as 441 a day. It’s also beneficial in curbing cravings and putting a halt to nighttime snacking urges that keep most people from their weight loss goals. 

The Thermic Effect

After a snack or meal, your body uses a portion of the calories to help digest and metabolize the food. We call this process the thermic effect of food. Protein offers a 20% to 30% thermic effect. So, roughly forty to sixty of these calories are actively burning while you're digesting for every 200 protein calories you consume. With a high thermic effect boosting your metabolism, your body is in high-speed calorie burn mode. A high-protein diet can increase your daily burn by 260 calories. 

Protein and Fat Burn

Belly fat can creep up around your organs and lead to disease and illness. The addition of protein to your regular diet can also promote fat burn in those hard-to-manage trouble spots.

Preventing Muscles Loss

Green Smoothie Drink with straw

Unfortunately, weight loss can also mean the loss of muscle mass. You work too hard to see your gains dwindle when it’s only the fat burn you want to see. You’ll also begin to notice your metabolic rate drop – experiencing fewer calories burned than before. For some, this can result in burning several hundred calories less per day. The good news is, as you boost your protein intake, your metabolic rate increases and supports the retention of muscle mass. If you're looking to bump up your fat burn a notch, we suggest pairing a high protein diet with heavy strength training for optimal results. You'll yield lean muscular results you can be proud of.


The cells in our bodies naturally contain creatine. It is also found in the foods we eat. However, our bodies cannot possibly take in the required amount of recommended daily creatine through food alone. This makes the consumption of creatine through supplements an ideal option. Creatine is a safe, effective ingredient in many weight loss supplements and supports your health and weight loss goals in various ways, including:

  • storing energy within the muscles
  • building lean muscle
  • increasing muscle mass
  • optimizing workout performance
  • increasing levels of energy and strength


Another key ingredient in your weight loss supplement products is beta-alanine. It supports your health and weight loss goals by counteracting the impact of toxins and waste that tend to build up in your body during your workouts. As lactic acid builds up during your most intense exercises, it creates a burning feeling letting you know your muscle contractions are being limited. The amino acid beta-alanine: 

  • enhances your performance
  • prevents fatigue
  • prolongs workout stamina
  • decreases the lactic acid buildup


Your body naturally produces this nonessential amino acid L-citrulline in the intestines and liver. It supports the increase of blood flow to your tissues. Citrulline increases the amount of oxygen your muscles receive and supports your health and weight loss goals by:

  • reducing fatigue and muscle soreness
  • boosting your workout performance
  • improving heart health
  • increasing antioxidants and reducing inflammation

When Should You Take Your Weight Loss Supplement?

The optimal time to take your weight loss supplements will vary for each product. Typically, weight loss supplements take between forty-five to sixty minutes to kick in fully. While some products are quicker acting than others, we always advise you to adhere to the directions of each brand’s weight loss supplement product.

Our Top 7 Weight Loss Supplement Recommendations

We’ve compiled a list of our top picks to meet all your weight loss supplement needs:

Perfect Sports Burn Cycle Supplement

7. Perfect Sports Burn Cycle

The Perfect Sports Burn Cycle uses three main ingredients needed in weight loss: carnitine, taurine, and caffeine. Carnitine moves fatty acids into your cells, which are then burned for energy. Yes, you read that correctly: it burns fat and gives you energy at the same time! Taurine is often called a wonder molecule,” with many benefits, such as:

  • Maintaining hydration
  • Regulating calcium in cells
  • Supporting central nervous system functions
  • Strengthening the immune system
  • Improving antioxidant function
  • Promoting heart health
  • Improving exercise performance

The final ingredient is caffeine, which gives you the energy and focus you need to complete your workout. Take Perfect Sports Burn Cycle before your workout for an effective weight loss session. In flavours like strawberry daiquiri, itll be your favourite step in your workout routine!

6. PharmaFreak Ripped Freak 2.0

Ripped Freak 2.0 Supplement

You might be wondering how we can possibly build from our seventh choice, but we have six high-quality weight loss products that do, including the PharmaFreak Ripped Freak 2.0. This supplement contains Sinetrol, which is a dry citrus extract from sweet orange, blood orange, and grapefruit. Sinetrol stimulates the breakdown of fats through hydrolysis, and studies identify it as an effective weight loss option. The caffeine in PharmaFreaks formula increases the resting energy expenditure through thermogenesis, which pairs with Sinetrol to increase your bodys metabolism.

5. Allmax CLA 95

Allmax CLA95 Supplement

Next up is the Allmax CLA 95, which is a soft gel form of Conjugated Linoleic Acid.  Conjugated Linoleic Acid, or CLA, is derived from safflower and sunflower oil, making it one of the most natural paths to weight loss. CLA works preventatively by inhibiting fat cells from amassing in the body. To break it down, fat cells are controlled by an enzyme, determining whether to let the fat into the cell. With 95% active CLA isomers in each soft gel capsule, Allmax CLA 95 interacts with this enzyme to make sure fat does not enter the fat cell. That means less fat built up in the body, and the sooner the fat cells life cycle ends! Not only will this keep your weight down, but it will also increase the muscle-to-fat ratio for a lean, muscular look.

4. ANS Performance RIPT


RIPT Fat ANS Performance Supplement
ANS Performance RIPT is one of the most powerful weight loss supplements on the market. With the fat-burning energy-providing molecules of Theanine and Teacrine sustaining your workout, youll feel energized to continue your weight loss journey. One of the more surprising ingredients in this capsule is the organic Matcha green tea. It provides natural antioxidants and includes extracts from white and green tea, which specifically target fat! Who knew natural weight loss could be so powerful? Each bottle has a one-month supply to support your workout routine.


3. Allmax L-Carnitine Tartrate


The importance of hard-working molecules in your weight loss supplements cannot be overlooked. In the Allmax L-Carnitine Tartrate capsules, your body will use one of the more bio-available forms of L-Carnitine L-Tartrate (LCLT). Bioavailability is your body’s ability to absorb the supplements you take. For example, sometimes when you take Vitamin C, you only absorb a tiny fraction and the rest passes through your system. Thats not the case with this weight loss supplement. L-Carnitine and L-Tartrate move long-chain fats into the cell to burn as fuel, which increases overall energy. If these fats are not burned, they are stored in your body as excess fat! This means LCLT weight loss function has a duality: burning existing fat and preventing fat storage from occurring. By focusing your body on burning fat for energy, your body will lessen muscle glycogen breaking, which keeps your muscles built and your energy high. Due to all of these benefits, LCLT improves exercise and sports performance!

2. Beyond Yourself Keto Ice

Beyond Yourself Keto Ice

Raspberry ketones are put to work to burn fat and drive energy in the Beyond Yourself Keto Ice thermogenic metabolic enhancer. You might be wondering: what could raspberry ketones possibly have to do with losing weight? Raspberry ketones are actually responsible for effectively breaking down fats within cells. With these powerful ketones, your body burns fats faster! Additionally, raspberry ketones contain a hormone called adiponectin, which regulates your metabolism. The combination of the raspberry ketones with L-Carnitine increases fat oxidation alongside thermogenesis. In simpler terms, your body stays healthy and lean while your mind stays energized and focused. However, its not a stimulant; the Beyond Yourself Keto Ice relies on the natural benefits of its ingredients for a healthy path to weight loss – it also comes in great flavours like island punch and strawberry kiwi!

1. ANS Performance Diablo

ANS Diablo Fat Burner

After analyzing six potent, effective products on the weight loss supplement market, weve finally reached number one. With a name like ANS Performance Diablo, you know this product will be a fast-acting fat burner. This weight loss supplement targets both visceral and subcutaneous fat by harnessing that fat for cell-burning and energy production. This is done through thermogenesis, and, users claim, you can quite literally feel your body heating up to burn the fat! This product combines the fat-burning L-Carnitine with the amino acid N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine, which increases the bodys energy and even improves your mood and mental focus. Choline Bitartrate might seem like a foreign word. Still, its just a combination of caffeine, carnitine, and choline, which lowers body fat concentration and partners with L-Carnitine to stimulate fat burning. The carnitine and choline work together to move the fatty acids into the mitochondria of muscle cells to burn. The caffeine comes from the green coffee bean, which also provides an enzyme used to inhibit the use of sugar for energy use, instead of allowing muscles to use the glucose for muscle mass building! Finally, are the extracts:

  • Lotus seed extract: contains phytochemicals that control appetite
  • Evodia fruit extract: increases body heat by raising core temperature, which burns more calories and fat at rest and decreases appetite
  • Olive leaf extract: increases adrenaline secretions, which increases thermogenesis, and speeds up base metabolic rate
  • 6 AM Aframomum melegueta extract: increases energy expenditure and loss of fat tissue
  • Hordeum vulgare seed extract: central nervous center stimulant which speeds up weight loss process, but slows down food digestion, leaving you fuller, longer

Do you see why we saved ANS Performance Diablo as our number one choice? It combines the molecular-level weight loss process with natural seed extract potencies to deliver a high-quality enhanced fat-burning supplement every time.

Our favourite weight loss supplements, paired with your diligent workout routine, can help you achieve the body, health, and energy you want!

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