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Top Five Wellness Tips for Lockdown Article

Top Five Wellness Tips for Lockdown

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Depending on who you ask, there are between four and eight dimensions of wellness. Wellness, meaning overall wellbeing and not just being absent of diseases. It can be challenging to achieve your optimal wellbeing while we’re entering into our second phase of lockdowns to combat COVID-19.

While it might not be possible that anyone achieves their optimal state of wellness during a global pandemic, here are some tips to ensure that you’re prioritizing your health while you’re doing your best to prevent the spread of a pandemic.

Wellness Tip: Focus on Wellness Dimensions You Can Control

The seven most commonly known dimensions of wellness are:

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  1. Physical wellness
  2. Emotional wellness
  3. Spiritual wellness
  4. Intellectual wellness
  5. Environmental wellness
  6. Occupational wellness
  7. Social wellness

If you’re following WHO guidelines, you might not be able to address your social or occupational, or even environmental wellbeing. However, there are some areas that you can address, and you know what optimists and sports coaches everywhere say; control what you can control.

That being said, these are our top five wellness tips to keep you feeling your best through lockdown.

Physical Wellness

Start your days off on the right foot by addressing your physical wellness right off the bat. Do some morning yoga!

Just fifteen minutes of daily yoga translates to improved physical wellness in the following ways:

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  • better flexibility
  • better mobility
  • increased strength
  • better posture
  • weight loss

All of these physical wellness factors make your body feel better and reduce pain and discomfort. Yoga also has emotional, intellectual, and spiritual effects, so it’s truly a multifaceted practice that can benefit your overall wellbeing. 

Physical Wellness through Nutrition

Focus on your nutrition. Besides yoga, it might be hard to focus on your physical wellness in the ways you did before the pandemic. Gyms are not always the safest place to be, even if yours has reopened.

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Anytime you cannot work on your physical wellness, turn your focus to your nutrition. Yes, focusing on your nutrition and not turning to the quickest, easiest foods you can get your hands on can prevent you from gaining a bunch of unwanted weight, but the best benefit is how good food makes you feel. Stick to your typical nutrient-dense meals, some functional food snacks, and of course, the occasional sweet treat.

This is a great time to focus on balance in your nutrition, and most likely not the best time to focus on restricting calories, avoiding any and all treats, and trying to lose weight.

Go Outside for Environmental Wellness 

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Get outside every day. It’s easy, in a time when we’re strongly encouraged to “stay home” to stay in our sleep clothes all day and avoid going outside at all. It might be even more tempting as the weather gets colder.

Make it a priority to get outside for at least a few minutes per day. Just a few minutes in the sunlight can help manage pain, boost your energy and creativity, and boost your mood. 

Drink Water for Physical Wellness 

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Drink water first. Your coffee consumption might have increased over the past year, and the more beverages you’re drinking that aren’t water limit your actual intake of water. While most beverages you consume can count towards your hydration, water is the best option.

Chronic dehydration has a negative effect on your overall wellbeing and the way you feel physically and emotionally. To ensure you’re getting enough water to stay well hydrated by strategically drinking a glass or more of water before pouring your first cup of coffee. 

Meditation for Spiritual Wellness 

Meditate every day. Yes, you can combine this with your daily yoga practice. You can also whip out this handy tool anytime you’re feeling overwhelmed or anxious throughout the day.

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Daily meditation can reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety, reduce stress, and improve emotional wellness.

Many parts of the world are entering a second phase of lockdowns to control the spread of COVID-19. Now that we’re nearly a year into a global pandemic, many people are struggling. From physical wellness to emotional and social wellness, it’s not easy to take care of ourselves, and many people feel like they’re just in survival mode. Incorporating these five tips can make a big difference in your day to day life and help you cope through the unknown.

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