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Top Ten Keto Supplements

KETO spelt out in Asparagus, almonds, cheese, and avocado

Like many other industries, the supplement industry is infamous for spotting trending diets that are rising in popularity and curating products to go along with it. Part of this is well-intentioned—their customers have a need, and the companies attempt to provide a solution. Keto supplements are no different.

The “in-” in infamous comes down to one of the unfortunate truths about the nature of the supplement industry: brands can make a variety of claims on their labels and in their advertising that are unfounded and unsupported by science.

Our brands are different. We stock only the most trusted supplement brands that adhere to Canadian health laws, are deemed effective, and are, most importantly, safe.

Many of the brands we carry go the extra mile with:

  • third party testing
  • Good Manufacturing Practice certifications

What are Keto Supplements?

Keto supplements can sometimes mean supplements that are designed to put the body into ketosis without following a keto diet. While we do have some quality ketone supplements, when we say, “keto supplements,” we’re generally referring to anything that supports a person’s body while they adhere to the keto diet.

When people ask, “how do keto supplements work?” They might mean how do ketone supplements work. 

How do Ketone-Producing Supplements Work?

Woman with arms full of green keystone supplements

Ketones are produced in the body (endogenously), or they can come from a synthetic, outside source (exogenously). Ketone supplements are exogenous and contain the beta-hydroxybutyrate ketone—one of two main ketones in the body. Ketone supplements are mainly available in salt form.

Ketones are bound to salts like sodium, potassium, calcium, or magnesium. These supplements are in a powder, most often mixed with a liquid immediately before consumption.

Pure, exogenic ketone supplements can increase the level of ketones in the blood, mimicking the natural ketosis that occurs from following the restrictive diet. 

What is Ketosis?

Ketosis is a natural energy body process. The body’s main source of energy comes from burning carbohydrates. When there aren’t any carbohydrates available to be burned, the body switches into ketosis and burns through fat stores to create ketones. Ketones are then used for fuel.

The typical body will switch into ketosis after two to five days of eating less than 50 grams of carbohydrates per day. If you track macros, you know that you can easily hit 50 grams of carbs by noon, with just two pieces of toast and a large banana.

How do Keto-Friendly Supplements Work?

Other keto supplements work in the same way all other reputable supplements work: by providing nutrients to a person after ingestion. The difference is that keto supplements adhere to the low-carbohydrate, high-fat diet boundaries.

Keto friendly meal of chicken, greens and tomato

Keto-friendly supplements can help meet nutritional goals that can be hard to reach through diet alone. For example, some keto dieters struggle to meet fat requirements. Others struggle to eat enough protein. Keto-friendly protein and fat supplements can help you conveniently meet those nutritional goals.

There is yet another way keto-friendly supplements can help: diet adherence. Since a diet is only effective if you stick to it, the ability to adhere to that diet is critical to achieving results. Restrictive diets are generally not considered viable long-term weight loss solutions, and there is no denying that the keto diet is one of the most restrictive out there. So, how do keto supplements work? They allow users to feel indulgent, reduce their cravings, and give them the illusion of being unrestricted while still adhering to the rules of their diet. The keto diet is one time that we put away our typical stance of “no, you don’t need supplements,” and say yes, keto supplements work and can help in more ways than one. 

That being said, let’s take a look at our top ten best-selling keto supplements.

1. Keto Pancake Mix by ANS Performance

Pancakes are a world-wide breakfast favourite, but they are typically rather indulgent and not something you would consider diet-friendly. This keto pancake mix is making your brunch dreams come true, even while on the keto diet. The formula includes excellent keto ingredients like MCT oils derived from coconut oil and other whole foods like dried egg, almond flour, and stevia.

How Does this Keto Supplement Work?

This is a keto-friendly supplement that assists with diet adherence. It is convenient and easy to use and provides you with a big dose of healthy fats and protein.

Keto Almond Pancake Mix Supplement Superstore

A serving of two pancakes contains:

  • 180 calories
  • 15 grams of fat
  • 4 grams of carbohydrates
  • less than one gram of sugar
  • 7 grams of protein

This functional food supplement is available in buttermilk, chocolate chip, banana, blueberry, apple cinnamon, and pumpkin spice.

2. Ketosys Ketogenic Performance Fuel by ANS Performance

KetoSys Keto Meal Replacement Supplement Superstore

Ketosys is a line of performance supplements by ANS performance designed to support the keto diet. You will find many products from the Ketosys line on this list. Ketogenic Performance Fuel is a flexible supplement that users can take as they see fit. This product works as a protein supplement, a meal replacement, or a snack. It contains a special keto fat complex to help you consume the oils and fats so crucial to the keto diet.

How Does this Keto Supplement Work?

Ketogenic Performance Fuel works in many ways; it helps the user hit the specific macro breakdown for the keto diet, serves as a protein supplement to support lean body mass, and can satisfy cravings as the taste is rich and delicious. 

Each half-scoop serving contains:

  • 205 calories
  • 16 grams of fat
  • 5 grams of carbohydrates
  • 0 grams of sugar
  • 10 grams of protein

Choose from chocolate, vanilla chai, peanut butter chocolate, salted caramel, and lemon meringue pie.

3. Vegan Protein by Beyond Yourself

Critics of the keto diet argue that the high protein and fat content typically consumed is harmful to heart health. While many keto-friendly recipes use bacon and red meat for their high protein and fat content, that doesn’t mean these foods are now considered healthy. Another mark against the keto diet? The lack of leafy green vegetables.

You can ensure that these common keto missteps are avoided by including a vegan protein powder in your supplement stack

Vegan Protein Powder Beyond Yourself Supplement Superstore

How Does this Keto Supplement Work?

This plant-based protein powder provides:

  • 104 calories
  • 1.8 grams of fats
  • 1 gram of carbohydrates
  • 0 grams of sugar
  • 20 grams of protein

Use this supplement after workouts or anytime you’re struggling to meet your protein goals, especially when you’ve already maxed out your fat and carb allowance for the day. The four delicious flavours also help cut cravings. Choose from brownie batter, vanilla cupcake batter, peanut butter dream, and salted caramel.

4. Ketosys Ketomate Coffee, Tea and Shake Booster by ANS Performance

Ketomate is a beverage enhancer that boosts the health and energy from your tea, coffee, or smoothie. This blend is specifically designed to support brain health and make your drinks taste even better.

How Does this Keto Supplement Work?

ANS KetoMate Keto Supplement Superstore

Ketomate features l-tyrosine, MagicLION, and l-theanine to boost brain power and provides a good serving of fat. Ketomate also makes adding creamer to your coffee and staying within the confines of your diet possible. Each scoop contains

  • 110 calories
  • 10 grams of fat
  • 3 grams of carbs
  • 0 grams of sugar
  • 1 gram of protein

This beverage booster is available in French vanilla and caramel macchiato.

5. PB2 Powdered Peanut Butter by Bell Plantation

PB2 Powdered Peanut Butter Bell Plantation Supplement Superstore

Peanut butter is the king of all nut butters, but it’s not typically keto-friendly. While it is high in the fats and protein you’re looking for, at 6 grams of carbs per two tablespoons, it simply doesn’t fit in most keto meal plans. PB2 is peanut butter reimagined. Made by pressing out the natural oils from peanuts and then grinding to a fine powder, two tablespoons contain just 3 grams of net carbs. 

How Does this Keto Supplement Work?

PB2 is a diet-adherence supplement. If you think you can’t be keto because you can’t cut out peanut butter, you’ve got to try PB2. You can have your peanut butter and eat it, too!. A two-tablespoon serving contains:

  • 45 calories
  • 1.5 grams of fat
  • 3 grams net carbs
  • 1 gram of sugar
  • 5 grams of protein

Choose from creamy, original peanut butter, or chocolate peanut butter.

6. Keto Wow Snack Bar by ANS Performance

Wow Bar Keto Snack Bar Supplement Superstore

Keto Wow bars are an excellent addition to your keto-friendly food choices because keto-friendly snacks are hard to come by. Most people throw a protein bar in their car to have in case they are ever in a situation where hunger strikes and they don’t have any other healthy options. Traditional protein bars don’t typically work for the keto diet because they can contain anywhere from 10-30 grams of carbs in a single bar. The snack bar by ANS Performance is a convenient, on-the-go, keto-friendly snack.

How Does this Keto Supplement Work?

Throw some in your gym bag or your car to have just in case or keep them in your home or office. You will never be without a keto-friendly option if hunger happens to hit you while you’re on the go. Each bar contains

  • 170 calories
  • 14 grams of fat
  • 4 grams of net carbs
  • 1 gram of sugar
  • 8 grams of protein

Choose from triple chocolate cake, peanut butter chocolate, lemon strawberry cheesecake, mint chocolate chunk, and salted caramel chocolate.

7. KetoCuts Ketogenic Energy Drink by Allmax

A true ketone supplement, KetoCuts helps people with the sometimes-difficult transition to the keto diet. This product helps to increase energy, kick-start ketosis, and reduce body fat.Allmax Keto Cuts Keto Supplements Supplement Superstore

How Does this Keto Supplement Work?

KetoCuts contains ingredients like:

  • BHBs or beta-hydroxybutyric acid
  • MCT or Medium Chain Triglyceride oils
  • Amino acids
  • L-Carnitine

These ingredients support the body through the transition to the keto diet, which sometimes means the unpleasant side effects of the keto-flu. You can also use this product to support you even after being well established within the diet boundaries. 

8. Pure BCAA by PVL

BCAAs are an excellent supplement for anyone, including people on the keto diet. Gaining lean muscle mass is an important part of achieving all fitness goals, whether you’re trying to gain or lose weight. BCAAs make building muscle easier by providing the essential amino acids involved in the muscle synthesizing process.

How Does this Keto Supplement Work?

PVL Pure BCAA Amino Acids Natural Workout Recovery Supplement Superstore

BCAAs are branched-chain amino acids that bypass the liver and go straight to the muscles to support protein synthesis, reduce muscle catabolism, and minimize feelings of fatigue and soreness. BCAA supplements are keto-friendly because they are very low calorie and low carb.

BCAAs are also known for aiding diet adherence, as they’re typically very sweet and flavourful. PVL’s BCAAs are available in tropical punch, blue raspberry, pineapple, or unflavoured. 

9. Ketosys Ketovita by ANS Performance

Ketovita is another true ketone supplement. This product can jumpstart ketosis and switch your body into fat-burning mode without waiting for it to naturally happen by strictly limiting your carb intake

KetoVita ANS Performance Supplement Superstore

How Does this Keto Supplement Work?

Ketovita works by providing essential vitamins and BHB ketones. This combination works to encourage the body to burn fat, balance hormones, reduce swelling and inflammation, and improve brain health.

You will love the flavour of Ketovita! Choose from peach mango and sour gummy blast. 

10. Keto Fire by Beyond Yourself

Last, but not least, Keto Fire by Beyond Yourself is a unique keto supplement. It acts as a fat-burning catalyst to mimic the natural ketosis state and increase your energy while promoting fat oxidation.

How Does this Keto Supplement Work?

Keto Fire helps to provide energy, burn fat, improve lean body mass, and decrease cravings and appetite with

Keto Fire Beyond Yourself Fat Burner Supplement Superstore
  • BHBs
  • Caffeine
  • CLA or Conjugated Linolic Acid
  • L-Carnitine
  • Green coffee bean extract

Choose from orange creamsicle, lemon-lime, strawberry kiwi, and red, white, and boom.

There are a ton of keto supplements on the market to sift through. Shopping with a trusted retailer that only supplies the best supplements is a great way to get down to what you need. Now that you have a better understanding of how keto supplements work, you can easily find ketone supplements to help put your body into ketosis and keto-friendly supplements to help with diet adherence. Before you know it, you’ll be crushing your weight loss goals and maintaining them with continued supplementation and diet modification!

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