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What Do Fat Burning Supplements Do?

Whether we’re at the doctor’s office or paging through a magazine in the grocery store checkout line, often the general messaging is that we need to be losing weight. Too much body fat is a health concern, and about one in four Canadian adults are clinically obese. So, while we’re against diet culture and berating people with constant messages that tell them they need to shrink, we are all about getting fit for more optimal health.

One reason so many adults are overweight is that losing weight is challenging. People will go to extreme lengths to lose weight, and many of them are not safe or even effective.

Let’s talk about one popular aid for losing weight: fat burning supplements. In this article we will discuss what they are, how fat burners work, and the effectiveness of fat burners.

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What are Fat Burning Supplements?

Infographic on fat burning supplements

Effectiveness of fat burners aside, these supplements are anything that claims to help burn excess body fat from your body. Some fat burning supplements claim to work independently, while others state that they work in conjunction with diet and exercise.

Fat burning supplements can have any number and combination of ingredients. Some ingredients come from natural sources, and others are synthetic. Because the Canadian Food Inspection Agency has very little involvement in regulating dietary supplements, companies can include almost any ingredient in their fat burning supplements and make any claim they want.

Some fat burners do work, but unfortunately, the burden is on the consumer to ensure their products are safe and effective. For these reasons, it’s critical to shop with brands and retailers you trust and do your own research regarding ingredients and efficacious dosing.

How do Fat Burners Work?

Assuming we’re discussing accurately labeled products from honest companies, fat burning supplements use scientifically-backed ingredients to help the body burn more fat. Depending on the formula, sometimes there is a single ingredient, and other times it’s the combination of multiple effective ingredients that work together to produce the desired results.

Some fat burning supplements include ingredients that support energy and endurance in addition to burning more fat. In this way, these supplements also improve results because they help the user have better, more frequent workouts.

What is the Effectiveness of Fat Burners?

Fan burning foods on table and in glass cups

The effectiveness of fat burners depends on each individual formula. Because there is no exact combination of ingredients that classify this kind of supplement, we cannot generally and definitively say that all fat burning supplements work. We also can’t say that the supplements that do work do so at a particular efficacy. This is the nature of general terminology in the supplement industry.

However, we can talk about the fat burning supplements we recommend by some of our trusted brands. We have found that the following list of supplements works, and we will discuss the effectiveness of the fat burners individually.

In addition, let’s touch on some ingredients that increase the effectiveness of fat burners.

Fat Burning Ingredients to Look For:

  • Green Tea
  • Caffeine
  • L-Carnitine
  • Bitter Orange 

Green Tea

Green tea and green tea extract have various proven health benefits. One of the most well-known benefits of green tea is its ability to help the body burn more fat. Thanks to the combination of caffeine and polyphenol epigallocatechin gallate, studies have found that taking between 250 and 500 mg of green tea extract per day can help you burn about 16% more fat than normal.


Starbucks coffee cup next to red apple

While green tea has caffeine and other nutrients that are beneficial, caffeine alone is a proven ingredient for fat burners. Whether you get caffeine from coffee, tea, or caffeine supplements, this substance can boost your metabolism.

One study found that within two hours, the metabolism is working up to 16% harder. The most effective dosing for weight loss is 10 mg per kilogram of body weight. It’s important to note that this dose is higher than most experts agree is healthy for daily use. You should carefully weigh the pros and cons of consuming this much caffeine and discuss it with your doctor. 


L-Carnitine is a non-essential amino acid that the body produces using the other amino acids lysine and methionine. L-Carnitine plays many critical roles on a cellular level, one being the transportation of fatty acids for energy. Some studies show mixed results, but it seems that L-Carnitine is most effective for people who are obese and older individuals. 

Bitter Orange

Pile of small bitter oranges

Bitter orange comes from a citrus fruit native to Southeast Asia and is used in many herbal supplements. The extract is rich in many compounds and micronutrients with various health benefits, some including weight loss and appetite control.

P-Synephrine, the main nutrient in bitter orange extract, has been shown to increase the breakdown of fats within the body and speed up the metabolism. In addition, it also has mild appetite suppression effects. All of these factors combine to aid in weight loss. 

Are Fat Burning Supplements Safe?

Before we touch on our top ten fat burners that work, let’s address a common question: are fat burners safe?

Again, this is a question that’s more complicated than it seems. A supplement’s safety depends on these factors:

  • First, does the supplement contain only the ingredients listed on the label and nothing else?
  • Second, does the supplement contain safe doses of the ingredients?

If you’re shopping with a trusted retailer and company, you can say yes to the first question. Next, you should research the highest dose considered safe for each of the ingredients. If you can answer both of these questions, then you can bet that your fat burning supplement is safe for normal, healthy adults.

Top Ten Fat Burning Supplements

Here you will find our best selling fat burning supplements.

  1. Perfect Sports Burn Cycle
  2. ANS Performance Diablo
  3. Beyond Yourself Keto Ice
  4. ANS Performance Diablo PM
  5. ANS Performance Ript
  6. Universal Nutrition Animal Cuts
  7. HD Muscle Burn-HD
  8. Allmax RapidCuts Shredded
  9. Mammoth Burn
  10. Magnum Heat Accelerated
  1. Burn Cycle by Perfect Sports

Burn Cycle Fat Burner Pre-Workout Supplement Superstore

A fat burning supplement meets a pre-workout in Burn Cycle. What makes this product different is its combination of carnitine, taurine, and caffeine. The ingredients come together to provide a rush of energy for your workout and simultaneously stimulates the body’s natural fat-burning abilities.

Unlike other fat burners, Burn Cycle has proven ingredients in effective doses, and it tastes incredible. Our customers enjoy the lower dose of stimulants for a jitter-free buzz.

  1. Diablo by ANS Performance

Fat Burner ANS Performance Supplement Superstore

Diablo is another energy-boosting fat burning supplement with ingredients that work. The Diablo difference is in the L-Carnitine, N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine, and green coffee bean combination. After being on the market for three years, ANS Performance found a way to improve the formula to make it even more effective.

Our customers love that Diablo curbs their hunger cues in addition to unlocking their body’s fat burning potential.

  1. Keto Ice by Beyond Yourself

Keto Ice Beyond Yourself Carnitine Supplement Superstore

The unique combination of raspberry ketones and L-Carnitine in Keto Ice makes this fat burning supplement different. The combination works to promote fat oxidation within the body. This ultimately leads to a leaner, more cut physique.

Our customers who follow the ketogenic diet love this product because it fits within their dietary restrictions and gets the job done.

  1. Diablo PM by ANS Performance

Diablo PM Sleep Aid Supplement Superstore

Most of the fat burning supplements on this list provide a boost of energy, whether they’re hybrid pre-workout supplements or not. However, Diablo PM is different because it’s formulated to work with your body to burn fat while you sleep.

This formula is stimulant-free, and the ingredients not only encourage fat burning, but they are also proven to help relieve stress and help you feel more relaxed. The KSM-66 compound is behind the relaxation and fat burning potential of Diablo PM.

Our customers love that they get a great night’s sleep while boosting their weight-loss results.

  1. Ript by ANS Performance

RIPT Fat Burner ANS Performance Supplement Superstore

ANS Performance makes the list yet again with Ript. Ript contains matcha green tea, theanine, teacrine, and polyphenols to provide an energy boost without the crash, trigger fat loss, and suppress the appetite. The unique part about this fat burner is that it also targets damaging free radicals within the body with potent antioxidants.

Our customers love the feeling they get when taking this supplement.

  1. Animal Cuts by Universal Nutrition

Animal Cuts Fat Burner Universal Nutrition Weight Loss Supplement Superstore

Animal Cuts is unique because it’s a fan favourite with our customers who participate in competitive bodybuilding. The multiple pills and formulas in each packet target excess water weight in addition to triggering fat burning and suppressing the appetite. Not only that, but this is one of the only fat burning supplements to protect muscle fibres from breaking down, even through a dramatic weight cut.

Our customers love this for its effectiveness as a fat burner and mood support.

  1. Burn-HD by HD Muscle

Burn-HD Fat Burner HD Muscle Supplement Superstore

Burn-HD is different from most because its formula controls the body’s cortisol levels and increases the number of calories burned by everyday activities. Cortisol is the nasty hormone associated with stress, and it is the enemy of a lean physique.

 In addition, excessive cortisol levels can lead to fat accumulation in all the worst place, like around your mid-section. So, targeting stress is a critical piece of the fat burning puzzle.

Our customers love that they can feel this product working each time they take it.

  1. RapidCuts Shredded by Allmax

RapidCuts is the only fat burning supplement that works on three levels:

Allmax Rapidcuts Shredded Fat Burner Supplement Superstore
  • First, cortistrate, thyrovarin, and prosulin work to target the body’s stored fat.
  • Then, a Lipo blend releases the targeted fat cells so the body can use it for energy.
  • Finally, Thermoburn boosts the metabolism and allows the released fat to oxidize.

Our customers enjoy the way this product jump-starts their weight loss.

  1. Burn by Mammoth

Mammoth Burn fat Burner Weight Loss Supplement Superstore

Burn helps to increase the body’s internal temperature and boost energy so that you can work harder in the gym to build muscle and lose fat. The Burn difference is in the mood-boosting formula and the super high 312 mg dose of caffeine.

Our customers say this fat burning supplement helps them power through even the most brutal cardio workouts. 

  1. Heat Accelerated by Magnum

Magnum Heat Accelerated Fat Burner Magnum Nutraceuticals Supplement Superstore

Being last on the list isn’t bad when you’re on the top ten list, and Heat Accelerated is certainly not least. This formula uniquely contains adaptogens that help protect the body from oxidative stress and improve mood and attitude. Combined with a long list of powerful and proven fat burning ingredients, this supplement provides the thermogenic effect and energy boost you’re looking for all in one.

Our customers say this product helps them sweat like nothing else.

What Are Side Effects Associated with Fat Burners?

As with any other supplement, some people might experience some side effects when using fat burning supplements.

These side effects can include:

  • increased anxiety
  • jitters
  • a crash after the initial effect wears off
  • digestive tract upset
  • some ingredients can affect the liver or the heart

If you have concerns, you can always discuss the ingredients with your primary care physician and ask for their assistance in other ways to manage your weight and body fat.

Fat Burners Work Best when Combined with Diet and Exercise

Naturally, the best way to lose weight is to track your nutrition and maintain a calorie deficit. Eating fewer calories than you burn is critical to losing weight. Adding an exercise program can make your caloric goals seem more attainable, speed up your results, and result in many other mental, physical, and emotional benefits.

While some fat burners may work on their own, we don’t recommend trying to meet fat-loss goals solely by taking dietary supplements.

The bottom line is that, yes, some fat burners are dangerous and shady because of the supplement industry’s nature. However, when you shop through trusted sources, you will get safe and effective fat burning supplements that work as they say they do. As with all other dietary supplements, they are meant to aid you in your efforts to reach fitness goals and work best in conjunction with healthy lifestyle choices like eating a well-balanced diet and exercising regularly.

Featured Brand: ANS Performance

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